Variation of Suarez. #991 HENDRIX – Family of Heinrich. These world records from every state will blow your mind.

The top three last names in the entire U.S. are Smith, Johnson, and Williams, in that order. #615 JEFFERSON – Son of Jeffery. #62 MORRIS – Dark-skinned, from the Moors. #394 FUENTES – Fountains. #68 ORTIZ – Son of Orti #171 HOLMES – Lives near a small island or islet. #840 RANDOLPH – Shield Wolf. #814 SELLERS – Occupational surname for someone who was a merchant/seller. Arkansas shares the same names in the same order as Alabama. #290 YANG – Chinese surname meaning “willow tree or aspen.” The Bose QuietComfort 35 II are top-notch headphones for anyone in a noisey environment. #620 HUYNH – Korean surname meaning “bright” or “yellow.”

#702 McDOWELL – From the old Gaelic surname, “MacDubhghaill” meaning son of the dark one.

#283 WEBER – German occupational surname for a weaver. Aside from Brown, which was a nickname for people with brown hair and complexions, the rest of the most common last names in the US are patronymic surnames — Jones and Johnson both mean "John's son" while Davis signifies "son of David.". This map shows the toughest college to get into in every state. The ongoing national nightmare makes it clear that we need to disentangle work from basic needs like health care and housing — and then do way, way less of it. #200 HAWKINS – From the hawk’s place. #598 YODER – Swiss surname meaning son or family of Theodore. #638 VELEZ – Visigoth surname meaning “vigilant people.” #293 PADILLA – Place name, literally means “saucepan or little pot.” #680 KANE – From the town of Caen, in Normandy, France. #141 HARRISON – Son of harry. Customers are driving in from New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware and beyond; orders are coming in from all over the country; members of the press, including a pair of Russian reporters from Moscow TV, circle the line hungrily. #722 McCLAIN – Scottish clan name, originally “Mac Gille Eathain,” meaning “son of the servant of Saint John.” The surname originally came from the profession of blacksmiths. #324 BARNETT – From the place near the clearing (burned place). The following tables include all surnames with over 0.001% frequency in the US population during the 1990 census. #359 DELEON – Family of Leon.

#898 FARLEY – Habitational surname for one who is from any of the many English towns called Farley or Farleigh. #145 WASHINGTON – From the area belonging to Wassa’s people. #40 FLORES – Son of Floro. This is exactly how much healthcare costs in each state. #810 NIELSEN – Son of Niel. Kimberly Powell is a professional genealogist and the author of The Everything Guide to Online Genealogy.

#556 SANTANA – Follower of St. Anna. #339 GREGORY – Possibly from “Gregorian” monks, literally means “watchful, awake.”

#75 HOWARD – Occupational surname for a “ewe herder.” Here are the top 1000 last names (surnames) in the United States, according to the last U.S. census. #543 OWEN – Lives by the yew tree, or person who appears youthful.

#990 BRANCH – Possibly a habitational surname for someone from Branch, a land division in Wiltshire, U.K. or from Branches Park, a former country mansion in West Suffolk, U.K. #879 PUGH – Welsh surname from “ap Hugh” meaning “son of Hugh.” #439 McGEE – Gaelic surname meaning “Son of Aodh,” meaning “fire.”

#366 HAYNES – Enclosure. #51 GOMEZ – Man Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). #189 NICHOLS – Family of Nicholas. #133 MEDINA – From the city.

#249 MALDONADO – Ill-favored.

Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. #992 ROLLINS – Family of Rollo. #956 ESTES – From the East. Anderson is the second most common, and Johnson is the first most common. #11 HERNANDEZ – Son of Hernando.

#365 BENSON – Son of Benjamin. She was previously an editorial intern for and Westchester Magazine. And the most common surnames in the US are roughly as follows: Smith — 3.0 million. Place name.

#346 NORRIS – From the North. How common is your last name, really? #542 STOKES – From the Old English “stoc” meaning trunk of a tree. #514 COBB – Nickname meaning “lump” or a short form of the name Jacob. #417 O’CONNOR – Son of Connor.

#935 MOYER – From the ancient Gaelic surname “Mac an Mhaoir” meaning “steward, assistant, right-hand man.”

#181 WARREN – Lives near a warren/animal enclosure. #221 DELGADO – Slender, skinny. #8 DAVIS – Son of David. #56 PARKER – Occupational surname for someone worked as a park keeper or game keeper.

#481 HAMMOND – From the Norse Viking name “Hamundr,” meaning “high protection.” Here's a full-sized image of the map here.

