Each building costs NeoSimoleons to purchase, and requires an increasing amount for each subsequent purchase.

With the exception of the water tower which is just 1x1, each utility building is only 2x2, greatly reducing the footprint of your utilities. When the OMEGA Research Center finishes researching, you get a random OMEGA item as a reward: 62% of 865 players found this article helpful. I have enjoyed using this layout myself for a long time as it is easy to expand … Check out our Research OMEGA items Tips & Tricks video. In addition to producing Omega items in your Research Facility, they can also be purchased with NeoSimoleons at the NeoMall.

As with other upgrades in SimCity BuildIt, you must collect an increasing number of items to upgrade these facilities.

Your Omega Labs produce Omega canisters which then get processed by the Omega Research Facility. Generally if you are playing the game straight through it's about 10 minutes on average between offers. Offers per item are right now between 500 and 1500 per item. If you are looking for a Simoleon cost to the Omega items, it can be traced back to how much you spent on the canisters. to accept or No thanks! I'm not quite sure what the range for each is.

If you have a canister start in those ranges, a vast majority of time it will turn into that size canister. When your Omega Storage is full, there are only two ways to clear space: sell to advisors or upgrade an Omega residence. At the beginning you are able to hold 15 items in Omega storage, and have a capacity of 5000 NeoSimoleons in the NeoBank which are upgradeable with Omega items, similarly to other upgrades in the game.

Alternatively, you can depend on advisor offers, but be aware you must keep your Omega storage above 60% of capacity. You basically build 4×4 and 4×5 sqaures next to each other – when you want to expand you can continue to the side or repeat at the bottom.

The most effective use with spending the least SimCash is in the last 5 minutes where you can collect the items for just 1 SimCash. Then you place the medium service buildings every 2 tiles like I have tagged you in the picture above and fill up with 4 residential buildings in every compartment. At the left and right side you have 2 small fire stations and the small medical station and police station in the middle. You will have to re-design it from time to time, that’s completely normal.

What determines the canister's level being 1-3?