Top of receiver to center of aperture is approx. I think I’ll shoot even better with them. The standard aperture that comes with the Skinner sight is 0.096″. All information is available here, on our TECHNICAL page, and FAQ page for the customer to determine if this sight is right for their application. WHY did you make it so large? 25 yards with bag rest. So, I put the target back out and took a total of 30 shots offhand. While I had to do a lot more than just a few strokes of filing on the front sight’s dovetail, the installation went very smoothly. 1894 .44 Magnum w/20" Barrel = .450" Off-hand! . 336 30-30 w/20" barrel = .500"  (LeverEvolution Ammo tends to impact higher) A worthy plinker, but that’s about it. This rather simple and very elegant addition to my Browning BL-22 increased my enjoyment of it tremendously! If you’ve got a rifle with standard open sights, and aging eyes are making them a bit fuzzy, I highly recommend giving Skinner Sights a try! We want you to have the most thread depth available. / Instructions included. I had to search up my order, as I couldn’t remember exactly what I ordered. The Dental Warrior® – A Blog for Dentists, The View Up There – Nobody Should Die From Colon Cancer, When Riots Come to Your Office / Business. I couldn’t believe it. I do recommend getting the brass punch and the special file to make installation easier. I found it helpful to poke a hole in the tape over the screw hole with a toothpick. (Updated – farther down in this article, I used some sandbags on the bench, and the groups were even tighter). It’s been a while since I did it. Don’t “friend” your patients on Facebook! (x-rays again). (4" Revolver or Glock mod. .070″ Skinner Sights aperture. 1895 Guide Gun and 20" 45-70 = .400" - .500"   (wide variations in loads) #skinnersights, #marlin, #4570, #guidegun, #marlinguidegun, #peepsights, #bearspray, #rugged With less available light, you’ll need a larger aperture. There is information on the Skinner website about how to choose a front sight with the correct height. Screws and wrench provided. Hope it helps: RIMFIRE SIGHTS, Model and Material: Browning BL 22 (BLUE) I got the “black gold” option, 3/8 Front Sight, Height and Material: .600 BRASS. I also researched it on some forums. I painted the face of the sight with Blaze Orange paint (available in a pen from Skinner Sights on their Special Items Page). With the Skinner “BUSH PILOT” kit you will be prepared!.”. Black, your dog, or simply reconsider while contemplating your navel and sipping on a margarita. This special front sight reduces snagging in the scabbard and brush, is wide enough to see quickly yet narrow enough to not obscure the target. I hereby declare myself an expert about nothing. Note:  This sight also works great on Shotguns, Handguns, Bolt guns, etc. If at any time your sight needs to be repaired, I do so at no charge. I always loved my Browning BL-22. As you can see from the information above, the ability to sight using a aperture sight exceeds the accuracy of most rifles. Occasionally the factory front will work but there are times when a taller front sight is needed. Skinner Sights are hand crafted in my shop in St. Ignatius, Montana. We Engrave SKINNER SIGHTS on most models. I just purchased a BL 22 and Skinner rear sight. Brass aperture stem (optional), was used for contrast in this photo. SKINNER SIGHTS that includes a "RAMPED FRONT" that is.070" wide. But, I figured it would do in a pinch. MXLR Series (same rear sights as 1895/336) = .500". The Skinner sights look like they belong on my Browning BL-22 Grade II. Mind you, this was without ANY adjustment of windage or elevation after I installed the sights! The BL-22 is a sweet little lever-action! Thanks. These ship with average "Guide Gun" length screws. Picked from the 5 they had in stock. They tell you (in the instructions) to expect to do a small amount (a few strokes) of filing to get a good fit of the front sight into the dovetail mount. Skinner … 25 Years Later – Dental School STILL Sucks! Will shoot it this week. If you’re not comfortable wrenching and banging on your gun, you can find a local gunsmith to do it for you. I hope that made sense. Don’t really like scopes on lever action anyways. Do-It-Yourself Ortho Aligners? Rear “black and gold” (optional) Skinner peep sight installed. It is what it is. This type of “bench rest” is not the same as a real rest or even a sand bag. Next, screw it down tight. All our Patridge Blade sights feature the "NO SNAG" Profile. Height is from bottom of dovetail to top of sight. Oh, baby! We have ramps and front sights available. There may have been some very slight changes in design to some models that will enhance performance but not shown in these photos Your satisfaction is very important to me. The Browning BL-22 comes with traditional open iron sights – “buckhorn” rear sight and simple post front sight, both black. ". I certainly wasn’t this good with the stock open sights. These are generally tall enough to allow "trimming" to the exact height you may need. On the other hand, the Skinner sights look GREAT on a lever-action rifle! First, with just a couple light file strokes, lightly dull the sharp edges. The rear Skinner peep sight is clamped on to the top of the receiver, which has a mounting groove built into it. Some of these photos were taken prior to implementing