The capacitor may be spent. Most watch batteries are designed to last about two years, but some quartz watches are designed to … If a capacitor cannot retain enough power then the watch may only work when the watch is worn. A DIY repair can easily cost more than our professional service. We can then discuss any further queries you may have before deciding whether you would like to proceed. Despatch and delivery unaffected by current conditions, An additional 5% off online with “promo5”. The case is carefully reassembled and the seals replaced to guarantee the water resistance to the original pressure. If the Seiko Kinetic watch isn’t keeping time, especially if it is sitting overnight (perhaps while you are sleeping), it is because the capacitor isn’t working. all Clocks. Quartzimodo's Time Journal: Seiko Kinetic: Boon or Bane. This Seiko upgrade kit will provide power for months of inactivity as it is 30 times more powerful and should last 20 years. These are available on eBay for a reasonable cost. The only solution is to clean the movement thoroughly. If you have more than one Kinetic, it may be a good idea the get a charger. We would love to help. As Seiko capacitors age they release a gas, this is known as gassing off. This process breaks down the oils in the watch movement which mean that a full movement service is important to protect the watch from excessive wear. We have tested some of these Accumulators that are out of Seiko Kinetics that are now 10 years old and they are almost as good as new, so should last at least 20 years if kept cool and charged. When the watch is set, push the crown back in. The weight was spinning fine, but none of the electric power was being transferred to the capacitor. Seiko Kinetic watches are designed with a very special circuit that compensates for heavy loads, such as when the Day/Date is changing at midnight or if the watch is knocked as the seconds hand is moving. Please fill in and submit the form below. It will very likely slip as you try to open the watch, the scratches which are caused by this are so deep they can't be removed without affecting the cases appearance. Seiko Kinetic watches are manufactured to a high standard and if taken care of will last for years. In this case the capacitor will need to be replaced. Room, Outdoor Why has my watch stopped? The watch may tick every few seconds then stop, this dreaded Seiko Kinetic double tick is a low power indicator. The Kinetic watch is self-winding, and instead of using a spring to store the energy, it converts the mechanical motion into electricity and stores it instead.