The Pomsky hybrid as a breed is regarded as ‘Designer dog breed’ and are still quite rare, its like having your own genuine mini husky. Angel has an amazingly friendly nature and her personality is one of a kind. The Pomsky has an average lifespan between 13 and 15 years which is standard for dogs of its size. Conscientious and caring breeders too. They don’t have the prey drive Huskies do and there has never been a case of a Pomsky attacking a cat as far as I know, however they will play. Find a dog pomsky on Gumtree, the #1 site for Dogs & Puppies for Sale classifieds ads in the UK. It should be a known company. I was nervous about how little Remi would adjust, but in the first few days it was clear that he felt right at home. ​​Pomskies are smart, loyal, and super affectionate, and therefore make the perfect family dog and personal companion. Short/tight, plush and woolly/fluffy coat. This fee includes air fare and transport to the airport. Emel, my daughter couldn’t be happier. ", "Hi Ross and Chantele, Just wanted to thank you for our gorgeous little Chowski girl Addy. Hounslow, London . She is really bright and picked up basic tricks within the first week. We were naturally nervous about taking on the responsibility of a dog as it was Sam’s first dog but the “Chowski pack” that came with Nala was very comprehensive and helpful – we were also assured if we had any further questions we just had to ask. We will keep you updated on her progress, in the coming months and years. Well keep you updated as she gets bigger but already you can see a difference… thank you for everything you have done for us. Usually active and energetic, this breed tends to be highly intelligent, loving, playful and self-assured.

I have just started dog agility classes with Cana and she loves it! She absolutely loves her morning and evening walks through the forest and across the fields… Still working on her recall but hopefully shell pick this up in no time and be free from her lead. Keep in touch. We’re beyond delighted with Nala (the puppy) and cannot endorse Celtic Star Kennels enough for the puppy or their support. He wasn’t interested in simply securing a sale, instead asking me lots of questions about our lifestyle and how the puppy would fit in. If you’re searching for a Pomsky, I highly recommend finding a great reputable breeder that you can trust, someone who loves and cares for their dogs. ", "We have had ted now since beginning of November and he is amazing, I would highly recommend Celtic star kennels to anyone. Thank you.

mostly all blue with spots of brown or the other way around) green, amber, brown or hazel. They are very eager to learn and will pick up any commands easily, this is from the Siberian Husky side. She is great with kids. And doesn’t tend to stray too far off the lead. So, when I saw on Instagram that the same breeders had advertised another litter, I just had to take the opportunity to get one myself. Can’t wait to see how he grows and develops- but he already catches everyone’s attention when I take him out and about in my arms!

Disposition. Thank you. Eevee has a cheeky and smart personality, we cant wait for her to go out into the world and explore. As my brother and I both live in Newcastle, we were committed to even travel the distance to pick up Tyler. We believe our Pomskies cover every individual taste and preference. What Makes Mini Pomsky Dogs so Cute and Should I Get One? ", "My boyfriend and I received our bundle of joy from Celtic Star and they was amazing! Our F2 generation Pomskys vary in size, From 10-20 pounds. It is also not uncommon for the Pomsky to have bi-eyes i.e. A Pomsky is a crossbreed between the famous Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian dog. Ross and Chantele gave a huge pack full of very helpful information about the pomsky breed, all his medical history, and a nice big bag of food so that Dex could continue his same diet.

Keeping a Pomsky and enjoying its wholehearted love for life. We believe our Pomskies cover every individual size taste and preference. What You Need to Know About Grooming Your Pomsky?