German Shepherds can live 10 to 12 years. So make sure to praise her when she does well. Moving onto the physical traits of these St Bernard Shepherd cross breed dogs, we need to consider the size and other physical features that are often found with these dogs. If your dog is a stubborn one,  just be patient and consistent and they will eventually come around to your way of thinking. St Bernard History:The Saint Bernard is a very old breed of dog descending primarily from the French Alps. Pannus – This is a medical condition that affects the eyes and German shepherd dogs are prone to this. When you slowly turn your head, your instincts are right, you actually find your dog staring at you. These dogs have an average lifespan of 10-14 years. The original breeders were Ranchers in Boulder, Colorado, who then began to sell and distribute the dogs all over the West. However crossbreeds are usually more healthy than their purebred parents. A Saint Shepherd is all the guard dog you need. Take the time to visit the pups and parents at home and ask plenty of questions. Again, there are pros and cons to this approach. link to 10 Tips to Strengthen Your Bond with Your Dog, link to Why does my dog stare at me?

Overexercise can exacerbate abnormal growth, pain, and discomfort. Those are the questions we will try and answer below. Hence they make great watch dogs. Sites like, wikihow, thegooddogguide and have used our pet tips and advice for their readers. .

On the contrary, sources like Dogtime recommend moderate exercise for Saint Bernards. Either way, get ready to invest in a good vacuum if you want to keep your floors clean! Copyright © 2020 Anything German Shepherd, How to See German Shepherd Mix Akita As Family Dog, German Shepherd Life Span: How Long Do Live and Ways To Make The Most of It. I know the question running through your mind right now is; why breed these two together? Search Saint bernard|australian shepherd Your email address will not be published. © 2020 ( A raw food diet will be especially good for the Wolf background. While friendly she is wary of strangers and alert making a good watchdog. While the origins aren’t totally agreed upon, there is agreement that it developed in western North America in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The stomach becomes bloated with gas and can rotate 180 degrees or more. It is strong and at times stubborn; therefore, it needs an equally strong trainer. They will not shy away from kids and pets and will be a well-rounded dog. A Saint Bernard Australian shepherd mix may sound like an odd cross breed to many families. Finally, they are not quick to attack, reserving biting as a last resort. Females stand 26 to 31 inches tall at the shoulders, and males can be up to 35 inches. They are fast learners. Your Saint Shepherd will be a very intelligent and obedient dog. Shepherd Saint Bernard hybrids tend to live longer than their parents, but they can inherit several serious health problems. The shepherds brought over Spanish dogs that proved capable for their job in the wild and dangerous territory. This mix is a very intelligent, devoted and loyal companion. were much more interested in dogs' working abilities than their appearance. Do you want a sweet laid-back companion dog who is large enough to ward off evil intent without having to attack? Although his coat is water-resistant, you need to take additional precautions to make sure your Saint Shepherd does not get wet lest his core temperature drop. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. This is obviously going to make for a very large dog. If you are interested in the prospect of a Saint Bernard Australian shepherd mix for sale, it pays to do a little more research on both the parent breeds and the breeder selling the puppies.

Be prepared to brush them a few times a week. Plan on taking them for extremely long walks and hikes to keep their energy level down. She is loving, reliable, brave and warm.