It always worked in MR3 and MR2. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. How do you get a peach gold or silver on monster rancher two. The use of these codes may spoil the Monster Rancher 2 experience. While you can still raise tanky monsters in NTSC versions, monster breeds that tend towards Speed have a clear advantage. Because I can't seem to get it to to work. Don't use their downloaders. At the start of each week, Colt will give you a qualitative overview of how your monster's doing, which is fine except that she tends to lowball it and you can start taking lifespan hits without meaning to. Anyone else used Clone CD to make monsters? WHen you get to the point where you can go to the shrine, do it! Again, it will re-load the game for you. However, there's a catch: if you have multiple instances of the Sculpture and/or Pot, they're evaluated in sequence. there's an eject function and insert cd drive( you insert cd in the drive), then eject again then insert the monster rancher2 cd... to produce from the shrine. I got a Zuum/Monol from a movie about drag queens, it was great! Page 3 has some more important information again: Finally, Page 4 shows all of your monster's moves. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReportĀ Ad. Not sure, but doesn't it have a Gameshark built in? These ones get the big header because they're important. but I never had a problem with it. It's improbable to think that you can get all playable monster combinations to 999 in all stats and make them all champions. This is why it's crucial to send your monster on errantry in Week 1 - so that you can immediately stuff tablets down their throat when they get back. This one is probably the most famous glitch. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Search for monster rancher 1 saves and slate monsters at the shrine. Some CDs have specific monsters on them; I'll discuss those in a bit (to my knowledge there's no proper PAL list of specific monsters though). One to be exact. So for real: do battle decrease lifespan? I can also confirm that emulating at least MR2 works just fine. But no game was inside. PSN: hunterthill; SoulSilver FC: 2235 9445 4710; Platinum FC: 5070-1144-8904. Try using a full audio cd image and just change it's toc successfully. 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This was scraped together from various threads, primarily from posts made by Nevistar and Dark Phoenix (who particularly dealt with the Battle results). That's how I roll. Put Bios file in Bios folder, use Config settings to tell the emulator that. For Monster Rancher 2 on the PlayStation, CD List by Strider VM. Not only does it work, but I can use DVDs to generate monsters! So instead I found a 3 song cd and copied it and it worked. For NTSC readers, however, this one is important. One way in which the player could gain monsters was by inserting a music CD into the PlayStation, which could be scanned and turned into a monster. My actual disc is scratched to all hell and I can only raise so many market Zuums. For Errantry, I suggest you hit up Hit techniques first - Zuum's moves aren't super accurate, so having something that can lock in a victory can be a big deal. Use the .Cue file YAY! You should see the ePSXe window. The CD drive was a huge selling point of the original PlayStation, as it was released at a time when standalone CD players were expensive to purchase on their own. It can also just be used to view theoretical stats of monsters. However, in the NTSC versions of the game, the Swim drill checks the monster's growths incorrectly - it checks their Speed instead of their Defense. I downloaded a bunch of PS1 games to generate monster with. Unzip the game file, but the .cue and .bin in the ISO folder within the emulator. Any tips would be awesome. Since Injury can happen basically at random in battle, a lot of people save before entering a tournament and reload if they get injured - since it can happen through no fault of your own. As long as you start the original CD (aka the game) as a CD and not as an ISO like you were originally doing (by mounting it with Daemontools or something similar), then yes, you will be able to change CDs. Download a Monster Rancher ROM. 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