The Next also utilizes adjustable foot rests, which aid in giving you a comfortable seating position, and allow you to brace in turns. 3 - You want a fast, great turning, easy paddling kayak with the carrying capacity of a small canoe with a really comfortable seat. It has proved everything that it is supposed to do. I've had mine for two years with no issues and been on the water at minimum of once or twice a week. The boat's hybrid nature is the best part of it. lol. If you paddle with kayaks, you will not find yourself in the front of the pack but, unless you are racing, you can keep up. I wouldn’t attempt to stand on it though. I can definately fly fish from it without any issues. I was assured that no problems had been reported with the design and that I could take solace in the "lifetime warranty". Intel: 13′ long, 29″ wide, 53 lbs., 3-layer poly hull layup, $999, I am out of practice and would try it again, although I was very wet and cold. It's my first canoe/kayak.

Stability seems fine for me though that is subjective. And I can pull the Next up onto my dock with very little effort since it is so light. And speaking of comfort, I give Old Town an A+ on their seat. It would be great if it was 10 or 15 pounds lighter but Royalex being off the table it's hard to argue with what you get for the price with this boat. Very comfortable seat, tracks well in all but strong winds, great for camping, fishing, and just paddling around. I proceeded homeward where I soon eagerly set out on my maiden journey into the choppy, windy bay. Highly recommend this canoe. I experimented with leaning the craft and could affect the turning radius a bit. Younger people will have no issue. At the shop where I would purchase the Next, I expressed general admiration for the canoe, with the exception of the seating design which aside from its astonishing level of comfort, I feared might not hold pace with the longevity of the canoe. The Next was very easy for me to transport and even the seat provided good padding for my head while transporting. So my with my appetite wetted I decided to go to the next level in 2016.

Likes - seat is super comfortable, low CG, handling. I've heard some complaints about the seat coming out of the track but I have not experienced this at all so far. Being 6'1 I was able to push out with my legs and hold the Next like a Kayak to pivot turn faster. I love this canoe and would recommend it to anyone asking about it. we modified a utility trailer for transport - though I doubt we will take the trailer on our cross country trips. That weekend, I made a Solo run down the Yadkin River from the Yadkin River Park to Tanglewood. For more information please read our, The Doomsday Prepper's Survival Gear Starter Kit, Simple Holiday Recipes and Drink Pairings for the Ultimate Feast, Three Smart Helmets That Will Amplify Your Riding Experience, Pick Up Some New Fall Clothes At The Huckberry Sale Today, 5 Great Items To Help Build Lean Muscle At Home, Build Up Your Kitchen With The Sur La Table Cookware Event. I can camp out of it with lots of room to spare.

Honestly, if I closed my eyes, I’d have to say that the hull felt like a kayak. The Next canoe did AWESOME. Glides better than the kayaks, for me, and is really a lot of fun. Now the tables have turned! Despite some reservations Alan Kesselheim found the Old Town “Next” to be a very capable hybrid for paddling. So, I give it an 8: it didn't meet our expectations completely, but our expectations may not have been realistic based on out experiences with the Ally.

The bad part is that, with my bad knees, I found entering and exiting the canoe to be very difficult. Paddling time 1 hour. The other thing is it sits low in the water with very little clearance from the gunnel to the surface. I like the width (26" at my thighs). This is a fairly new model, so I haven't found many reviews, but also not found any negative reviews. But the cost is the worst of it. The ads, I see, have the weight to 59 pounds now. It does everything I want to do. You can get in and out without being a contortionist like you would in a sit in kayak. Skip to content. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). In regard to the weight of Next, it is much lighter than the SOT kayaks I had been trialing so I am very pleased. We have been building adventure since 1898. Later they corrected to 53 lbs. This hybrid canoe fits everything I need for a weeklong trip with room to spare. I was actually very pleasantly surprised about the speed for only being 13ft long. Also got to run in the wake of some boats going too fast (no wake area) Not a problem. Old Town stepped up their game with this boat. Works best with a kayak paddle as you set a little deep for a regular canoe paddle. If I sound like I'm impressed it's because I am. They are adjustable and the back support is nice. With ~10 years paddling the Discover 15, this was quite a change. I found myself hitting my upper arm against the seat back using a canoe paddle.

I've got to go an extra stroke on the right side about every 5 cycles to keep it going straight in calm water/ winds. I have had the NEXT for a year now and thought I'd update my initial review while not seeming too critical given the predominance of 10 out of 10 reviews.

I purchased the Next Old Town 13' Hybrid last month and after making the purchase I came across reviews complaining about the seat falling out of it's holder system. I need to try this boat! Though unconventional, I don't use a rack or blocks, but rather a thick blanket or pad. In 2015 I bought an entry level ($200) kayak; no names yet. Very comfortable seat. Perhaps I missed the paperwork or instructions, but this has since begun to bother me, largely on principle. I was a little hesitant to spend the money that one of these cost but I did and now I have no regrets. I am going to add a plastic bit under the cross part in the back of the seat to prevent the failure (I hope). Wonder if a skeg would alleviate the problem?

As of yet they are fine. Any safe suggestions short of a ratchet or cam buckle strap and the risk of damaging the mounting brackets or hull would be greatly appreciated. I'm a beginner paddler, but confident on the water. One clip of the plastic buckle has detached over the length of a trip, however most commonly the rear seat tube simply jumps out of its bracket. The learning curve was about 5 minutes, before I could sit still, comfortably. The three-layer polyethylene seems durable and resilient, although it will get scratched when going through shallows with a gravel bottom or beaching. oz. Native Watercraft products are staying a step ahead of the evolving needs of today's kayak paddlers. I know it's a bit pricey and new but even with some doubts I forked out the required dollars and took the plunge. without any problem with the boat.

Understand this while choosing which water you’ll be on. I am happy to report that it has exceeded my expectations. We will have to see it they fail. In the end, I found the boat more suited to double-bladed travel, despite my bias. So yes, I like this boat. I'd have to edit a few clips together and upload, but would be happy to do so. The bottom line is the bottom line. It behaves just like a kayak.

I have some video of myself using the boat if that would be helpful. I can't compare it to other single seat canoes because I never paddled one. The downsides are minimal. I have a little age on me and some lower back issues. The boat is stable enough to fish from, roomy enough to support a weekend trip. I am so very glad I did. “We wanted a boat that has the feel of a recreational kayak, a profile for low windage, lower seat level, and a hull that tracks nicely. Double paddle; yes and this is great. I purchased the Next Old Town 13' Hybrid last month and after making the purchase I came across reviews complaining about the seat falling out of it's holder system. I Have been into power boats and have always loved the water or for that matter, anything outdoors.