You can sue, but if you win all you will win is the price of a new puppy.

Even with the quality of care at the time and using products that certainly aren’t as safe as those we use today, almost all routine surgeries were just that. There is always a risk when using anesthetics and you usually have to sign a paper that states the risk and that you agree to have them put under. The tech Kelsey took him back for an x ray and brought him back out to me with eyes open but totally unresponsive them lied about it Nd said he was brought back to me fine and crashed in the room later. That never should have happened.

The middle third started my focus on “we,” as in our skills, our commitment and our passion for helping the pet be optimally healthy. You may also want to sue the veterinarian in a court of law: Another option is pursuing your case in small claims court. I am having a really difficult time because of my guilt. Whether it's long-standing baggage, happy thoughts, or recent trauma, posting it here may provide some relief. I don’t know what happened in the minutes he was out of my sight but I know it was traumatic enough to cause his death.

Oops, I hit save before I re-read. I mean, I still I can’t… I find it very difficult [to talk about]. The vet killed my dog.

But what if you suspect that your veterinarian made a mistake — and that the mistake has hurt your animal? It hurt so much. on How to file a veterinarian complaint against a bad vet in the U.S. I was never able to have human children, so to me, my pets our my children and I do not treat them as pets but as part of my family, and I only want the best for them in everything, food, care, their health, etc, and my pets have pet insurance and I do not even have medical insurance for myself, and when I read this article, i cried, and felt the pain and sorrow of all those who have lost their pets while under the care of whom they trusted, their veterinarian and something happened.

My mother went in and received rehearsed answers which she, thankfully, shot down. Threw her Baby in the trash. God Bless You. she was my best friend. You can sue - much as there's too much going on these days and the only real winners are the lawyers. I believe she was over dose. How to file a veterinarian complaint against a bad vet in the U.S. Sign up for InboxDollars.

She was semi feral, suffered from anxiety.

As always, this overview is meant to help you understand this complicated issue, and is not a substitute for your own attorney. If your dog prefers one person over others, do you know why? ‘A van came speeding around the corner and nearly wiped me out.


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The unthinkable happened for me and my precious Missy on October 15 , 2018. You just didn’t want a permanent reminder sitting in your yard of your f-up and your deceit. My dog just died at a vet clinic during a chest x ray. The tech Kelsey took him back for an x ray and brought him back out to me with eyes open but totally unresponsive them lied about it Nd said he was brought back to me fine and crashed in the room later.

You are a good person, not many others would write this article and I wish my vets would admit the same.

Much like Dr. Wright. Just despicable.

I desperately miss you next to me every single night. I am in the process of a long, draining disciplinary board procedure against the unskilled, arrogant b**** who decided to butcher up my dog without fessing up to it and it is scumbags like this piece of shit and yourself that make me determined to see this through. Well what goes around comes around.

Seems that way to me. After years of battling feline stomatitis, I look my beautiful boy to the vet on 2/28/2020 to have his teeth pulled.

They had to have her put down! He went in for teeth cleaning and nail s clipped at7:30am surgery at12:30 at 5:30 they said he stroked and did I want them to resuscitate him. It sounds so primitive, even barbaric today, but that was the standard.

Improve your renal patients’ quality of life. In the age of information it is surprisingly easy to find people, even years later.

My consolations to you, friend. My heart is broken. Hi, I’m sorry for your loss, I had a similar experience…


They put her in an oxygen cage because her breathing became labored just hours after we left her. They won t tell me anything and I told them you can t have an afghan hound under for so long. Believing this may make it right with God.

On 12/7/15 she went in for a routine dental cleaning and had a full blood work and everything went smoothly. If anything it will show up in an audit and on their record so hopefully the people working there will be more careful in making sure they inform the owners better about drugs.

A vet was ready to amputate my pugs leg bc she couldn’t cure her fungus. Save money on groceries. But soon it was buried behind the hectic realities of day-to-day practice, and I never spoke of it to anyone, until now. Only when i got the records and x rays 6 months after his death did i find out the truth.

supports HTML5 We learned the hard way.

