Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. It's best just to cause panic/sleep or use instant kill skills. Me Patra can be used for removing Paralysis. Yoshitsune learns many effective abilities, especially Hassou Tobi and has several boosting abilties. Set up Panic first, then attempt binding. Go on the platform on the left of F6, then go up, then right, then down, then left, then up. Blind Cupid: These are stronger versions of the Possessive Cupids found earlier, only now that they have Mabufu, which can cause your team to run into some problems.

Kanji: Can hit fairly hard, but is naturally slow. Go right and slide on the sweat, then go down through the door to light fire 5. Go up when entering the first room (B2/B3). Lovely Doll is an F.O.E found on floors 2-4 of the Evil Spirit Club. Unlock the shortcut in C4. As for notable skills, these include Salome's Kiss and Die for Me! Clotho is very useful for healing, with moves that can heal, revive, remove status ailments and remove binds. Each question corresponds to one destined partner, with the answer in bold. Enter the door in D4. Task: Defeat the Festival Dudes FOE within the Inaba Pride Exhibit, How to complete: You are given a few hints: Bring a 4 member party that only has males in it, which will cause them to follow a predictable pattern. However due to its high SP cost, you should get a boost first, so use accessories such as Delta Drive to boost the rate. She can also hit fairly hard with attacks as well, although she's relatively slow. Their spots are provided on the map. Null S-Bind is also beneficial. Lure the FOE on the right down to the bottom left corner of F2 while staying near the door, then go back through the door.

Agility binds can be useful as well. Go all the way to open the shortcut at C3. Anyway, here are what I used the mapping features for: While there are multiple strategies available, I will outline the general strategy I used during both playthroughs of the game to give you an indication of the types of skills and party members. Go through the door in D7, then unlock the shortcut in D5. It is usable, but inefficient.

If you have Panic Suits available from beating the Painting Soldiers in You in Wonderland, it does make these more tolerable. Hachiman is essential for link teams until they have access to Chi You or Ardha, as it's the first Persona to get Quadruple Link, and it also conveniently learns Golden Link. Going through the locked door will force you to battle with the God of Romance enemy. (To get a treasure on 8F, go down to 8F and press the switch again, then go back up and go through that shortcut, go left and go down the stairs to 8F). Attacks: Binding Cry, Tempest Slash, Hamaon, Mighty Swing, Tarukaja. Bring Sutakora Foot onto whoever is providing battle backup. Then go to the setup on the right and water the roses at (2). Due to limits on Persona Fusion in labyrinth 1, recommended characters will be described instead. With skills such as Myriad Arrows and party support, he can easily rack up damage later on. You'll need to press one of the switches to drop the blocks in A4 to proceed. Brain Shake (and related family of skills). The same strategy as before can be used - Panic+Myriad Arrows+Power Charge/Shura Tensei to deal with FOEs. If you could be reborn into another family, what would your role be? Try to apply magic binds to it before it can use Fire Dance or Wind Dance. This battle is against a Merciful Clergyman.

Setanta is a highly useful physical attacker, with access to Power Charge, links and Swift Strike. You get this ability with the Sub Personas you receive on the second floor in the game, so there isn't really an excuse. Spotlight doesn't have much use here apart from speeding up characters so they can get boosts before the soldiers are destroyed. Pick up a key from 1F.

Don’t forget that you can always ask for help about Persona Q in our SMT/Persona Q forum. Next, press the switch in B4 to drop the block. Due to the limit of two characters, you'll need to distribute skills effectively. The predicted Persona is the closest to the average level while also being higher. Link strategies are a popular choice due to Deadly Vanguard and high speed. The main damage will come from the link user itself. Use that to light the fire near the stairs. Your drawn maps (includes their percentage completion). Jotun of Grief: Deal with similarly to Jotun of Power. Contact Email: edealistically (at) gmail (dot) com, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth FAQ/Walkthrough.

Take the fire from the source and light fire 1. She has stats similar to the P3 Hero, making her one of the best characters for inflicting status effects. Cut, Bash, Stab, Ice, Wind, Light (N), Dark (N), Snake Piece, Snake Ring, Snake Skin (defeat while agility bound), Eros Piece, Eros Arrow, Eros Wings (defeat while poisoned), Serpent Piece, Serpent Ring, Serpent Scale, Madonna Piece, Madonna Veil, Madonna Stool, Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind, Light (N), Dark (N). The purpose is to decrease enemy stats / increase party stats while providing reliable healing. The FOEs are simple to avoid. So if you're using Shura Tensei, save it until the boss restores HP the first time. Bonus Reward: Antibiotic Gel (must select correct suspect first time), How to complete: Visit the Crafted Workshop, then the Nurse's Office, then the Velvet Room, Elizabeth claims that a family member did it. Ride the moving platform on B3 down, then move up on the platform in C4. They are weak to both Light and Dark attacks though, so using Ken, Koromaru or Naoto can take them down fairly quickly, and all three are fairly fast.

Masks represent FOEs. If you get trapped use Goho-M More or Goba-K More, as you don't have to backtrack too far. Pass through square 2. What kind of girl makes your heart skip a beat? Move 1 step back and 1 step forward to reach (IV). This battle will occur once you go through the locked door after completing question 4. You may ask why - but the fine print reads "Prevents all damage except. You need to open all the shortcuts in that area. Free Memento is recommended to reduce the impact from binds. Step on the "9" in B3 and follow the blue path. Upgrade your equipment as necessary. Getting its conditional drop should be easy as you should have access to Toxic Slash from Incubus. Go back to fire 13 and use the torch to lure the FOE towards you. Dodge the spider FOEs in the first room. Junpei: Has lower stats, making him outclassed early on by Akihiko/Shinjiro. Alice (Lv.

You do not have to find all three at once. 5) or Lethargy Circle (from Yatagarasu at Lv. Yes they can - often FOEs and bosses have more than 3 skills available. Low leveled parties will appreciate her support a lot - for example, Spotlight can be used for attempting to inflict status effects before fast opponents move, especially for FOEs. Alternatively, using panic or sleep works as well. Use the torch to light fires 3 and 4. Step through square 1.

Fusing Mothman and Mezuki will allow you to pass on Poison Breath. Wonderous Magus: You might want to use magic binds on this one.

You can sacrifice two Sub-Personas in order to give another experience. Follow the map above and you should be fine. Light the torch from fire 9, then go to the right and light torch 10, then light torch 11. Special skills can be obtained starting at level 55 after successful completion of The Power of the Wild Card request. The target level is 87, to allow for fusion of a Persona with Infinite Link and thus allows effective use of linking strategies (you can get it by beating an FOE in the Clock Tower a few levels earlier, but it won't allow you to pass on skills). Down and up arrows on floor tiles represent the stairs going up or down. Rain Leg Mushas have high HP, and should be strength bound or put to sleep to deal with them safely. How to complete: On the Main Menu, select Go to Stroll > A Trading Contest!