", Michael Green, who is also a board member at the Las Vegas Mob Museum, believes the growing concern over what Liston knew may explain his death. The former world champion ran into an old mob associate, Moe Dalitz, and jokingly made a fist to him. He described Liston as a part-time user, and he suggested that Geraldine or another family member might have removed the syringe out of shame. I think the children who normally write articles on the BBC website have gone on holiday early. Several windows had been left open, but this did little to ease the stench of rotting flesh. Liston was certainly not afraid to stand up to powerful characters. J'ai eu le sentiment que ça n'avait pas été trop vécu." Some boxing historians have alleged that Liston refused to throw his final fight with Chuck Wepner, which he won just months before his death. ", Most reports of Liston's death state that fresh needle marks were found on his arm.

But our radar stations have picked him up somewhere over the Atlantic. Important part of boxings rich and interesting historical tapestry! Enfant, il a été battu à la maison et il s'est battu à l'école. ", "You don't find other boxing champions dying in that way," he adds. Mais il a également été attisé par une presse raciste désireuse de le décrire comme le genre d'homme noir brutal de «l'Amérique blanche» tant redouté.

It was well after midnight when the police arrived at the Liston house, which sat in an affluent, largely white, suburb called Paradise Palms. According to some witness accounts, his vast weight proved too much and he was dropped several times. La théorie la plus commune est que sa carrière de boxeur au plus haut niveau était terminée au moment de son décès. Son corps était gonflé – il était mort depuis au moins six jours – et du sang séché coulait de son nez. This was the so-called 'phantom punch' that floored Liston and sparked furious debate in 1965, The picture of Ali standing over Liston, beckoning him to get up, is an iconic photograph.

The most common theory is that his boxing career at the top-level was over by the time he died. Sonny Liston 1932 – 1970 (m. 1950 ... a Grave, database and images (https://www.findagrave.com: accessed ), memorial page for Geraldine Chamber Liston (25 Jan 1925–4 Apr 2005), Find a Grave Memorial no. ', Clay was regarded as a massive underdog, just 22 at the time, and many thought Liston unbeatable. Even his wife said that fight was fixed. Mais sa liberté retrouvée a été de courte durée car la foule, qui allait dominer sa carrière et plus tard, l'a rapidement revendiqué. "Il savait que des choses étaient peut-être apparues, ou en fait, au fil des ans, et ils ont décidé que le risque était trop grand pour lui.

“But, then again, boxers usually didn’t have the depth of involvement with the mob that Liston had.”. Investigators conducted a thorough sweep of the property, located in the affluent neighbourhood of Paradise Palms, but found no signs of forced entry, weapons or signs that a struggle had taken place. American heavyweight boxer Sonny Liston smiles as his wife, Geraldine , holds his clenched fist, 1969. David Remnick in his book King of the World retold a well worn anecdote, of the boxer bumping into Moe Dalitz, a powerful leader in the mob in Las Vegas. But it was the pair's controversial rematch the following year that did the most damage to his reputation. Tous les journalistes donnent Liston vainqueur de Clay par KO au 1er round. Les reporters ont souvent utilisé des termes racistes légèrement voilés – «gorille» et «bête» – dans leur description de lui. “He started a fight with a cop, beat the cop senseless, snatched his gun, picked him up and dumped him in an alley,” recounts Jonathan Aig in Muhammad Ali: A Life. "He gets to the top of the stairs when they arrive ready to greet everyone with this speech about how he's going to be a great role model for the black race - and there's no one's there! "He was moving in dangerous circles, even without organised crime," says Michael Green, a professor of history who has studied Nevada and the mob extensively. Alors que beaucoup pensent que Liston était pris dans la main droite, beaucoup d'autres ont affirmé qu'il avait plongé parce que le combat avait été réglé par la foule. Allegedly, according to those who knew him, by working for the city's loan sharks and drug dealers. "Sa mort a beaucoup endommagé l'image de la boxe", a déclaré Rob Steen. Liston was so widely feared that British champion Henry Cooper talked up facing Ali, but said if Liston won, he wouldn't fight him. Dans peu de temps, Liston serait mort et l'ombre de la foule se profilerait au-dessus de son cadavre. ", La plupart des rapports sur le décès de Liston indiquent que de nouvelles marques d’aiguilles ont été trouvées sur son bras.

"Sonny was there, and when the police raided it [they] thought they were going to have to shoot him because he wasn't backing off.". Nobody will believe this!" Rien ne laissait penser – au moins à première vue – qu'un événement sinistre pouvait s'être produit. Of course, there are also theories that lack this level of intrigue and mystique.

"[Il] s'est ensuite éloigné en souriant, portant le chapeau de flic. Bientôt, il a assommé tout le monde dans le gymnase. Sonny Liston prétend être né en 1932 mais il semble qu'il soit né pendant les années 1920[2]. Nobody wanted to fight him, and traditional promoters did not want to associate with him. His body was so badly decomposed when the cops found it that there was really no way to rule out blunt force trauma or anything else. “He was the most perfect specimen of manhood I had ever seen,” Stevens later told Sports Illustrated. A fascinating era full of interesting characters. He went into the first fight as the overwhelming favourite, while Ali was the 7/1 underdog.

His death is a signpost as to how bad things were and how fortunate the sport was that Muhammad Ali came after him.

There were five or six people who could have done this. Cela serait entrecoupé de quelques apparitions publiques occasionnelles dans les casinos de la ville, où il profiterait de son statut de célébrité en se serrant la main et en signant des autographes. When one finally arrived he could do little more than confirm what she already knew. And wasn't he afraid of needles anyway?

There was nothing to suggest - at least on first sight - that something sinister may have happened. "Comme une blague, Liston a fait un poing contre Dalitz et l'a armé", écrit David Remnick dans son livre King of the World. Certains historiens de la boxe ont affirmé que Liston avait refusé de disputer son dernier combat contre Chuck Wepner, qu'il avait remporté quelques mois avant sa mort.