“With a crazy longing, I want to see you today, I await that moment, In which I'll hear your voice, And when finally we are together, the two of us”, RELATED: 10 Heart-Wrenching Real-Life Love Stories From World War II. "This is a shout out to my ex / Heard he in love with some other chick / Yeah yeah, that hurt me, I'll admit / Forget that boy, I'm over it". ", "How long has this been goin' on? Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris can see regret on the horizon on "We'll Sweep The Ashes Out In The Morning," but the singers give into an ill-fated affair anyway. We don't know who this song is about (if anyone at all), but we do know that it is a great dance tune. This song was inspired by Justin's ex-girlfriend Britney Spears. He just needs it one last time. According to Shaggy, you insist “it wasn’t me.” That’s his entire, shameless strategy for handling confrontations over infidelity, tell her “it wasn’t me” and move on. If you're looking for a quick cry, check out the music video where Dianna Agron plays a depressed housewife being cheated on by her husband, The Mindy Project's Chris Messina. But there’s only so much you can do. While Charlie wouldn't say who the song is about, he did admit to Access Hollywood that it's a part 2 to his hit, "Attention. The two were jamming backstage and they ended up writing the chorus!

We don't know. The heartbreaking song, "I'm Not the Only One" is, unfortunately based on a real couple that Sam Smith knew. “I know it’s supposed to be the last time for you and I,” he tells her, “But let's not end this way, wait another day.”, Unapologetic lyric: Girl I know your doing the same thing too / But I wont tell your man the things we do oh no / Cause he don't have to know. “Before I make a grave mistake and let my feelings show, And twenty miles away she waits alone for me”, So I guess we’ll just be leaving it at this.”, I wonder why it’s still so hard without you”. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Ari's New Song Seems to Be All About Mac Miller, Liam Confirms Dixie Will Be Featured on His Song, Exclusive: TWICE Talk About "Eyes Wide Open", Catch Harry Styles New "Golden" Music Video, Ariana Grande's "Positions" Music Video is Here, Ariana's "Positions” Lyrics Are ALL About Dalton, Best Friendship Songs To Celebrate Your Bestie, Exclusive: Get to Know the Members of ENHYPEN, It's Not Right but It's Okay - Whitney Houston, None Of Your Concern - Jhené Aiko ft. Big Sean, Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off - Panic!

“That you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles, And my daddy said, 'Stay away from Juliet'", “Now, when I was with my husband he was really mean, But when I'm with my man he treats me like a queen", “Because the saddest thing in the whole wide world. He's been cheating on them both, but instead of fighting each other, they decide he isn't worth all the drama and heartache. Miss a lyric and "This Kiss" just sounds like any other pop song about a couple who loves to kiss, but in actuality, both parties in this story have significant others. Unapologetic lyric: Someone told me stay away from things that aren’t yours / But was he yours, if he wanted me so bad? Brendon Urie of Panic! Her beau is coming home late, she's finding literal receipts, but she's not stressed.

Unapologetic lyric: Do you tell her that you love her? Unapologetic lyric: I cheated myself / Like I knew I would / I told you I was trouble / You know that I'm no good, LeAnn Rimes’ entire 2013 album Spitfire is about starting a relationship with actor Eddie Cibrian while they were both still married. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "chasing" - from the Lyrics.com website. He runs through a series of transparent excuses, asking his partner to “stop me if you’ve heard this one before.”, Unapologetic lyric: Nothing's changed / I still love you, oh, I still love you / Only slightly, only slightly less / Than I used to, my love. One hardship that comes with love is forbidden love. I hate upsetting people and I generally just want to make everyone happy. "Call your girlfriend / It's time you had the talk / Give your reasons / Say it's not her fault / But you just met somebody new". “Amy, please let me explain,” she sings, “I’m only half of what's causin' all your pain.” She goes on to rationalize her decision to sleep with a married man by suggesting the affair was really Amy’s fault: “he needed love he said he never got from you,” she wails. Genius says that this song is about still having feelings for an ex that cheated on her. ", Unapologetic lyric: Never really felt bad about it / As we drank deep from a lie / 'Cause I felt melting magnets, babe / The second I saw you through half-shut eyes. / Don't you care about me?

This time? ", Unapologetic lyric: Your friends tell you there's no future / In loving a married man / If I can't see you when I want to / I'll see you when I can, To her credit, Robyn doesn’t want to mess around with an attached dude indefinitely. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. "You ripped me off your love was cheap / Was always tearing at the seams / I fell deep, you let me down / But that was then and this is now, now look at me". "Could it be that you / Are at the crib with another lady / If you took it there / First of all, let me say / I am not the one / To sit around, and be played / So prove yourself to me / I am the girl that you claim". "I want to believe / It's just you and me / Sometimes it feels like there's three / Of us in here baby", Britney's favorite song on her album "Britney Jean" was a rare ballad for the singer. Have you ever felt restricted or limited in the relationships you want to pursue? It's fun. Unapologetic lyric: Never admit to a word when she say / And if she claims and you tell her baby no way.

Ariana just wants one more night with the guy she's singing about in this song, whether he is with someone else or not. You said there’s tons of fish in the water. All of these questions come into play when you find yourself in love with someone that you never thought you could. Everyone knows not to mess with Taylor, but apparently her high school boyfriend, Sam Armstrong, didn't get the memo. Lorde goes to the club, sets her sights on a man with a girlfriend, and urges him to “embrace the point of no return." What do you do when your girlfriend catches you butt-naked, banging someone else on the bathroom floor?

"I'm just sayin' you could do better / Tell me, have you heard that lately? "I said I didn't feel nothing baby, but I lied / I almost cut a piece of myself for your life / Guess I was just another pit stop / 'Til you made up your mind / You just wasted my time". Lorde goes to the club, sets her sights on a man with a girlfriend, and urges him to “embrace the point of no return. When it comes to songs about forbidden love, that's definitely the case.