The developed household income and any acquired property are hers as much as his - that's what you agree to when you marry someone, even (especially) if you agree that they will be a SAH partner. Is there any employer matching associated with the 403b? … Peter Rhodes.

It's a small step from the Roman Empire to present day Italy. Got some trivia yourselves, fellow Sillius's? Or maybe it's more to do with the pubs being closed and the drunks not having to stagger home or start fights. lawrence567. to be specific, I was playing as england and the game crashed just before I took a city on a foreign continent, i guess it's got to do with england's leader bonus that gives your a free unit with a city on a foreign continent. This is broken thinking. It's not a passive income when renters break leases and move out. Came across one just north of the passage between Hellmouth and Sorrow's Harbour on the Hellmouth side, couldn't find the chest though. No mention yet of Sillius Soddus or Biggus Dickus but I'm only half-way through. Know what her name is? in the Roman Empire. agreed, they should have made them a 6 men unit :)

Edit: To clarify, I could see where the chest should've been and could see the order I had to shoot but the chest didn't spawn. A one-man band called Roostarr (based in Northlake, Illinois) has choosen to name one of his songs Sillius Dopamine. hello all, newcomer to this forum thank you very much for the great music, I'll try to upload some of my some as soon as I can. But then again...! Falls Everywhere! same thing here, i was playing as england and the game crashed whenever i tried to take a city in late game. The source of humor stems from the double meaning behind the phrase, although use of the name without prior knowledge of the joke could also be funny.

Morally, if you decide that one partner should be a stay at home parent for the good of the family, that's the same thing as agreeing that their stay-at-home contribution is equivalent in value to their working potential contribution.

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I From Microsoft's documentation on Reference Types:. Here is a short song description: This is what Roostarr says about this song: We Sillius's even have our own beer: Sillius Soddus (well, sort of, at least). I have a vewy gweat fweind in wome called Biggus Dickus. STOP MATCHING ME AGAINST THE PROS RELIC!!!!!! Ms. Cotton Otho C.XIII by: G.L. See what I came across in some German university database on Latin inscriptions: Since my latin is a bit rusty (quamquam Latinum ad scholam habebam) I asked the world - i.e. Wednesday 3rd October 2012 . Sillius Soddus Incontentia Buttocks. I know that terme means something like a 'natural hot water pool', but - once again - it was Manuela Sillius who provided us with a translation of the Italian source text into German: We don't have to pay for this translation, do we, Manuela?