He'll tell you that he's in need for a new backpack and give you a Herb Pouch in return.

You're smaller then I thought. Head to the southwest part of this area to find a Moki there. In The Wellspring, while you're climbing up the waterwheel to try to rid the water of it's toxicity from the Decay on the third door up the building, there will be a Moki inside. These kinds of quests are normally built into multiple parts and have the players transporting an item from one location to the other. The door that you'll be heading into to find this Moki is the same one that you go into to collect the compass needle as part of a different sidequest. How to start the Hand to Hand questline in Ori and the Will of the Wisps? After your first time traveling through the Windtorn Ruins, and after you've recombined the four lights and escaped the giant worm, you can return to the Warp Point at the bottom of the area. Updated March 16, 2020. 1. This Moki gives you a map to deliver to someone with feathers. She was little too, once. Motay is orange with a white underside, yellow glowing eyes and mouth. Show the Stone Tablet to Lupo to trigger a rumor that will highlight the Windtorn Ruins in Windswept Wastes. You still needing peaches and pears. I've burned my tongue enough times to know! The fastest way to return to him is to teleport to the Warp Point at the end of the Silent Woods and then dig your way up to where he is. One NPC you will encounter is a Moki in the room above where you fought the Horned Beetle boss. Another easy one in the Wellspring Glades, from the teleport point you need to go to the left past the hat-wearing Moki and up to the houses. At the very least, whatever you have left to collect will be sped up dramatically. Ori and the Will of the Wisps Once you are at this point you can explore the Windtorn Ruins to your heart’s content. The penultimate step of the process is in the Windswept Wastes. Motay

Early on in Ori and the Will of the Wisps when traveling through Kwolok's Hollow you'll encounter a Moki standing towards the path up to Wellspring Glades. In the bottom west corner of the ruins you will find the map. I'm talking to a real spirit, in Niwen! Profile Place the Stone Tablet here to activate the map.

We need to find someone that needs a Herb Pouch with herbs inside it. Travel to the Windswept Wastes and speak to the Gorlek Miner there. Just imagine the adventures that Moki will go on with an adventurer's pack! Tags: Ori and the Will of the WispsOri and the Will of the Wisps Side Quest. Once you have placed the Map Stone Fragment into the Map Stone then you'll be rewarded by having every single secret marked on your map. This Moki isn't particularly hidden. Chances are you'll have already walked past him on your way to The Wellspring and heard him lamenting about not having a fancy hat. Getting a bit tired of saving the world or rescuing your friends? Side quests in games have always been a great way to distract players from the main objective.

The Hand to Hand quest in Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a great example of these types of quests.

Indie Gaming Content Take the Old Spyglass and head to the Wellspring Glades. This is the first of many times during Hand to Hand that we'll be traveling here.

Just to make sure you're alright, of course. He is thirsty so give him the Canteen full of water. When you enter the room the Moki will open the previously shut door for you. To complete the final potion of the Hand to Hand quest you need to complete the Windtorn Ruins sequence leading up the the game’s final quest The Will of the Wisps: Return Seir to the Spirit Willow. This Map Stone is also a reference to the collectible in the first game, Ori and the Blind Forest. If you need more help with Ori and the Will of the Wisps we have you covered. From the Warp Point in the Luma Pools, you need to get a bit of height to the ledge on the left.

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