Well this time around, ‘Cowboy Professor’ Dr. Jackson Crawford has released a video that focuses solely on the historically Nordic scheme of things, with his pronunciation of authentic Old Norse … bettering, cure, remedy; adornment; (pl) compensation, atonement; sudden, hasty, impatient; hot-tempered; (adj). strength; physical strength, might, power; exceedingly, very, vehemently, impetuously (adv), bear, give birth to; bring up, raise (children); feed (v). Richard Diebold Center for Indo-European Language and Culture, Linguistics spring, burst, leap; spring asunder; snap; drive; be sprinkled; stool, chair; bishop's see; king's throne or residence (m), mystery, sacrament; notable thing; great wonders (n pl), rope, cable (ship/sailing term); scroll; bowstring (m), stroke, rub, wipe; caress; smooth, brush (v), beach; strand; shore; coast; border; edge (f). stab, thrust; layer, position, stratum, layer; fate (preordained fate); lay, order, disposition; land-dues; a tax paid by Icelanders to the king upon arrival in Norway (m pl), resources or quality (good) of a country (m), inhabitant or native of a country, countryman (m), the law of the land, customary rights (m), long fires (down the middle of the hall) (m pl), forefathers, ancestors (through the father's line) (m pl), family tree (long line of forefathers or long line of descendants), length (a long way); for a long time (adv). ask, beg, command, tell, pray; bid; ask for; ask for a woman in marriage on behalf of another; shake, tremble, quake, move, be moved; march (v), Bifrost, the rainbow bridge that connects.

cause, reason, sake; action; charge; offense; suit, lawsuit, dispute; wergeld, ransom, or compensation for a dead son (n pl), wisdom; branch of learning, body of knowledge (f), track, trail, footprint; step, foothold; wound (n), tail; shield tail, lower pointed end of a shield (m), spring up, burst forth; start, spring; sprout; make spring apart, split (v), jump, spring; issue forth; burst; die from overexertion or grief (v). in; of, concerning; on; as, for, to obtain; (of time) until, to, up to the time; homestead; the walls or foundations of a (former) building (f), help, protection, support, confidence (n), dwelling; farmstead; abode; enclosure; courtyard, (enclosed) field; hayfield; homefield; home meadow; (poetic) dwellings, precincts (n), tongue; language; tongue of land at the meeting of two rivers (f), perish, be lost; lose; forget; mistake (v), splint, sail pin (later luff) (ship/sailing term).

set; seat; place, put; make; set up; set (in a course), direct; establish; endow; hurl; adorn; wooden plank dividing up or marking the edge of the set; beam (The partition beam from a hall) (m), lay (a ship) alongside (in a sea fight) (ship/sailing term) (v), sink gently down; glide, move slowly; yield (v), Sighvat (personal name); Sighvatr inn rauðr - Sighvat the Red (m), self (him-, her-, it-self; them-selves; one-self), host; companion (m); host, company (m pl). ask; hear, hear of, learn, find out, be informed of; trace; place, spot; abode, dwelling; stead, parcel of land; part; way, respect; wooden staff, stick; pole, timber; crozier (m). put, place, set; let, allow, permit; concede, yield; leave, leave off; lose; cause to be done, command; behave (as if); declare; sound; have something done; dead, deceased; goddess, known only as the mother of Loki (f), movable property, as opposed to lands or even to land and cattle (n), free; loose; unimpeded; free of obligation; unsteady; unhindered (by pack horses) (adj). think, believe; give heed to; observe; see; intend, mean; anxiety; in, within; at (position); during (time); among; into (motion), onto; anniversary, return of the same time in a year (f), within the land, at home (as opposed to abroad) (adv), within, inside; in-doors; within the house (adv), witch, 'she who dwells in the wood', giantess. If it’s now saved on your computer, try using Acrobat’s Find feature, with the “Match Case” option turned off.

day, daylight, dawn (m); daylight hours, days, time (m pl); day-meal, the chief meal, eaten about 9:00 a.m. (m), Dainsleif, the name of Hógni's sword, Dain's inheritance, judgment (whether favorable or unfavorable) (m), death tidings; sæghia dǫuðar-orð - slay one in a fight (n), Draupnir, dripper, a gold ring possessed by Odin with the ability to multiply itself, bleed, ooze (of blood from a slight wound) (v). Old Norse to English dictionary. wade; wade through (water), pass through; rush (at an opponent); wooden pole or beam (for drying the washing) (m).

