Close. We reported on the story when it broke  <——  You’ll note the video has been made ‘private’. As a Thought Leader, he has spoken publicly internationally at numerous forums, published in over 10 languages, his conceptual and ideological frameworks, approaches to branding and aesthetics have influenced others in his field. Posted by 2 months ago. Abramovic insisted at the time that her work wasn’t satanic and the videos were taken out of context. You think what matters is how you’ll be regarded by those alive after you die.

Let me say that readers new to Fort Russ News may think this tone and vocabulary is the standard norm for us. Muslim NHL Player Threatens to Slit the Throat of Opposing Player, Bill Gates’ Microsoft Features “Spirit Cooking” Psuedo-Cannibal Marina Abramovic In New Virtual Reality Ad – Gets Pulled After Public Outcry She’s A Satanist (Video) – The Washington Standard, How To Watch 2020 Election Coverage Free on Newsy (VIDEO), The Most Masked European Countries Have the Biggest Coronavirus Surges. This is the very kind of people with which Gates and company associate. We are tired of using euphemisms or beating around the bush. Educated at California State University, Los Angeles, in the field of International Relations, he previously served as Chief Negotiator and Internal Organizer in several jurisdictions for the SEIU labor union in California. This video was posted on 4,10,20 Good Friday. #SpiritCooking, — Joslyne Raquel (@joslyne_raquel) April 13, 2020. Link to video . Good Friday is the day Jesus was crucified.

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Microsoft’s Abramovic ad looks for all the world like a deliberate attempt to set off the very firestorm of outrage it accomplished.

It’s gone ‘private’, maybe to return nice and scrubbed with like and dislike voters switched – just like a DNC primary voting booth. TheMillennialBridge April 14, 2020. The art market is one of the few bubbles that hasn’t popped yet – many will remember Maurizio Cattelan’s banana, taped to the wall at Art Basel Miami Beach in December, selling for $120,000 until someone plucked it off the wall and ate it – at which point it was replaced with another, higher-priced banana.

We just call things funny names, that’s all.” Apparently the outlet didn’t ask her about the human-shaped cake or the simulated child sacrifice, or feel the need to press her on how previous ‘spirit cooking’ performances in art galleries were heavy on blood (to say nothing of recipes involving semen and breast milk) and light on food.

If you have any doubts about how evil these people are, Marina Abramovic should put any apprehensions you have to rest. This means she is a very bad negotiator, and has terrible self-esteem. They are just … Given his track record, his stated goal of vaccinating seven billion people has also raised a few eyebrows. Microsoft’s co-founder.

Are we being libelous?

While many of the ‘thumbs down’ were no doubt from aficionados of the Podesta emails, Pizzagaters and other conspiracy analysts, 25,000 is an awfully large number to write off as “fringe types.” When one considers that not everyone looking at the video saw the YouTube version, or had an account to register their displeasure, it’s likely the tip of a sizable iceberg.

It has not been. © Center for Syncretic Studies 2014 - 2020 - Fort Russ. Add in the general bad feeling against Microsoft founder and world’s second-richest-man Bill Gates, who has been ubiquitous throughout the coronavirus epidemic pushing “digital certificates” and 18-month lockdowns as the answer to the virus, despite lacking a medical degree or any expertise in the field beyond the money he’s poured into mass vaccination campaigns, and the backlash becomes understandable. Hashtags like #BillGatesIsNotYourFriend and #BillGatesPublicEnemyNumber1 have proliferated in recent weeks as many of the same researchers who probed Abramovic’s performance past have dug into Gates’ questionable statements in support of microchipping the world and the myriad apparent conflicts of interest between the companies he invests in and the global health causes he promotes.