And is the Shockwave, in 12 ga., actually still being produced? Sucker every minute. Also bookcases can be strategically placed to serve as a backstop.

For a lot of us, this wouldn’t be our first gun, so with that out of the way, we can get on with evaluating this type of gun on its qualities, which the article did. Go buy one at the fun shop, no ATF entanglements, no tax stamp required.

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As a weapon favored for home defense, it’s crucial to invest in a top notch tactical flashlight. The Mossberg 590 Chainsaw, as its name suggests, comes equipped with a chainsaw-style handle that wraps around the barrel. Is it the ideal HD gun? One of the reasons I prefer Mossberg over Remington in this kind of gun is the ambidextrous tang-mounted safety.

The course consists of three rounds of nine-pellet buckshot at 15 yards and two rounds at 7 yards. No. Used Handguns Used Long Guns Police Trade-Ins View All Used Guns. My father and I agreed that Mossberg was the way to go, so long story short, I walked out of the gun shop with a 930 Pro-Series Sporting and the 590 Tactical.

They also come out quickly and smoothly, so cleaning and replacing parts are a breeze. The entire length of the gun is only 26.3". This is the epitome of what a tactical shotgun should be built like and the cherry on top is the 590’s adjustable stock, which we’ll explain below. Mossberg 590A1 SPX Pump Shotgun 12 Gauge 9 RD 20" w/M9 Bayonet MPN: 50771. (Warren Wilson for TTAG).

When it comes to the Shockwave, most naysayers have likely never shot (or even seen) one. What if I miss, what if it’s a thru and thru , people all around, somebody might catch a stray, that wouldn’t be good.

I’ll request the same from readers for the same reasons. There isn’t going to be a civil war. If there was ever a butt stock on a receiver, it is a shotgun receiver and cannot legally be converted into a PGF.

This is why we thoroughly test and practice with our defensive guns.

The best price for mossberg 590a1 shotgun for sale online. This pump action is part of the legendary 500 series which has achieved worldly acclaim since its introduction.

With a full length bottom rail and two short side rails, the 590 Tactical can handle all kinds of lights and lasers.

Mossberg & Sons. Gauge: 12 I was very dissatisfied with my accuracy trying to shoot milk jugs of water with shot at 10 yards. Read our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we use cookies. I bought one because it fits nicely over top and behind a pantry door in kitchen which is a very handy place to have it. MOSSBERG. They told the FFL that Shockwaves are OK in OK. I’ve seen them for sale at a nearby gun range and store, as well. By using this site, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device. In the boonies and it sleeps fine under my bed. It does everything worse than a proper stocked shotgun. Although the 500 is much cheaper, that shouldn’t necessarily be your determining factor. Regardless, we hope you enjoy your Mossberg 500 or 590 for whatever you intend to use it for. (Our arms and wrists have more strength holding a bird’s head grip than a pistol grip at waist level.). My 12 Ga. Shockwave can hit the target every time . (The instant that a righteous defender presents a Shockwave, all thugs will immediately be tripping over themselves to exit the area post haste which is a positive outcome to say the least.).

Buy something that’s actually useful. Cliquez sur un numéro rouge pour afficher plus d'information sur la pièce et l'ajouter au panier ou cliquez sur "Liste de Pièces " pour afficher toutes les pièces. The next to useless one. FEATURES: Dual extractors, positive steel-to-steel lockup, twin action bars, and an anti-jam elevator ensure smooth operation. As you can see on the target above, I pulled one of the seven-yard shots high and to the right, but everything else was in the scoring ring. Repeat. I shot the course with the Shockwave at eye level with the Federal Vital Shok buckshot with FLITECONTROL wads.

The barrel on the Shockway is shortened to an unbelievable 14.3". Straightened out no?

5.56 won’t pass through a person, and setting up backstops for shooting intruders is a good idea? Contact Us. Mossberg 590 Tactical Shotgun Build.

The other potential great value not mentioned is the addition of a pistol brace. Long on theory, short on performance. Put a Hogue grip sleeve on the grip- the grip gets slick if your hand is sweaty. I decided the buckshot portion of the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Shotgun Qualification would be a fair test of the Mossberg 590 Shockwave’s potential. That being said, they knew that in order to accomplish this, their weapons have to be able to handle abuse. Stand off device for door breach, I should have said.

While these are based on our opinions, you might find an accessory that may be better for you. Any pellets inside or touching the oval 10.75” x 14” scoring ring are two points. You said it, DanO.

Same results.

When my father and I got one of these, it was fast and easy for us to switch the size of the 590. Mossberg 590A1 XS Security Left Hand Pump Shotgun 12 Gauge 9 RD 20" MPN: … In addition, the Mossberg 590 tactical shotgun is outfitted with an ambidextrous safety and finished in blued matte. This well‐designed pistol grip features an enhanced textured finish and has a “bird’s head” shaped‐profile, allowing for maximum control while minimizing felt recoil. Nous vous garantissons votre satisfaction à 100% -Toujours!

The folks around me were very impressed until they saw my head cock in confusion.

Have fun with both. Lastly, if you know how to use it right, the 590 can be one of the fastest shooting shotguns. I’ve reached out to Crimson Trace for a review sample. Sight: Brass bead ?, profit? If you understand your limits and know what you like and what you can do and cannot do, get what you want and can afford and simply ignore the background noise.

Pretty sure I see these shockwaves all over the gun show circuit there. The question you have to ask yourself is if it’s worth getting one model over another based on this alone. I'm a Senior Engineer here at Mossberg. We’ve chosen the best Mossberg 500/590 accessories and upgrades that we believe are the best on the market. what you described in 410, is the SNAKE-CHARMER, by iver jonhson. The distinctive available specs and variants make the 590 and 590A1 a bit different, so try both out to see which works for you.

Out of Stock. It is, though, d*** good within household distances for those who put in a little practice and care to master it. Pistol-grip-only (often called “cruiser grip”) shotguns aren’t looked upon favorably by most highly experienced self-defenders.

Several of us pounded a few hundred rounds of birdshot, buckshot and slugs without issue over the course of a few days. Although it sells for roughly $300, it’s a great light that is durable, effective, and comes with a whole package of related equipment. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. Safety and Safe Firearms Handling is Everyone’s Responsibility, Privacy Center |

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