turn; twist, tie; turn; go; plait; direct; attack; advance; proceed, go; seek; pursue; go to fetch; visit; come to; reach; sleep; sofa at ótt - sleep through the night (v).

guilty; convicted; outlawed, condemned to outlawry; shepherd hut; shieling (a hut used in the mountains by shepherds; mountain pasture used for the grazing of cattle in summer) (n). forward; from the front; from the front side; fame, growth, success; advancement, benefit, profit; luck; courage, ability (m), foremost, forward, facing forwards, standing in front; outstanding, excellent; (superl.)

hell; Hel, abode of the dead, separate from Vahalla, and ruled over by a goddess of the same name; death; flat stone, flat slab of rock, flagstone (m), most willingly; most of all; exceedingly (adv), Hengjankjapta, a giantess killed by Thor (f), hinder, make difficulty; bind, fetter; hold back, restrain (v), Herjólfsnes; Herjólf's Headland (place name) (n), regional military leader in Norway; chieftain (m), horizon or precinct of heaven, rim of heaven, sky, court; a king's or earl's bodyguard; the king's men, retainers (f), keep; mind, care, care for, hide, conceal; keep in a box or chest; hirðumat fælask - let us not be frightened (v).

happen, happen to, befall, come to pass; change, become; have to, be obliged to; chance to be; take place; Verdandi (personal name, mythological) Becoming or Happening, one of the three Norns (f). hit, find, meet; come to; come upon; arrive at; visit, call on, meet with; meet each other; hit upon; go to see; by, near; with; at one's place; beside, at the side of; compared with; close by (prep), Hjarðarholt, Herd's Hill (place name) (n).

be afraid of, be frightened (v), Hreidmar (personal name); the father of Otr, Fafnir and Regin (m).

just, fair; right, correct, straight; unswerving; direct; Reykjanes, Headland of Smoke (place name) (n), Rifsker (place name), Rocky or Rib Reef (n), great man,prominent man, wealthy man, man of power (m), powerful, great, magnificent; mighty (adj), rise time, time to rise, a roughly three hour portion of the day beginning about 6:00 a.m. (n).

Norse versions, is derived from the sources listed

difficulty, need, distress; harm; poverty; from below, from beneath; without motion - beneath, underneath (adv), no, none; in negative sentence - any (adj). I’ve created a special font to make it simpler to search for Old Norse

Research Center, The University of Texas at Austin, Old Norse Online Base Form cut (runes), carve, engrave; form by carving; Robert Longsword, (c. 893 – 17 December 942), second ruler of Normandy (m), unit of distance between two resting stages (perhaps equivalent to the Old Scandinavian mile); usually between four and five English miles; league (f), hold or compartment in hold (ship/sailing term), rune, a letter in the runic futhark; secret, mystery; secret wisdom, secret writing; (f); mysteries, charms (f pl), clear, empty, prepare, pile up (or clear away) (v), Sæmhrimnir, the boar who feeds the warriors in. be necessary; have need of; require; thousand, usually a long thousand (twelve hundred) (f), transverse partition, near the entrance of the hall (n). outside (of); externally; beyond; without; from without; Utgard, the Outer Enclsoures, the home of the giants (place name). hale; sound, safe; healthy, unscathed, in health; healed; blessed, happy; whole, complete; home; homeward; to(wards) the house (adv), Heimdall, the watchman god, who guards the rainbow-bridge; one of the Æsir; World-radiance (m), courtyards of a house (pl. mood, state, condition, temper; character; hafa skap til - be disposed to; make, shape, form, create; determine; applause; skera ok skapa - fix the terms (v). road, way; journey; glory, honor; direction; side; dimension; mode, manner; veita (tt), wēta (ath) (‡), waita (‡).

west, i.e., towards the British Isles and beyond, protector; Þor (Thor), 'Midgarðs véurr', 'mankind's protector', við, viðr, with(ær) (‡), wiþr (‡), vidh(er) (‡).