When I was a child, some nuts would trigger migraines = killmenow kinda pain. I'm one of those that tastes it as soapy. Now I get to explain to these "people" who don't like cilantro that they're genetic deficients, but with evidence this time. Wait, what? I didn't even know how I felt about cilantro till about a decade ago. Some of these genes are related to the smell, and some for the bitter taste.

This is like the perfect salad!

However, you will find all sorts of dishes here – from healthy to comfort, from sweet to spicy and everything in between. 2.5% tastes like a flatter, less overly ripe, thinner version of 1% CAP Sweet Mango.

I'd bought some herb plants to develop an herb garden in my yard to include a couple of cilantro plants.

mangoes. This is always what I work from. To make this mango salad extra flavorful, we marinate the chicken in a cilantro lime marinade for 30 minutes. If cilantro tastes like soap to you, then at least don't think of us cilantro people as "weirdos who like the taste of soap", but understand that, to most of us (a few masochists upthread excluded), it doesn't taste like soap. It seems to be mainly the fresh herb that's an issue - I use coriander seed in cooking sometimes with no problems, and don't mind cooked cilantro (but please don't leave it whole; I don't need 4 inch long soggy stalks getting caught in my teeth) - but raw in a spring roll? Soap?" They may not be republished in part or whole without written permission of the publisher and proper credit. The beans are also rich in protein, not to mention ultra delicious. ", Someone must be moving soul into new bodies every few months, because I alternately love and hate cilantro. I've tried to develop a taste for it. Enjoy with a refreshing glass of hibiscus tea or a Blood Orange Margarita on the side! Aspartame is not food. Making it again and again! This is a loaded salad full of texture and healthy ingredients. I'm on the spectrum of not liking cilantro, but if it's in a small enough proportion I'll overlook it. Cilantro tastes like an ill person's sweat. I’ve used the avocado herb sauce that I’m also using on my healthy baked falafel, in this recipe. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and packed with goodness salad. Oh, crazy yeti, thank you so much! Oh wow, I have made this salad last night and what a treat! Now they need to figure out what's wrong with people who don't like licorice. « Older FWIW   |   A Handsome Atlas: 19th Century Data Visualizations Newer », This thread has been archived and is closed to new comments. 4 tbsp, optional, if you need to thicken the sauce.

Absolutely incredible and so much to my taste! If the domain of the here and now. Add another to the list of haters of the devil's pubic hair. Gotta say, though: I really don't mind it when it's used sparingly. more or less for right consistency. OOO Mango Sweet Overripe Dried Out Mango Soap. Dried cilantro/coriander makes a lovely minimalist decoration when put in a simple vase. No judging! Huh.

Maybe you've been eating the wrong papayas? .

Usually, when I think of Mexican cuisine it’s cheesy enchiladas, quesadillas or tacos, maybe a soup, but why can’t we make a Mexican inspired salad as well? Controlling the genetics of wild populations, a... this shit is like burt reynolds’ playgirl pose. Perhaps I have built up a tolerance over the years or something. Yeah, soap here.

Somehow, though, that note never predominates, for me, when I'm eating cilantro in combination with other foods (and, of course, one never simply eats it by itself). Meant to add: I've often wondered if it had to do with higher levels of chemicals (food additives, pesticides, etc. The observation: WNI (in edition from the thirties) defined cilantro as "the inedible leaves of the coriander plant." 14% of the population, find cilantro (or coriander) unpleasant or even terrible.