#308 PEARSON – Son of Piers. #778 KENT – From Kent, England or literally “from the coast.”

#392 KLEIN – Small. #566 OLSEN – Son of Olaf.

#858 MEDRANO – Abundance.

#122 GRIFFIN – Mythological creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion. Alfonzo – Ready for a fight. #236 CHAPMAN – Occupational surname meaning tradesperson or merchant.

If you need to kill time, unwind or just think about literally anything other than the election, do yourself a favor and head to this website. #631 WALL – Lives near a city wall or enclosure.

#768 LESTER – From Leicester, U.K. or the county town of Leicestershire. #96 MYERS – Occupational surname for a Mayor.

#331 BYRD – Occupational surname for someone who worked with birds.

#464 CASTANEDA – Literally translates to “chestnut,” and might have been used to describe a person with reddish-brown hair or worked a chestnut grove. The Great Lake State’s three most common last names join the rest of the majority of U.S. states.

#760 STRONG – Descriptive surname for a person who was physically strong. #255 CARR – From an area of wet, rough ground You won’t believe how much your states spends on holiday gifts.

#920 BLANCHARD – With white hair or pale complexion. #763 BARAJAS – Habitational surname for a family from any number of villages of that name. #206 SANTOS – Saints or Family of Santo. Florida’s third most common last name is Johnson, its second most common is Williams, and the most common last name in the Sunshine State is Smith.

Daw was a nickname for David. #196 GRANT – Large, great. #348 WATTS – Family of Walter. #643 HODGE – Pet form of the name Roger.

#408 OCHOA – Basque surname meaning “The wolf.”

Can the voting histories of each state give us clues as to how they will vote this year? #902 POTTS – Family of Philpott, an early form of the name Phillip. #762 CORDOVA – Habitational surname for a family from the ancient city of Córdoba, Spain. #425 CHAN – Chinese surname literally meaning field or plain. #34 KING – Ruler of the area. #850 BENJAMIN – Son of my right hand. #23 THOMPSON – Son of Thomas. #713 WILEY – Habitational surname for families who came from a number of towns in the U.K. named Wiley. #555 MERCADO – Occupational surname for someone who works in a market.

#234 GUERRERO – Soldier, warrior. #516 ANDRADE – Habitational name for people who lived in the small parish of San Martiño de Andrade in the town of Pontedeume, Galicia in Spain. #305 HOLLAND – From the Netherlands/Holland.

#963 ANDERSEN – Son of Anders/Andrew. #315 NAVARRO – Person from Navarre, France. #436 CURRY – Locational surname for families from a town named Curry. And if we look past English-speaking countries to survey other nations around the world, what are the most common surnames of each country?

Literally means “valley of the hare.”

#738 BARRY – From the Gaelic surname “O’ Baire,” meaning the male descendant of Fionnbharr, or fair-haired one. #469 SHERMAN – Literally translates to “shear man,” an occupational surname for someone who trimmed pills off the surface of fine cloth.

#637 ATKINSON – Family or son of Adam.

Axton – sword stone. Garcia leapfrogged from number 18 to number eight, while Rodriguez went up from 22 to nine. #779 CONWAY – Irish surname from “Mac Connmhaigh,” a descriptional surname meaning “Head Smasher” or “Mac Connbhuidhe,” meaning “yellow hound”

#616 HOOD – Scottish occupational surname for a maker of hoods or nickname for someone who wore one. #612 HUFF – Lives by a ridge or hollow. #208 BRADLEY – From the broad meadow. #777 PRUITT – From the Old French “proux” meaning valiant or brave one. #237 RIOS – Person who lived near the river. #54 TURNER – Occupational surname for someone who worked with a lathe. 4. #198 KELLEY – Irish surname meaning “bright headed” or red-headed. #929 XIONG – Chinese surname meaning “bear.”

Literal meaning unknown. Smith.

#482 HAMPTON – From the town near the water meadow. #697 BOOTH – Lives near a stall or hut. #388 SOLIS – From the village or town of Soler.

#121 REYNOLDS – Family or son of Reginald, or the King (rey). The Most Common Last Names In Every Country, Mapped, This Is Why You Watch Out For Rocks From Cliffs. #486 GALLEGOS – Foreigners. #264 OLIVER – Elf Army #205 PETERS – Family o Peter. #959 MADDOX – From the ancient Welsh male name “Matoc” meaning “good fortune.”

Anderson is only listed as one of the top three most common last names in eight states, and Utah is one of them.