She even has one tattooed on her foot. Create a free website or blog at One of the biggest draws of the HBO Max series Love Life is the incredible performance of Sasha Compère, who plays Mallory on the series. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Hometown. As you can tell, I stuck with the theme about me. Obviously each day for me is a little different, so to make this video I just thought of a few small things that I do everyday and mushed it up into a little video.To begin, I started with me doing my hair, then transitioned into me doing my makeup. I can not pin point a certain skill that we didn’t learn that I wish we would have, I wish we would have focused on the Photoshop section a bit more but that’s only because that’s what I enjoyed the most. If you have been trying to figure out just why Mallory seems so familiar, it's because Compère has quite the list of acting credits under her belt. Your love of Love Island doesn't have to come to stop when an episode ends. She has more than 20 acting credits on her resume, per her IMDb page, and has been on the acting scene for quite some time with her first listed credit dating back to 2011 when she appeared on an episode of The Electric Company. According to the release, this is a person of interest in an assault on a Police Officer that occurred on Friday at the Upton Metro Subway Station. BALTIMORE — The MDOT Maryland Transit Administration Police needs the your help identifying the pictured individual. Pools, oceans, lakes, you name it — If there's a body of water around, chances are that Caro has snapped a pic in front of it, judging from the array of beach pics present on her Instagram profile. Since appearing on The Electric Company, Compère has landed some pretty big roles. I interviewed two of my good friends where I asked them what their first impression of me was and what their favorite memory of us was. CCBC. While every Islander on Love Island seems to love fashion, Dylan likes getting dressed up in different ways. Per her bio at TBS, Compère is a native of Detroit, Michigan and is of Haitian descent. For this story, I stuck with the theme “about me.” I didn’t really know how I could portray this in video, so I figured a short “day in the life” type video might be a good choice. I am pleased with the way this video turned out and I enjoyed making it. There isn't much to Zac's Instagram presence right now, mostly some modeling pictures along with him getting very friendly with a slice of cake, but that could change after Love Island. After seeing some of the other videos, I got some good ideas as to how I could change mine a little bit to be better, by maybe adding a voice over if the music isn’t good enough. There was  also a lot of pauses, so when I was done putting everything together I had to go through and edit them all out. The speed was great and I feel you have a good sense of what you are doing. I might add some music into the background or maybe change up my story line a little bit, because right now I think it sounds kind of random and a little all over the place. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. As one of the many contestants on Love Island U.S., Mallory Santic is ready for a summer of love. Compère has also had major roles on TV shows, notably on Miracle Workers, The Dead Girls Detective Agency, and now, Love Life. Since the audience can vote for who they want to see stay and who they want to leave, an active and entertaining social media presence can make or break a contestant's journey on Love Island . Baltimore, Maryland. ( Log Out /  audience can vote for who they want to see stay. To do this, I recorded my voice on Audition and some what narrated the story so the listeners wouldn’t get confused what was going on or what I was talking about. Walking through the door, doing homework, eating, and going to bed.This video is clearly a draft, it is very silent and to fix that I plan on adding some music into the background. It’s also quite blurry, so I’d like to try and figure out how I could make the quality better.This however did turn out nicer than I thought it would, and I am excited to see the end result. ( Log Out /  Example maybe music, or your voice.