Whenever a Gorgon takes damage, there's a chance that she'll shed off a baby snake, these snakes are near identical to Troll Babies with the exception that baby snakes don't regenerate any health during a turn. On the otherhand two wraiths two sets of zombies and a set of cobolds also did quite alright, though you have to watch out for the squishiness of the wraiths vs heavier more damaging challangers. ☑, Seperate the Human/Demi-Clops catagory into multiple units. Hair trolls take up 2 slots in the player's team. You need to sign in or create an account to do that.

My fave team to use, which I have pirate themed and has worked quite well in pop as well as questing is. And Gluten is … When attacking, they can launch their target up to two hexes behind them.

They are most effective when protected by melee units or when far away from all enemies.

If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Pit People. I also recomend having one human with a heavy shield to act as a blocker for the rest of your group. They will use their chain lightning attack if an enemy is more than two hexes away, the chain lightning attack has a chance to stun anyone who is hit by it. They also slightly lower Dodge. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Troll Moms are very difficult to build a team around, due to their massive size taking up 3 whole unit slots, they also take up three Hexes in battle, making them hard to position and vulnerable to choke points, they're essentially walking meat shields. Momma hair troll, two sets of zombies, and a set of cobolds. Unlike with the Cyclops, launching enemy units does not apply the Slow effect. Personally I prefer tanky aggression and so I use Troll Mom, Hair Troll, and Octoclops and rarely lose. However, the AoE of a Pixie attack can damage you if it misses the target, dealing a moderate amount of damage to your own units. Like 3 spidaurs and 3 bow humans. They deal mediocre damage to helmets.

Electrobots do increased damage to enemies who are in water, they also do more damage to Pixies and less damage to Wraiths and Gnomes. They can do a great amount of damage and can throw enemy units across The Pit and into hazards, they can also debuff an enemy unit by restricting that unit's movement. Weight = 90%

☑, Add images of the individual Units in their respective Tiers ☑, Provide some examples of what Units work well with eachother, and which that don't. Pit People.

Mascots have no resistances and are weak to Fire and Electricity. This attack can be very good when going up against tanks such as Troll Moms, as you can turn them into your own meat shields. ☐. one interesting and rather risky combo is a gorgon/hero mushroom. My units are level 99, however this comp can work at around level 10 if you play it right, the links below are screenshots! I haven't updated this guide due to a lack of interest in Pit People, I've had my fun with the game but have no wish to continue maintaining this guide. Gnomes are only useful if your team has an Electrobot, making them too situational to use in The Pit considering how there are plenty of better uses of a slot, even if you do get two Gnomes for the price of one.

If their target is an Electrobot or Mushroom, they will use a strong melee attack.

Same as hair trolls for fire/explosive. © Valve Corporation. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Troll Moms don't do very much damage, but they're the most tankiest unit in the game. Kobolds also have very little health and are basically fodder, however Kobolds do have a high dodge chance.

My favorite composition is fire bomb thrower hero, mace with light shield or shuriken, electro sword with medium shield, energy mortar, spidaur to kick and carry injured and for sixth slot kobolds or electrobot (have no ice weapon anyway). You win every battle against AIs. In this guide I will be explaining the certain pros and cons of the different Units and their usefulness for your Team, and their effectiveness as a whole. gorgon works well with mushroom as mushroom damages it allowing gorgon to potentially spawn snakes and increase your dps faster and reliably. Also, Zombies can not be healed by Cupcakes and do not receive a buff from friendly Mascots. Hair Trolls regenerate 2-6 health on their turn.