engraving as standard on our sights. You can leave the stock rear sight in, if you want. In my case, it was the 0.600″ sight for my BL-22. Carbine has a 1 in 20 twist to stabilize heavier bullets. The rear sight just slides on to the grooves on the receiver and is then secured with a hex screw tightened with an allen wrench. After trimming use SKINNER BLUE  to touch up the top of your sight.) I followed the installation instructions on their website. SOLID BLUED STEEL  /  BLUED STEEL W/ WHITE LINE  /  SOLID BRASS. (Even for the same model rifles). I also researched it on some forums. Shoots well! I know the dovetailed sight is unidirectional. If I recall, you push it out to the right and insert it to the left (as you look down the barrel from the rear of the rifle – like you would normally hold it). .070″ Skinner Sights aperture. I’m really not usually this good! Sight comes with Screws and wrenches for mounting and adjustment. OK… let’s run a new target out to 25 yards (as far as I can go at the indoor range). Through field testing I continue to improve the designs for function, durability and appearance. So, the amount of ambient light can limit how small you go. At any rate, this is a no-brainer upgrade. Make sure you use a proper brass punch or non-metallic punch and mallet when removing the dovetailed front sight, so you don’t mar up the finish on the rifle if you slip. While this sight looks great on all Model 94 Marlins, it looks We recommend this be performed by a Gunsmith or advanced hobbiest. Designed for the Marlin 45-70's (think GUIDE GUN) with our "EXPRESS" and "ALASKAN" rear sights. Proof that the shutdowns are not about safety or public health. Anything I've ever written or write in the future is my opinion, and my opinion only. .550" tall and trimmable as needed. That is all. I know it is simple – I just want to assess if I should take it to a gun smith to install. Same Thing, Right. Here is my first shot, off-hand at 25 yards! Super-Secret Plan for Successful Re-Opening of Dental Offices. Booya! I love it. customer service is second to none. Machined from solid steel Barstock, the SKINNER SIGHTS ladder sight is as rugged as the guns they will be mounted on. In other words, it goes in and out FROM the right side. Gun Manufactures have used many many different ramp/sight height combinations over the years. These sights are so strong, no "wings" necessary! You just slide it on and tighten the screws. , Thanks for the article. If it’s too high, you can file it down. Enjoyed the article! Feel free to link to them, but please do not cut and paste or reproduce them in any way. Supplied with a .096" Aperture installed. I have Skinner peeps on my Marlin 336 and Henry .22 – and really enjoy the benefit for my older eyes! 1894 .357 Magnum w/18" Barrel = .500" Oh… I was referring to the front sight, which uses the dovetail to retain it. 22 sized handguns and smaller), Available in our signature "non tactical" OLIVE or BLACK, (Must be used in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws. I was hoping you could provide instructions, or just share your experience of installation. As soon as I took a look through it, I realized that it was too small / too dark for the lighting conditions of the indoor range. Dentists are the Paragons of Infection Control! I had to really whack it to get it out. But, you will need a taller front sight to line up with the rear peep sight. I set the 1st target at 15 yards, and my first shot (off-hand) was dead center in the bulls eye! All standard firearm handling rules apply. Picked up the BL-22 yesterday and will be adding the Skinner peep. If your holes are shallower, slight trimming may be necessary. Here ya go. Machined from solid steel, stainless steel or brass bar stock, the parts are hand fitted to close tolerances. Easy-peasy. Machined from Solid Barstock, can be "Trimmed" to height if needed. .400", “This unique Skinner Sights Bush Pilot Survival Kit is the result of spending a lifetime in the extreme outdoors. There is a special page dedicated to rimfire rifles, too. I’ll admit to being quite surprised at the difference it made. You will likely need to order a front sight (that is taller than your original front sight) to work with the rear peep sight (that is taller than your original buckhorn sight). Copyright 2013-2020 Skinner Sights LLC Required fields are marked *. I just installed the Skinner sight on my BL-22 Grade II. I didn’t see one that clamped over the grooves on their website. I make high quality sights at a reasonable cost to the customer. .070″ aperture. Andy Larsson, the owner of Skinner Sights, recommends sticking a piece of scotch tape where it will lie, so it doesn’t mark the top.  / Andy Larsson - All Rights Reserved, Ontario Knife Co. RAT-7 Knife with "BUSH PILOT" logo, Knife is serial numbered to the gun and issued a LTD ED. Can always pop the old one back on, or get a different height sight. They are digitally fingerprinted and protected. I wanted to get a more accurate feel for the point of impact at the current windage and elevation settings. Next, I ran the target back out to 25 yards and did this off-hand. The largest apertures (.125″ and .155″) are generally indicated for hunting and low light purposes. First three shots taken off-hand at 15 yards. I also have a skinner on a marlin m-39, Thanks for your comment, Ron.