How to to fix:( new to this pool thing just moved in haven’t even used the pool yet. Cavitation happens when your pool pump is starving for water.

And last but not least physical damage to the pump and motor will lead to failure. Quite simply, your pool pump isn’t actually turning on. If there is a leak under the shaving cream, you'll start to see one area of foam start to pit as it gets sucked in. Its leaking tons of water from the top and bottom over called polygroup several times.

i am leaving it off. Even held all the vacuum hose under water in case of a hole. They aren’t very helpful and the instructions stink. PS. “Why is there water leaking from under my pump? A humming motor is a sign of a bad capacitor. My pool filter pump sounds like the propeller wants to go but then doesn’t and makes a quick click noise…reset button and test button dont make a difference. Recently had a power-surge that effected a couple of bathroom outlets inside the house, as well as the pool pump outside. There is the trap or strainer pot where water first enters the pump and the lid (usually clear plastic). We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Thanks, Kimberly, In this article, we mention a few things it could according to the sound. I have a Hayward pump it is filtering but won’t backwash. If so, contact the manufacturer immediately to initiate a claim.

I can back 5 hours later and 5he pump is off and not turning on. We’ve checked the breakers & everything.

#16 – Pump Motor Making Clicking Sound. If your problem doesn’t seem to be electrical, yet none of the parts are moving, you probably need to check the motor to see if it is jammed with debris. The strainer basket catches debris before it reaches the guts of the pump. Loud Hum – If the shaft is spinning then it is likely the capacitor failing. A lot of times, it takes a few repairs that just aren’t working to figure out that there’s no hope for it, but if you're looking for some signs, here are a few: If your gauge is reading low, it could be due to a clogged skimmer basket or pump strainer.

Is it the time of day? Why?

If the bearings in the motor are bad, you may need to call a professional unless you're well-versed with pool pump motors. i put new shaft seal also. I can hear the timer gears moving and checked with multimeter that both timer and pump have power. This may as simple as an air leak, or a clog. Have you checked for air leaks in the lin i.e., elbows, valves or tees? There might be problems with the motor shaft.

Can you spin the motor shaft with your hand or is it frozen in place? hello, we were cleaning the pool, and when it was time to clean the pump out, we hooked everything back up. For this reason check all connections and remove the cover at the beginning of the season (WITH THE POWER SHUT OFF!) What is the model number of your pump? If there are air bubbles coming from anywhere other than the ends, then you have a problem. Some of the most common reasons are that: What do all of these issues mean? Try this video set and see if you can solve the issue yourself. It was on running fine when I left the house yesterday, but was not running when I returned, even though the switch was “on”. Arguably the most vital and sensitive of the bunch, this $12 – 20 part is the last line of defense protecting your $200 electric motor. I am not getting any power to my pool pump. just started this and won’t prime at all. Everything except the vacuum hose can be checked using the smoke trick. It is a Polygroup that is only one yr old?! If you’re concerned about weather effects, we suggest using the Universal Motor Cover to protect your investment.

Most of the time, the issue with a leaky pump (usually a pressure-side leak) is a bad o-ring in the impeller housing, bad shaft seal, or a bad thread sealant. Is it possible I clogged something? I have tried everything that I know from changing plug ins to cleaning everything and still can’t seem to get it to run for 1-2 minutes then it shuts off. I’ve clean skimmer and pump baskets. I cleaned the filter on my pool. After getting a local company to put in a new liner, our pump seemed to be having issues with pressure. Also checked the capacitor with multimeter. The only thing different is we had been having some electrical issues in our house with lights getting brighter when appliances come on and APS came attached a ground or neutral wire from our house to our neighbors because ours is not working. 3. It seems to be charging and discharging.

For cavitation, the solution could be as simple as clearing a clog out of a plumbing line, or it could also be an air leak somewhere in your system. If it is a new item, they should replace it. Heat damage occurs in other ways as well. Thanks. So, how do you know?

It’s also hooked into a timer that doesn’t work anymore so I just shut the timer off and use the switch. It is responsible for starting up and turning the pump at full speed in order to operate. if so, is it s sucking sound for water or air?

When a pump doesn’t turn on or starts shutting off quickly after it’s started, it's usually an electrical problem, which could mean loose connections, a bad capacitor or overloaded voltage. To fix this problem, you'll just need to inspect both of these and see if they look damaged in any way. Would running the pimp with no DE cause this?

What do I look for next? 0/09/17 Happy New Year! Turn the air relief valve on the pool filter clockwise to relieve any existing pressure (the pressure reading on the pool filter gauge should be zero). This aids in priming and maintaining water pressure.

I received a Pentair Optiflo 1.5 HP 2 speed above ground pool pump that is an exact replacement for my old pump. now it seems like the pump isn’t working correctly? Terri. However, most motors automatically shut down if they get too hot. I made sure to seal the lid with magic lube from a pool store, however, this is still occurring.