I’m back at it on Tuesday though! Could you please post the same for blues and greens? Mid to dark hardwood throughout. My ceiling lights (pendant in the front, track in the back) are silver as well and ceiling fans are also silver. Good luck finding the perfect color! I have a lot of white cabinets , wood Ceilings . I’m actually working on a blog post on this topic TODAY! Can you recommend a light more neutral gray. ~Kylie.

But i was wondering if you had a go to wainscott White that is crisp and bright and a true go to light gray that does not have a lot of undertone ? Mindful Gray SW vs Revere Pewter BM. To save money, you should be able to take BM colour chips to Home Depot and have them colour matched into their sample pots (including the pigment reduction). In particular, Revere Pewter.

Read more: Full Paint Colour Review of Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray, Read more: How to Pick the Best Paint Colour with LRV.

Now with personal questions (especially ones with more details to consider like yours) I refer to my E-design, so I can see photos and you can fill out a questionnaire. Also a great accent/trim colour for the exterior, If you put green next to Rockport Gray it will bring out the purple undertones so be cautious if that isn’t the look you’re going for, E-Design and Online Paint Colour Consulting, balance out the heat of a south-facing room, Paint Colour Review of Benjamin Moore Collingwood, Paint Colour Review of Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist. Check out your lighting throughout the day. Love your blog and website, beautiful display of visual decorating tips and color. Do check and I can get rolling! ~Kylie.

Gray is undoubtedly one of the most popular paint colours. I currently have revere pewter in my livingroom which I love! Here are just a FEW reasons why I recommend Samplize to my clients…. A warm gray would be something like Cumulus Cloud or Collingwood. It’s just that my site has gone gangbusters on questions lately and I have to give my priority to a) my clients in town here and b) my online consulting clients. Ended up painting the room green and I just love it, I love being in the room and I have had heaps of compliments on it. They may be used by those companies to build a profile of your interests and show you relevant ads on other sites. Stonington Gray walls / Chelsea Gray doors. Right now I am at point of going back to beige. My living room has south and west facing windows, very well lit. Rockport is like the perfect mix of gray, and mocha with just a weeee drop of green that’s SO passive you just might never see it. Thanks, Hi Cinzia, thank you for your note! Sooooo, The first thing you’ll want to be careful of in your space is going towards a ‘cool’ gray. I just want you to know how much I enjoyed reading this.

I’m not familiar with Kelly Moore paint, but if they are a large enough company just make sure that they don’t do their colour matching ‘by eye only’. Thanks!

So looking forward to any future blogs….thanks! Do you think its a bad choice for exterior stucco? I took it to Home Depot and had them color match, but it was a failure, the color did not came out the same. Okay, so before I go any further I want you to give me an opinion on those. I would worry about it a bit as darker colours tend to absorb more sunshine and therefor need to be repainted more often (trimwork is manageable). I’m super disappointed. Would it be best to color match or try something similar like Mindful Gray from SW? They help us know which pages are the most and least popular and see how visitors move around the site. Thank you for your help! It looks like that’s in the special Williamsburg Collection, so it’s not as well known – I’ve never used it! I am wondering if you have ever worked with Ben Moore ‘Shoreline’ and what you think of it? I would suggest painting a few big poster boards with the colors you are considering, and move them around the house to see what you like. It’s currently a light tan and I want something darker and more “interesting” yet neutral in the gray/charcoal family. I have been reading some posts of your that I found on Pinterest. Looking at the computer image of Gray Tint, I can see that Revere Pewter would be too dark for you. These are great tips, thank you very much, Kyle. https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/classic-build-new-home-nanaimo/ Notice how the Cloud White ‘acts’ like white – without being as stark. Generally other people’s opinions are based on personal preference rather than decorative know-how. Your email address will not be published.

Which Version of Today's 'It' Neutral Is For You? When you talk to a ‘neutral party’ (no pun intended) such as myself, I’m able to take my personal tastes out of it, apply what I think is ‘your’ personal taste and use my knowledge to find you a solution! HOpe that helps! I want a warm gray but not with green undertone… Is there a rule or general rules about lighting when picking out interior paint colors? I am painting my dining room. Thank you i will definitely use your e design once i have more specifics for my decorating. Hi Kiley, If you’d like me to take a look, I do have an affordable E-design service. I am not exactly sure what color undertones Shoreline has, but it is that softness that you referred to that seems so nice. Thank you Krista, good luck with your painting , Hi Kylie, I’m really looking for a new fresh facelift but with the same furniture. Your house sounds lovely, feel free to send photos when it’s done!!! I bought a sample of pale oak by BM for the main color and the Amherst grey for an accent wall…. Please let me know the best way for me to send my info to you. I am thinking red but with so many colours of red where does one begin. Revere Pewter is a light (closer to light-medium) warm gray. Gray Owl is a light gray paint colour with super subtle undertones of blue and green. I have finally found the color that I want to paint my open living areas and hallways, and it’s the perfect gray. I want to repaint, I think I’m going to go with edgecomb gray?? We have dark wood floors, dark wide baseboards and ebony colored cabinets. In my humble opinion, Pewter definitely has the character that Platinum gray is lacking; however, I’m not sure if it plays well with my wall color (Cameo white by HD Behr). I want to use a neutral gray on the walls, with the baseboard/ceiling being a crisp contrasting white. Mary Lamie_Werbiansky. Our new house has the kitchen and family room in one open space, with an I-beam (where old wall was) dividing the two. If you don’t like purple undertones, don’t pick this colour (and. Unlike Revere Pewter which can cast green, Classic Gray has a weeee drop of purple in it, which can sometimes lean just slightly purple-pink. which is weird because I thought that the northern exposure would of made it less so. The two stores color match each other. I can send you some pictures of the Ikea furniture along with the lights, fans, office space; whatever you would like to see! They are usually only set in response to actions made by you which amount to a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences, logging in or filling in forms. I love Chelsea grey but it is a bit too light and not contrasty enough for our rustic grey wood flooring. Wants: I am tired of beige! I looked it up on line and compared it a few other grays to give myself a comparison. https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/ I have hardwood flooring and tile in my bathrooms and kitchen – gray’s/white’s tile that looks like wood. So far I have been basing all of my research upon the carpet color. That’s good to know, I’m going to check it out more! ~Kylie. When you place Decorators White beside Classic Gray you will really see the cool cast that Decorators White has. And, if that doesn’t work, please do consider my Online Consulting as your question would be $30 and then you can send me photos of your space, talk about the size/expsoure and we can really hit it good! Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint colour expert. Any suggestions ? Hope this helps some. I also have a light gray glider. You definitely have a talent that I don’t have. Also thinking about a green such as Green Umber (Williamburg Collection) or Castleton Mist (Historic).