This thaws the turkey at an acceptable rate, while the remaining answers expose the turkey to dangerous temperatures for too long. If under three seconds on the floor, use it. Which of the following conditions does not lead to rapid bacterial growth? When a food product comes into contact with a toxic chemical, a chemical hazard occurs.

The following cleaning utility should be kept at all stations to ensure that all spills and food particles are removed during the course of a service: Paper towels should be kept at all stations to ensure that all spills and food particles are removed during the course of service. Which of the following regulatory bodies has the ability to inspect individual restaurants within a national food chain? If the hot water is not working, call a repairman immediately and stop service until the problem is solved. To minimize risks to the customers and wait staff, it is best to limit the employee’s exposure by sending them home. <>/Metadata 609 0 R/ViewerPreferences 610 0 R>> Hand washing stations should include all of the listed articles, expect a cloth towel.

Examples include soda and vinegar. For this reason, the term intoxication is just as important to remember as Infection. Since it is quite possible for PHFs to increase in temperature above 41°F when being transported in the truck, it is important that you monitor the temperature of these foods when they arrive at the restaurant. For this reason, it is important to limit the amount of time you keep food in this range to a minimum. Also, home-infused oil should not be used in the restaurant. Is this legal? Good Manufacturing Practices will give you a good sense of how reputable a food supplier truly is.

Controlling time and temperature helps to: Controlling time and temperature helps to control microbial growth by reducing how much time food spends in the danger zone. This critical value of water activity indicates that food is susceptible to foodborne pathogens. Jaundice is a sign of Hepatitis A, which can cause damage to the liver. While fry oil reaches high temperatures during the day, as the oil cools and residual food grows in the oil overnight, the chances of foodborne intoxicants growing to dangerous levels increases significantly. Salmonella is the greatest risk found in raw chicken. While adults might get sick from certain food borne pathogens (or even worse, die), children under the age of six, the elderly, and the immunodeficient tend to become sick quicker and the level of sickness is usually much more sever. Flour stored on the floor is not a proper way to store any dried good. If you plan on using the stuffing on a day other than the day you have prepared the recipe, you should make sure to cool the stuffing as quickly as possible.