Working a bit more efficiently. I needed them to feed off of. This album seems to cover everything. And I don't remember the guy's name or anything, but he was just amazing. Live, they're very challenging to do. It's like contrasting colors, in a way. He was our guitar tech before, so he was already in the organization, part of the group, one of our buddies out on road. People bring up Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Deftones, Nine Inch Nails — do you consider that an accurate list? That's certainly a memory that … I don't know why that just popped in my head, but that was amazing. That makes sense.

Hard to tell. I think it's a natural evolution that every band goes through. The group is planning a return to Europe in the fall, while during 2015 Morgan hopes "to start focusing on countries we haven't been to and markets we haven't touched," particularly in South America and Asia.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. Yeah, actually, I love Salt Lake a lot. It's such a part of my life and I'm so intertwined with it. That's a challenge. We arrived at the sort of age when that hit; we were teenagers and that music really spoke to us and influenced us largely, and made you want to play in a band. There's so many genres and subgenres, it can all get just a little confusing sometimes. It's a really long time. And it's also nice to come together with a couple of bands and put together kind of a package and just make it really desirable for people to come out and see, instead of just one band, see a bunch of bands in one day. Every one of them has dozens of layers to it and sets up the tone of the album perfectly. I wouldn't say there's really any adjustments for us, except one thing we do have to adjust is the setlist. Has Utah been a good stop for the band? Basically, the writing is done so now we're in the process of figuring out who exactly will produce them, whether it's going to be me or a producer. Seether recently wrapped out a European tour and is off until the Rock USA festival on July 16 in Oshkosh, Wisc. I wouldn't want to repeat that, but whatever I did certainly helped make this album, which I'm really proud of. I've been playing it ever since.

And I just really enjoyed playing bass. But it was a really smooth transition with Bryan.

Who would you add? It's a challenge, it makes it interesting. We've never actually made an album that quickly before. I almost abandoned hope, so I fell back into all the vices that I knew very well" -- hence the "Isolate and Medicate" title. I assume it's a jab at religious groups but I'm not positive. Who are some of the bands that have influenced you? ", Judas Priest On Fall U.S. Tour: 'We're Ready To Go', Morgan did allow Stewart and Humphrey to step into the process, too, using them as "sounding boards" during the writing of five tracks. No time to play deep album cuts. Isolate and Medicate by Seether is an excellent album overall. I guess it's a good problem to have. It's interesting to hear you bring up the word "melodic," specifically because one thing that seems to separate Seether from both its influences and contemporaries is your focus on melody and harmony. I just keep dwelling on saviours and was wondering if anyone knows what that songs about. And it was just really streamlined. They have expanded their songs with each album. You've been part of this band since '99 when it was known as Saron Gas; how does it feel knowing you've been part of this band for 15 years now and you're still going strong? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

It's always been important to us to have that sense of melody even when the music gets heavy. I used to be a guitar player first, and then I had some friends that had a band who needed a bass player and asked if I could play. And then the extra guitar, the extra voice — it really thickens up the sound a lot. The trio will be part of this year's Godsmack-headlined Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival starting Aug. 15 in Clarkston, Mich., and will tour Canada with Godsmack after that finishes. How did that come about?

I think, just visually, it looks better — having another guy up there with long hair, rocking out … I think it really makes the show more interesting to watch and gives the show more energy. If you can throw interesting harmonies over a normal … I don't want to say "mundane" melody, but I feel like backing vocals can make a melody pop in a song, or make the lead vocal really pop out. So, it's a big part of my identity now, and probably always will be. It is the first album by the band without lead guitarist Pat Callahan.

But, yeah, it is. It's a fun festival to do. "I was completely by myself, pretty much, and I just felt like nobody was making contact, nobody cared. But this isn't the first song they've written about "demigods" lol. We've had I don't even know how many songs that were singles off the albums. ", Morgan is happy now with Seether's new label home, noting that "it feels like we're with a real record company for the first time, people that actually believe in us and are enthusiastic about us doing this and like what we do and support us and believe in us. You know, we just call ourselves and consider ourselves a rock band.

So I said, you know, "I'll give it a shot." Brendan is a great producer who's really good at getting the best out of us. So that part of it hasn't changed at all, which is nice because that's often the hardest part, is trying to incorporate someone into the organization.

And it's funny, because the more you chase the numbness, the more it goes in the oppose way and you become more emotional. Not really. Yeah, it is. Tell me about making your new album, "Isolate and Medicate.". We're really happy with the way it turned out.

So we got in touch with their people and said, "Look, it's this song," and we worked out the publishing rights and everything, and "Could we use the rest of that?" One night I was out there and I stumbled into this place and discovered this amazing guitar player. "This time, creatively, I needed help from the band," he says. The backing vocals, which you contribute to, seem to be a prominent part of Seether's songs; is that something you focus on, something you enjoy? Have you had any interesting experiences here?

When we realized, "Oh wait, that's THAT song," that was actually hilarious.

All rights reserved. We listen to a lot of music and, like I said, we're really just big fans. As far as the band personally, it didn't really change much. Just pay attention to the drummer and the drums and try to keep it melodic. And we just ran with it. Has the band dynamic changed with the addition of Bryan Wickmann as the lead guitarist?

I mean, so far so good. We had a job to do and a vision of what we wanted it to be, so we just went in and pretty much knocked it out. "I think that was great for me.

Anger and anxiety, insult and injury all contributed to the dark lyrical tone of Seether's sixth album, "Isolate and Medicate.". This is my favorite album that we've done. It's certainly a big part of our music.

Does being one of several big bands playing on a bill require any kind of adjustment from shows where you're the only headliner? I think you're spot on with this.