7 months ago she had 6 puppies all of which survived. Two hours later they called to tell me she was gone.

If this was a human case she would be going to prison.Of course i am suing the little witch for wrongful death and fraud. Let me know, if you would, if you can remember what it was. Like others, I think your story is selfish and it’s you trying to forgive yourself due to your faith. We had many years left. (707) 795-2533 |

I feel particularly bad because I gave my dog the supplement without asking my vet…. Think again. They thought it was because he is old. I don’t know what I was thinking, or not thinking, but I gave her a dose of barbiturate for a dog three times her size. Tag: my vet killed my dog. I only wish more Vets were like you, and willing to admit when they make such deadly mistakes. In the end it doesnt harm anyone to say a white lie and its probably nicer for the owner so she doesnt have to be filled up with so much hatred as all of you have apparently.

You can sue, but if you win all you will win is the price of a new puppy.

I don’t want to not think about her and then one day find the details I know of her have faded as it does in our brains when much time goes by. Consider, she was over 13 years old. They looked the drug up online. The importance of increasing understanding and awareness of EAPs, Playing monopoly with real money: How veterinarians are losing the price war, A captive audience: The power of digital communication, Lighten the financial load—Why debt consolidation may be the answer, When bad reviews happen to good veterinarians, COVID-19 pandemic: What to do with pets during self-isolation, From the trenches: Veterinary musings from a pandemic-rattled brain. We brought our 8lbs chihuahua in for a bath and asked they do not remove the collar and/or leash. The vet didn't kill your dog on purpose. She was probably panting and hyperventilating, what was I thinking. One day you just might come down with a disease like cancer. And also, I'm glad that you're going to talk to people that can help prevent it from happening again.

Looking to the future, I continue to proudly practice in the greatest profession on earth. In the case of this medication, most of the advice when you see the side effects is stop the drug and bring the dog to the vet immediately so they can figure out what had been affected and hopefully give items to revert or halt the damage. Asking because my baby, MAxwell, just died from. I am so sorry for your lost, I hope something is done about that neglectful vet. Spend less. I admire your bravery in admitting your mistake and how it has haunted you. This just happened to my Maxwell

which is B.S. Even just flea and tick guard products, something like one in ten dogs will have seizures from exposure to that stuff :(((, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

I've had my dog die and I know how much it hurts.

He started to not eat. State licensing boards have the power to suspend or revoke a veterinarian’s license, although this rarely happens./li> Do you know about this group? i love my pets. Now showing malpractice in such situation is very hard to prove where litigation is concerned. I AM a nurse and this is just plain stupid.

2 weeks later. I finally fell asleep. The death sounds a bit similar to what you described.

Took 30 years.

I am lost without him. What kind of vet prescribes something without properly informing the pet owner about what the drug does. There is much more to this story, but I will spare the gory details, but after he died, and we requested his record and the record of another rare female dogs that also died under his care 3 years earlier, we discovered that the records were missing most everything from that day, were not even the same stuff he had shown us the day the testing was done, and the x-rays were not even a male dog, let alone OUR dog, and they lost a sample of fluid they extracted from his prostate.

He died around the same time all the other reports of dogs dying on this drug did. It's been wicked hard everytime I've lost one. Surgery/anesthesia carries risk, you signed the release acknowledging that you accepted that risk. His regular vet, seen every 30-90 days over the last 4 years, was not equipped with the x-Ray technology to do the procedure. One of the most, if not the most popular column I’ve ever written for Veterinary Economics was titled “My Biggest Practice Mistakes … and the Lessons I Learned.” I literally had hundreds of colleagues over the years come up to me and tell me how they appreciated my honesty in that piece, that it was good to admit mistakes rather than always pretend as a communicator/ expert that your, pardon, “feces don’t stink.” They said they felt better about themselves, their careers and more open to admit mistakes. Hello my dog also die at the vet . Hi, how did that go? I had to sit on my livingroom floor, with my leg off as I am disabled, while my baby boy screamed and shot blood out of his behind and mouth for 2 and 1/12 hours until he passed away.