Nice job!!! And only the latest twin-turbo V12 2016 BMW 760Li G12 can outdo Brandon’s build in terms of sheer horsepower, which makes his home-brew hero, built in just four months, all the more impressive. 200 EUR – Engine Mount Type 5 (from The bigger master cylinder out of a e34 540i is already installed go to to view bigger brake options. The muffler from the E38, E32 and E34 are less suitable on the e30. The advantage is that the ABS does not need to be transferred. The reservoir of the V8 donor car can still be used and attached at the E30 bulkhead to create a stable housing. “I also recently added Turner Motorsports monoball front controls arms which really tightened up the steering. The fact that’s he’s kept the exhaust almost completely stock means that this is definitely something of a sleeper – sure, something like a BMW 7 Series is never truly going to be a sleeper in the absolute sense, but you’d never expect to come up against one with a supercharged BMW M5 V8. The project began with the interior, which would be the finishing touch for most people but Brandon decided to work inside out on his E38.

_______________________, Example calculation: Kassel Performance has a handful of BMW E30 S62 powered engine swaps on the road.

BMW now has started using  standard wire colors for the most important basic functions.

That means new tires, fuses, lights, detail, fluids, paint, rear wing, antenna, A/C Charge, amongst many other items we plan to update on this car in a very short 1 month mini series dedicated solely to this E30!Stay tuned and follow me as I do what I like to call my \"best\" to teach you all how to work on your own BMW's!Music was sponsored by 2.0 Conversion variants in the E30 and donor vehicles The possibilities are endless! For the conversion of applying the brakes you should take your time and be very thorough with your work. A 5-liter engine with VANOS and 400 hp. In 1997 there was a facelift, the engine was now called the M62. “This one is done and will just be maintained. V8 switching cars engine harness.

, the ABS hydraulic unit of the E30 with a V8 conversion can be added. Then go step by step and connect the necessary pins using a cable from an old wiring harness to connect to the E30. 150 EUR – E28 535i Radiator Hi. Me and my friend were arguing about an difficulty similar to this!

With the 5-speed, with a 2.93 diff 5th is 1:1 and reaches 260kmph pretty fast before the rev limiter engages. The ESS supercharger runs a base ESS tune and a smaller 92mm pulley for higher boost. Really cool swap and a great shade of ORANGE! Yes your eye sight is ok,,,,this is a E38 with a S62 engine installed,,,this engine swap looks factory from top and bottom also the 6 speed trans is installed. A 20mm Spacer plates for setting the E30 front axle lower should be used to improve the alignment of the engine, gearbox, drive shaft and diff. A gem and the current maximum of BMW V8 engine is the S62. Also very suitable is radiator is out of the E34 with a V8 (without photo) . Smaller 92mm pulley gives more boost.

5.0 Basic Procedure for Reconstruction

An EWS control unit, a loop antenna and a matching key to the engine should be bought. The incoming speed signal or pulse divider must be halved by. 6.0 engine mounts What type of fire extinguisher to get for a car? With the obvious increase in power bigger brakes are a huge plus. Should you put anti seize on your lug nuts or wheel bolts? 10.0 transmission and shift linkage It is recommended immediately after the merge 4 and 2 in a right to put in a 60mm flange and a 60mm body with elbows.,,,,,, 20mm Spacer plates for setting the E30 front axle lower, The number 3 is designed for uncompromising running changes, the engine sits 25mm further back again, the floor panel will have to be worked on accordingly. This PDF isn’t from but seems to be a description from BMW themselves, explaining the m62.

Performance tune is an additional cost over the swap tuning. Need to install a receiver hitch. 100 EUR – engine wiring harness manual version Toyota Techstream 0xC0040001 Error, MVCI Driver ended prematurely error and Unable to connect to vim Techstream, P0172 System too rich code caused by K&N or other oiled filters (contaminated MAF), Lower Airdam ‘Cowcatcher’ Bracket for E30 (is airdam) STL and STEP files.