), as well as the Bluto-seque Blubbo. The H-B episodes have a swinging big–band feel to them in their opening theme. Oh, I'm Popeye the Sailor Man, I'm Popeye the Sailor Man. Note that the lyric about making “the vilest villain cower” is identical to what Ted Cassidy talk-sings in H-B’s Atom Ant theme. (Rokh screeches) (Beasts roar) Another unusual feature of the record is the copyright on the front cover: it’s not Hanna-Barbera Productions, but American International Pictures. When Jr. tightens up his belt, not only does his chest get bigger and his waist smaller, but he also gains the strength of fifty men! GIVE A LITTLE LISTEN Hand Lettering: Robert Schaefer. (Heh, heh, serpents...) Music genre Do remember this cropping up on UHF, tossed with other random syndicated cartoons into unhosted “Cartoon Time” half hours. I cleaned out those serpents with one dirty look! Ohhhh, who's the most remarkable, extra-ordinary fellow? "I'm Sinbad the Sailor" Performer(s)

The production backstory is more intriguing than the cartoons themselves.

A lack of screen credits means a lot of cross-examination of other cartoons and recordings. The various reasons for the absence of original voices like Blanc or Reed were likely availability and higher fees based on what budget was alloted for each record. There are cartoons in the syndicated series produced by Hanna-Barbera and also by Sam Singer Productions, with different voices and music. The independent film and TV company, specializing in beach party/horror flicks, ventured into animation with such series as 1966’s Miami-dubbed Prince Planet (which boasted a theme song by Annette songwriters Guy Hemric and Gary Styner).

He's my hero! His numerous books include Mouse Tracks: The Story of Walt Disney Records (with Tim Hollis). I'm strong to the finich Cause I eats me spinach. I watch all the classic cartoons when I was six years old at the time in the Philippines since the 1960’s era my favorites like Popeye Casper Gumby Beany & Cecil Three Stooges Dick Tracy Mr.Magoo & Roger Ramjet as seen in The Uncle Bob Show/Cartoon Hour on RBS/GMA Network hosted by the late Robert L. Stewart American businessman TV host journalist & philanthropist owner of GMA Network who created DZBB AM in 1950 & Channel 7 since 1961 67 years ago in Philippine media history a true classic TV show from the Philippines. I also should mention that Tim Matheson provided offscreen narration for the Irwin Kostal digital reissue of Fantasia in place of the onscreen Deems Taylor. If anyone can verify further, please do. And Sinbad was given some typical H-B villains to battle, such as Dr. Rotcoddam (“That’s ‘mad doctor’ spelled backward,” Sinbad helpfully told us) and his henchman Goots (“That’s ‘stooge’ spelled backward” – er, wouldn’t that be “Egoots”? Tyrone: I bought 'em!

Blow, ye winds, blow! He spread out his wings and the sunlight grew dim,

https://cartoonresearch.com/index.php/monster-shindig-and-mad-monster-party/, and Pixie and Dixie Cinderella (which also did not credit Dick Beals): Tyrone: I'm Sinbad the Sailor preparing for my trip I prefer to sail alone aboard my trusty ship! No information The opening theme is in six-eight time, with an accordion lead trying to impart a sea-chantey flavor to it. One is the rare vinyl presence of Ted Cassidy, whom Hanna-Barbera kept busy doing TV villain voices at the time, and story/layout artist and cartoonist Warren Tufts.

Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ad766bd8139e3aa31d13d265ce49bdf8" );document.getElementById("c1059ae9c7").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); GREG EHRBAR is a freelance writer/producer for television, advertising, books, theme parks and stage. Sindbad the Sailor! !-2008 Lyricals, Sung by Farhan AKhtar ,Hindi Lyrics,Indian Movie Lyrics, Hindi Song Lyrics I take my adventures wherever they're found, Extended lyrics from Singing Sensation! I'm here to help him out...'cause he's the guy who all the songs and legends are about! The cartoons I recall being run on DZBB-7 were old Paul Terry silents syndicated by Commonwealth, and a series called “Tales of the Genie” which tfeatured old Van Beuren or Iwerks cartoons with new animated wrap-arounds (perhaps also syndicated by Commonwealth?). Did somebody at AI create the concept and hire Singer? Do you know which Stooge cartoons Tufts’ voice can be heard? The Singer episodes have sound quality that suggests the lowest-fidelity recording ever found on a cartoon made for television. I think somebody goofed! Tyrone: I'm Sinbad the Sailor preparing for my trip I prefer to sail alone aboard my trusty ship! Dedicated To Classic Cartoons: Past, Present & Future, Disney’s Silly Symphony “Woodland Cafe” (1937), https://cartoonresearch.com/index.php/bugs-bunny-in-storyland-the-good-the-bad-the-bugs/, https://cartoonresearch.com/index.php/bugs-bunnys-high-fructose-christmas-record/, https://cartoonresearch.com/index.php/monster-shindig-and-mad-monster-party/, https://cartoonresearch.com/index.php/hanna-barberas-cinderella-a-go-go/. and my enemies run! Performed by I'm afraid of nobody under the sun!