Cooking Disk B: Flopside Bar. Follow them to their source and use Tippi to reveal a spaceship. Each of them has their own peculiar strengths and weaknesses. Flip backwards and forth from 2D to 3D as needed here. (Note that the pipe in this area will let you reach the first Pit of 100 Trials, if you wish to try it on for size at this point. Chain Letter 6 is addressed to Mr. E. in Dry Dry Outpost. Use Squirps to blast away at the robot while dodging the incoming attacks, and grab the choco-bars that float around for a variety of power-ups. You’ll come to a body of water with a platform running across it. Use Bowser to light your way up the couple of tall rooms here, then find the pink door and head through. Grab the Ruins Key in the chest atop the platform here and return to the third screen to open the locked door there. A couple of new enemies to deal with here. You can’t stomp him, so wait for him to jump and run underneath him if you want to switch positions, or simply try to jump over him. Cooking Disk R: Found on Fliptown 3F. One enemy in particular that might confuse you is a large ball that exudes a forcefield that can't be pentrated. Piper is a friendly Ptooie in Paper Mario: Color Splash as the main focus of a sidequest in the game. Head inside and jump onto the maidbot here to reach the platform where the Fort Key is located. Go ahead and save your game here, then jump across the sand pit. Hit the ? Cooking can be accomplishe by bringing items to the chefs on the 1st Floor of Flipside and Flopside. its?) At the outset, you can use Thoreau to pick up the Rubees she drops and throw them back at her.

We’ll cut and paste our walkthrough for the quest here: If you head to the fortuneteller here in Flopside, Merlee, you can jump over her crystal ball and speak to her from behind it to get a side quest. Dottie is the last of the mandatory Pixls that you’ll get. In the 2D plane, the fight can be difficult; it’ll be tough to get close to the Brobot to damage it. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. They have 200 HP, but they’re easy kills if you just grab them with Thoreau and chuck them at each other. Keep in mind that you can throw at her while she’s in the 3D plane and still knock away her crystals. The adorably named Thudley is a weighted Pixl. Lots of weirdo enemies await you in Bleck's Castle. Move over to the right here to find a 10-point heal, then return near the door and use 3D mode to find a passage off to the foreground. It can be difficult to jump directly onto Mimi’s head while she’s walking around, so feel free to keep throwing Rubees at her, then jumping when she gets stunned. Use Slim to bypass the electrical fields here; just flip to your slim mode when one approaches, and stand still until it moves on. You might also try bombing it in the 3D plane. Return to the Twinkly Shop in the third screen here and use Fleep on the trashcan outside. Bowser's flames are quite powerful when used against the appropriate enemies. Not much to see here save a springboard near the entrance. The Pit here is much the same as the Flipside Pit; kill enemies until one of them drops a key. Move around it in a clockwise manner for one rotation, and the Stone Tablet will appear on its nose. Hit the Star Block here to end the chapter! If you have a capture card item, you might want to try using it on them. Klevar then grants Mario a new Star Power. Move into the doorway behind Mimi and use Slim to fall into the small gap in the floor. The majority of the population is considered to be thieving and notorious, fitting the city's name. Ultra Shroom Shakes, which normally heal you for 50 points of damage, can be upgraded for free into Shroom Steaks, which will heal you for a full 70 points of health. Hit the blue switch here to open the path to the Pit. Just look for the one that doesn’t shimmer. (The signs that you read indicate the sector that you’re in, not the sector that the door nearby leads to, as best we can tell.). First things first here. Eventually he’ll go down, after you deal around 27 points of damage to him. No, in order to figure out how to proceed here, you need to return to the same Cragnon back in town who told you the old code. With that done, return to the mayor and he'll tell you to speak to Green, the second bridgemaster here. When the introductions are over with, head to Flopside 2F Outskirts, then start proceeding down the pipes until you reach the Flopside B1 Outskirts. These are per monster type, now; a Goomba card won’t let you deal double damage to a Spiked Goomba or a Headbonk Goomba, for instance, only the very specific Goomba enemy. This isn't going to be the last time you fight O'Chunks…. He’ll periodically attempt to use a Shroom Shake; use Thoreau on him at these points to steal the item from him before he can use it, or just jump on him to prevent the healing. You can use him to flip over some parts of the screen. There’s a hole in the bottom of the river here, but it only leads to a locked door at the moment. 7-2. There’ll be doors at the top and bottoms of this room, but you’ll be on the top. You'll need to steer this rail car off to the left to find the other crewmember. Simply stand next to him and flip from 3D to 2D to wrench him back into 2D mode himself, and he'll lower the bridge outside.

There’s a locked door here, as well as an elevated red door at the end of the hall.

There are a number of locked doors in the dungeons, but we’ll try to get you past all of them…. Kill the Skelebits that are attacking him to nab the Red Orb. MAKE SURE YOU GAVE THE GREEN HAMSTER 300 COINS FOR HIS OIL SEARCH IN THE DOCK. Note that Flipside cooking can result in Mistakes, which are items that heal you for only one point of health. This will mark the first appearance of the quarter-turn switch here. More hallways! The Flopside cook is different than the cook in Flipside. Move all the way to the room in which you fight the end boss, and it'll be right near the door. Head down the pipe to reach a level that’s something of an homage to the original Super Mario Bros. You’ll be facing off against Muths here. This one’s for the diehards only. You should see the first save spot here, as well as five torches. Use the 2828 code here to gain another Fort Key. After it flips underneath some rock protuberances, you’ll find….

There have been various Mario RPGs on Nintendo systems since the original Super Mario RPG appeared on the SNES way back in 1996. The Trading Event Toad is a pink Toad that appears in Paper Mario. Use the conveyor to get up to the top of the right side of the actual second screen, though, then use Peach to float along the platforms until you reach the pipe. Defeating him will net you the Dashell Pixl, who will let you move more quickly when used. At the end of that path, you’ll get a sign that tells you to fall down in between the red pipes, referring to the two red pipes on the first screen here. 5–1. There’s a coin room obscured here by cracks in the floor; look for them and use Thudley on top of it to reveal the. When you're ready to move on, move Mario in front of the red door while you're in 3D mode to find the next screen. Use him on the yellow block at the bottom of this area to unveil the path to the Star Block. Some of them will have spikes on their helmets, making them difficult to jump on, while some will move exceedingly fast. Francis’ computer room. She’ll send you off to speak to Merluvlee, the fortuneteller in Flipside, who in turn will send you to Bestovius, the wizard in the first screen of 1–1.

Marlee will quiz you now.

8–1. Thoreau, the first Pixl you find, is capable of picking up almost anything you see, including enemies. To reach the doorway to the end of the first area, you'll need to flip into 3D mode and plop onto the blue button, which will cause another set of mountains to rise up in the background. After the lengthy introductory sequences get over with, you'll regain control of Mario inside Fliptown, a town that exists between dimensions. (The dog will usually walk away from you if you look at it.). Feel free to use the Return Pipe from here to warp right back to the doorways. There are four or five little blue-colored warps here leading to subscreens. 1–3. Another elevated door, and nothing to hit! Again, easily avoided in 3D mode. Return to Flint at this point, and you’ll be told to head back out to find another crewmember. Head over the bridge and through the door there to reach the Shrine. The buzzy beetles here can be kicked into other enemies to gain experience. 1–2, first screen. You will lose a bit of life from staying in the 3D plane, but not enough to seriously threaten your life.