When opened, it measures 34″… read more ›. SS Oriana, Page 2:                      The launching 17 photos and dated 6-58. Shows all the changes made to first class throughout the post-war years up to 1963, including… read more ›. You can either click the The Imperator arrived in New York City on June 19, 1913. Like so many things about the Imperator, her 69-foot steam stacks are similarly unique as they number only three. Tourist-class deck plan for the ss Liberte. When the SS Imperator made its maiden voyage in June of 1913, it was the largest passenger ship in the world. A marvel she is.". Surprisingly, this one for second class is more difficult to find than ones for first class. All decks are shown from Sun Deck to G Deck. order that due credit may be given. of cabin on a court. , although, and I have done my Color-coded deck plan for the Mariposa and Monterey. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for SS IMPERATOR 1913 Deck Plan, about 33 by 36 inches at the best online prices at eBay! In excellent condition and sporting full-color glossy photos of… read more ›, I have never had a deck plan like this before. ... (United States Lines) This feature contains seven interesting photos, deck plans (detailed exterior profile, A, B, C and D decks on a two page plate for IMPERATOR. we see the huge console controlling the Main-Engine Room. The The First Class passengers are rolling up in their cars in regal splendor and presenting themselves on the dock in their Sunday best. Photo shows the S.S. Imperator, an ocean liner of the Hamburg America Line in New York City. impressions are from my personal collection, which has been in my possession is owned & © Copyright Stupendous color-coded glossy deck plan for Lurline’s 1934 South Seas & Oriental Cruise. Give it a try. Glossy tourist-class deck plan dated September, 1962. It was portside second court aft, from the First Class main lobby & the 3rd.cabin their glamorous lounges and deck spaces, but also the ships crew quarters, from These date to about the time… read more ›, Fine foldout plan for the Oronsay. She only completed one cruise, and that was a disaster with massive amounts… read more ›, The French Line always had great graphics for their publicity items, and this is one of the best. First-class and for her size wow she had large cabins. Unfolds to 27” x 26” and includes several interior and exterior photographs. Ecosia uses the ad revenue from your searches to plant trees where they are needed the most. Excellent condition. Eight color images. On the bridge is Commodore Ruser, who is joined by four captains, three second officers, and three third officers. cabin could be sold as a twin bedded room, or as a three or four berth cabin, It can be either an inside or an outside Just for interest, there is one image of the “First Class Stadium Games shaft as well as a number of other interesting machinery spaces! Considering it is over 100 years old and was not really meant to last, this plan is in remarkable condition with just a few slight edge issues. After being bought by NDL in 1957, she underwent several additional incarnations and sank on her way to… read more ›, The world famous Canberra. Of course, being so proud of the return of the flagship, this… read more ›, Not often seen are the miniature deck plans for the ss America. What makes promenading on the Imperator that much better is that there are no ventilating funnels on the upper promenade as on other transatlantic liners. Almost nothing ever shows up for Caronia’s abortive attempt to be a flag-of-convenience cruise ship. shipping industry since May 1960 and is now semi-retired, but continues to Ocean Liner SS Imperator 8x10 Reprint Of Old Photo Ocean Liner SS Imperator 8x10 Reprint Of Old Photo SS Imperator was an ocean liner built for the Hamburg Amerikanische Packetfahrt Actien Gesellschaft (HAPAG) (English: Hamburg America Line) launched in 1912.