I would be more said that we should watch out for false prophets. Many Word-Faith ministers ignored the book. Steve Munsey / unrepentant false prophet in the body of Christ / fleecing God's flock to pay off his "$14 Million Church building" (TBN / Nov 1, 2010) / countless false prophecies / his arrogance, cockiness fail true Christlikeness altogether. Watch 9 Chapters of 'The Graph' for FREE... Get ready to be blessed, even shocked as you watch 9 Chapters/teachings, all containing NEW revelations the church has never seen - all occurring prior to the end of 2021. groups  (see note below regarding what I mean by "associate with"). He stated that we Charismatic Bible teacher Kenneth Hagin Sr. is considered the father of the so-called prosperity gospel. This manipulative claim is more akin to witchcraft than Christian belief.). Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Stevie Cochran at the Discogs Marketplace. Original Article (note: edited 22 Aug 2011 in red): This is a continuation to Part 2 of a So my list reflects this. Jun 11, 2019 | Archived Articles, Articles, Recent Articles. EMERGING CHURCH, LABYRINTH, MYSTICISM, PURPOSE DRIVEN: Evangelicals and Catholics Together 1994 Signed  Ecumenical Document, Fort Lauderdale 5 and Shepherding Movement, Graduated or  Faculty (Lectured) at Fullers Theological Seminary, International Coalition of Apostles (Council Membership), signed the ecumenical Manhattan Declaration, endorsed  "The Message" Counterfeit Bible, signed ecumenical Westminster Declaration, (Listed by Surname in alphabetical order), GROUPS THEY ARE MOST COMMONLY LINKED WITH, ie WHO THEY LEAD, WORK FOR, ENDORSE, SUPPORT, OR ASSOCIATE WITH, Fullers (graduated), Message, LM, MD, MAC Board, Latter Rain, NAR, TB, Alpha Supporter, Elijah List, Latter Rain, New Breed, NAR, TB, Alpha Supporter, Elijah List, Emerging Church Links, Latter Rain Founder, Manifest Sons Of God, Fullers (Graduated), PK Speaker, JPT, ECT, Emerging Church, SH, TB, Alpha Supporter, Renovare Board, Message, Latter Rain, NAR, Word Faith, Elijah List, Catholic renewalists joined Fort Lauderdale 5, Restoration, Pioneer Network Leader, TB, Alpha Supporter, WD, PK Speaker, MD, MAC member, ECT (Co-Signer), Elim links with Latter Rain and Word Faith, TB, Alpha Supporter, Message, LM, MAC member, Restoration, Ichthus Leader, TB, Alpha Supporter, Renovare Board. 4:4-5 but we are taught to watch out for false teaching. (because behavior can easily be misunderstood) but I can produce a list But as my next teaching points out, we'll not experience or go through wrath. Some of these leaders may have regretted it