It will say it that it has found version PS4 CFW. Thank you it is working on my super slim console. 26 Oct, 2020.

We are constantly looking for guest bloggers at At the same time, plug in your USB flash drive. Using your PC, create a folder and name it “PS4” on the USB stick.

Here’s the progress and what we know so far. This exploit does crash and hang. "mainEntityOfPage": { It is fully compatible to explore PS4 jailbreak games; you can also enjoy online multiplayer games with the PS Plus service since all other PSN services will be working 100 %. Also read: PS4 Aimbot – How to get Aimbot on PS4 in 2020 (Fortnite & Apex). Reboot your PS4 and try again.”. hey Thanks JAILBREAKGEEK.

Visit the Jailbreak link below. Developer @theflow0 has now announced the existence of a kernel exploit on PS4 running firmware 7.02 or older. Follow the instructions provided on your screen to complete the update. In about 20 seconds you’ll get an alert saying “You’re all set!”, followed by “There is not enough free system memory”. "name": "PSExploit", Ensure your PS4 is updated to the latest Original Firmware 7.55 – do that by checking system information. The jailbreak has been reported to work, although we haven’t tested ourselves yet. proof of concept kernel exploit for PS4 up to firmware 7.02, PS4 kernel exploit and 6.xx/7.xx Jailbreak: what we know so far, Latest entries on our Smart TV dedicated sister site, Mi Box Oreo and Kodi, how to fix External HDD issue (NTFS/ExFat). This means that everything has gone well. Every gamer’s pride is enjoying the world beyond limits the PS4 custom firmware serves you exactly what you need. Please, don’t try this PS4 jailbreak exploit.

You can but I don't support Jailbreaking as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X can be delayed to Next Year also, because of the CoronaVirus.

PSVita Release: GePatch 0.2.0 released with ability to skip GE patches & more – Over 200 playable games & almost 300 titles running with minor issues @ the Vita’s native resolution! Early reports say the Jailbreak works as expected, but that you might have to try up to a dozen times for it to start properly. In the folder create another folder and call it “UPDATE”. July 7, 2020 Earlier today, hacker TheFlow released a proof of concept kernel exploit for PS4 up to firmware 7.02 included. Over the past few months, it’s been a series of developments and disappointments over the prospects of the console getting a new, updated jailbreak, but it would appear one is finally back on the cards.

Now the console should be PS4 7.55 CFW. Earlier today, hacker TheFlow released a proof of concept kernel exploit for PS4 up to firmware 7.02 included.


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Keep me up to date with content, updates, and offers from PSN Resolver, SpecterDev is still working on his own implementation, How to Speed up and Make Games Download Faster on PS4,,, PS4 Aimbot – How to get Aimbot on PS4 in 2020 (Fortnite & Apex). This works for me on slim, ofw 4.72!

You can use cheats or set up game mods from USB. With these services, you have no risk of getting ban by Sony from PSN services, very different from PS4 firmware. PSVita News: Rinnegatamante & TheFlow’s GTA III port for the Vita now displaying some 3D graphics – Performance hovering around the 20FPS mark! Whether he’ll have something more stable, or people will attempt to improve stability of Sleirsgoevy’s version, we’ll have to wait and see. The kernel exploit currently has to be chained with a firmware 6.72 WebKit exploit. Observe Entire data with applications available but ponder the entire article in front of executing any official source strategy.

You must reboot your PS4, preferably without closing the dialogue box.

Sometimes you have to retry up to 10 times to get the jailbreak working. PS4 Jailbreak 7.55 CFW from any OFW (Updated 2020) Information: This PS4 Jailbreak has been updated and tested as of 2020 and works on all PS4 original firmware's 7.55 and below.

Simply download and launch our app to find any player online. As it stands, those who are interested in a jailbreak release will have to ensure their systems aren’t on software newer than version 6.72—at least until a newer WebKit exploit is uncovered.