The feeling is unexplainable . �J+׸����o��'���t�We+��l�*U�)��)������*/j Architect Resume Objective Get the latest issue of Neonatal Network, the peer-reviewed journal of the Academy of Neonatal Nursing. Advertising Resume Objective Before returning to my assignment, I take a quick stroll around the unit to check on some of the babies I’ve cared for in the past. In her five short days on Earth, she’s already had a whole blood exchange transfusion, been under multiple phototherapy lights, and gotten multiple transfusions of platelets, plasma, and albumin (protein), all to help correct her fluid imbalance. The father was actually mad at himself for not catching the act on video! Healthcare Resume Objective Web Developer Resume Objective. Aptitude to maintain healthy and clean environment. Ideally, one of them will be geared toward my specialty. Medical Resume Objective I walk past the room of an infant with hydrops fetalis, and hear the whirring of the oscillator vent. To be perfectly honest, I was surprised that the baby had made it as long as she had. I double check a 12-mL blood transfusion for an ex-23-weeker, silence alarms on a full-term infant post-cooling protocol for hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), and help direct a hopeful grandparent toward her new grandchild’s room. Outstanding knowledge of medical equipment and devices. I tell his nurse that when I had him last week, he let out his first gas from the ostomy all on his own, and that his parents were just beaming with pride. Good knowledge of computer such as MS-Office suite and Internet. Since 1997 1-612

Acting Resume Objective As you can see, all these nursing goals satisfy Technology Resume Objective I have practical experience in providing mental and emotional support to patient's families as well as update knowledge of NICU nursing service. Police Resume Objective Insurance Resume Objective 0000002483 00000 n The first is an ex-31-weeker who is working on feeding and growing, and the second is a full-term infant recovering from a tracheoesophageal fistula (TEF) repair. NICU Nursing Job Job Description: Accounting Resume Objective Overseeing nursing service of neonatal intensive care unit.

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