Another trademark of Sam is his ability as a speechwriter. Sam declines, explaining that he is about to be made partner and is getting married soon (the engagement later fell through).

Fans of him like these movies, TV shows, books and video games. After joining the campaign, Sam broke up with his fiancée, Lisa Sherborne, whom he was planning to marry in September of that year (the joke was that they broke up so that her name wouldn't become Lisa Sherborne Seaborn). “But, on the other side of it, it could be just what the doctor ordered.”, The Hill 1625 K Street, NW Suite 900 Washington DC 20006 | 202-628-8500 tel | 202-628-8503 fax. 13 The Sam Seaborn & Laurie Scandal. Please enable Javascript and hit the button below! Sam becomes part of the talented team of staffers who help Bartlet to a very unlikely victory in 1998. He makes repeated references to his alma mater, especially in the earlier seasons, indicating a certain pride in his attendance there.

Fans of him like these other characters in entertainment. In the midst of the visit, Sam learns that Bartlet is putting off announcing the Democratic tax plan Sam himself had helped design, so that Sam won't feel pressured to support it and further stigmatize himself during the election. “Of course I’m in. The role of Sam Seaborn was initially offered to actor Bradley Whitford, who had auditioned for the part of Josh Lyman. Samuel Norman Seaborn is a fictional character portrayed by Rob Lowe on the television serial drama The West Wing.He is Deputy White House Communications Director in the Josiah Bartlet administration throughout the first four seasons of the series.. But the acclaimed cast of the show—including Allison Janney, Richard Schiff, Dulé Hill, John Spencer, Whitford, and Sheen (whose role as President was initially scripted as a small role) and Stockard Channing (whose First Lady was initially scripted as a guest role)— were all strong actors and eventually Lowe's character was no longer the lead. Would you like Wikipedia to always look as professional and up-to-date? They're our students and our teachers and our parents and our friends.

One example: “School should be incredibly expensive for government and absolutely free of charge to its citizens, just like defense. Martin Sheen played the fictional President Josiah Bartlet in the political drama. Josh is running John Hoynes' presidential campaign and comes to try to recruit Sam as a speechwriter. Seaborn …

Toby runs a thoroughly honest and liberal campaign, not until the very end of which does Sam realize, "I'm going to lose". He is Deputy White House Communications Director in the Josiah Bartlet administration throughout the first four seasons of the series. Don’t be afraid,’ ” Lowe quipped. Sam is appalled and decides to put things right.

President Bartlet goes to California to lend his support, taking with him Sam's friends on the senior staff, who believe campaign manager Scott Holcomb is wasting Sam's time by having him run a safe, timid campaign. He can speak Spanish, as seen in Season 3 episode "Ways and Means".

Sam wholeheartedly believes in the United States of America, and he’s dedicated his life to improving it. Although Sam is mentioned occasionally following his departure — most notably calling Josh to tell him to "roll with the punches" after the latter unwittingly caused the defection of a Democratic Senator — he is not seen in the series until the last episodes of the seventh and final season, following the election of Congressman Matt Santos as President. I just haven’t figured out how to do it yet.”, Personality… wildly intelligent, slightly arrogant, and incredibly idealistic. ), When the show premiered, Seaborn was considered the lead, and the pilot centered on the character. His unwavering faith in and love for the American political process and the positive impact that government can have in its citizens' lives define his character. Hello! Sam attended Duke Law School and was the editor of the Duke Law Review (which, in reality, is known as the Duke Law Journal). Their relationship was a source of humor for her father, Leo McGarry, and First Lady Abigail Bartlet. Once he learns that Will Bailey is not going to stay on to manage his campaign, he recommends him as a temporary replacement for himself in the White House, to help Toby write Bartlet's second inaugural address. President Josiah Bartlett and his advisors have their hands full, fixing America's economic, social and political problems while dealing with threats from abroad and political challenges at home. Here are five relationships on The West Wing that fans were behind and five they weren't. We did not expect nor did we invite a confrontation with evil. He wants to make things as they should be, not leave them as they are. After seeing firsthand how dedicated Will is and realizing that he is a public servant in the mold of Bartlet's own senior staff, Sam becomes impressed with how he ran Wilde's campaign and offers his own name as a replacement candidate for election night in case Wilde wins, not thinking he will have to honor the promise. Most of the time I’m just playing smart.”. RELATED: 10 Essential Veronica Mars Episodes To Watch Before Season 4.

[citation needed].

Lowe and series creator Aaron Sorkin soon found themselves at odds over the network's meddling with the show, most notably the network demanding changes in the Sam Seaborn character.

“I don’t want to pour water on it but I don’t think he is. “This country is an idea,” he says, “and one that lit the world for two centuries.”.

Aaron Sorkin, hello, you wrote it. This feeling is reinforced by his discovery that a White House staffer convicted of treason during the Cold War, who Sam has always believed was innocent, actually had been a spy.

Thankfully, Bartlett has brought in the "A" team to help him through the crises the country faces. He went from being a young nerd at Dungeons and Dragons camp to being a summa cum laude graduate of Princeton and Duke University School of Law. Sam worked there for seven years and was concentrating on helping an oil company with a deal that would protect them from litigation in the event of an oil spill when his old friend Josh Lyman comes to visit him. To install click the Add extension button.

I think he thinks about it, I think he’s asked about it incessantly, I think in a perfect world there’d be a version of it,” Lowe, who played the fictional deputy White House communications director on the series, said.