Fifteen years after the Fourth Shinobi World War ended, when Sasuke, Naruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchiha and Chōchō Akimichi came to learn about Shin Uchiha, they were greeted by Jūgo and Suigetsu. When Killer B tried to use a Tailed Beast Ball on the team, Suigetsu used himself as a shield, keeping his team-mates safe. Hearing this, the Uzumaki pounds on him in rage. With blazing speed, Isshiki grabbed Boruto, impressed by how far the boy's Kāma had already matured in such a short period of time, noting it to be about 80% complete. While Jūgo initially appeared quite bloodthirsty, Karin noted that this was only common behaviour when he was enraged; Jūgo himself didn't want to kill anyone and in reality he is a very gentle person. During the Genin Exams, Boruto easily passed the written test. He attempts to escape using a Sharingan Spying Creature, but Sarada crushes the creature before it can take him away and Shin dies from his injuries. arrived at the lake after Tosaka was defeated and Jūgo's rampage broken, He reported to Konohamaru that it was Kankitsu who was stealing people's memories. However, he was noticeably upset that Sasuke killed several samurai during the attack on the Kage Summit, pointing out how many times Sasuke had told him not to kill anyone, his anger may have had more to do with Sasuke being a hypocrite than the samurai's deaths. While saving the post chief, the Ghost and the culprit ultimately got away. They ultimately encountered Sumire Kakei, whose Nue attacked them abruptly. As the Konoha-nin faced down Isshiki, he decided the best way to get Kawaki was to present Sasuke and Naruto's corpses to the village. He was soon approached by Boruto and Sarada, where Jūgo fully transformed and went berserk. Tosaka injected Jūgo with a drug to force his full transformation to test his cursed seal against an original cursed seal's power. In this full form, Jūgo is incredibly resilient and has significant reflexes, being able to react to and take a punch from the lightning-enhanced Fourth Raikage that penetrated both his arm and chest, yet still managing to retaliate almost immediately after with ease, despite the speed and power of the attack and injury he had sustained. For other uses, see, When Boruto first appeared in the English, Masashi Kishimoto initially intended to name Naruto's son "Menma" (. While Suigetsu insisted on just assaulting the enemies and taking Jūgo Main article: Kara Actuation Arc However, the tank had been drained by Benga, who along with his summon was able to catch up with them. As Boruto's seal began to hurt Kawaki, also felt the pain, making him abruptly wake up and destroy the area within his vicinity.

Still defiant, the enraged Urashiki awoke and consumed all his accumulated chakra, along with his very own eyes. Originally, he could not access the mark willingly and it takes a huge toll on his chakra but was later taught how to more efficiently by Kawaki. Boruto wanted to help, but Konohamaru insisted that this mission's newest variables made the danger-level to S-Rank, meaning they had to progress cautiously. While attempting to kill the genin, he was knocked off the cliff by Nue and fell into a river. Kabuto solemnly admitted his mistake, selfishly involving Jūgo is a playable character in the following video games: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Having found a lost girl from Daidai Village they returned the child home, during which they felt that something was wrong, and snuck back into Remon's home to talk with her. While Mangetsu eventually became one of the seven, Suigetsu's motivation was shattered with the premature death of his brother, and he changed his ambition to "collecting all of the swords", in order to retrieve all seven original blades that have been passed down by the swordsmen, so that he could rebuild the group and become its leader. Declaring that Orochimaru was going to kill Kabuto, he is corrected by Jūgo who noted that Orochimaru was only draining his own chakra from within Kabuto. He unleashed a self-sacrificing technique to ensnare the Konoha-nin in a barrier and summon a destructive demon. In the anime, after training under Kakashi, Boruto learned how to perform the Wind Release: Rasengan with aid of a shadow clone, uniquely able to launch it as a projectile.

Victor split up the jōnin from the genin in the team, where Boruto and his team-mates faced Deepa. While doing so, it greatly boosts his physical parameters and also lets Boruto absorb virtually any ninjutsu or energy-based target.

According to Sarada, his eyes are bluer than Naruto's.

Questioning who the team were, Konohamaru identified himself, and asked for information regarding the crash. During the interrogation, Amado's glasses suddenly projected a battle between Koji and a weakened Jigen. Several months later, while Team 7 was on a mission, Boruto kept thinking about his seal. As Tentō explained his desire to become a ninja was to make his father notice him, Boruto, able to relate, reminisces about the things he did to make Naruto notice him, insisting that some things cannot be bought. They proceed to head towards one of Orochimaru's hideouts. Regrouping with Boruto in the lab, Sarada learned that Mitsuki was one of many clones. They managed to find Tosaka, where after explaining the situation, he lead them to where Jūgo was being held. Possibly due to only being half-Uchiha, Sarada's Sharingan doesn't seem to evolve as quickly as her predecessors.

Afterwards, the Kage informed the genin what the hardest stone was. As they're about to follow Naruto out of Konoha, Sarada notices Boruto arriving late to deliver a lunch to his father. Boruto appears to be influenced by the famous movie character, Kagemasa, as he mimics the hero's attitude while wearing a replica of the character's visor. In the same way, even if Sarada and Sakura had not been related by blood, they would have been family because of their history together and their feelings for each other. Sasuke, rather was attempting to heal him. Boruto and the others soon find them, where Magire quickly attacked them with his concealment skills. When Boruto found a domesticated goose among the wild ones, Jūgo determined it wasn't infected.

When he finds Mitsuki, he stops him by clashing with Sumire. Later, while applauded for saving Tentō and capturing the Mujina Bandits, Konohamaru also said they would have to be punished for abandoning their official mission. Boruto Uzumaki (うずまきボルト, Uzumaki Boruto) is a shinobi from Konohagakure's Uzumaki clan and a direct descendant of the Hyūga clan through his mother. Alongside Mitsuki and Shikadai, they even resorted to skipping classes with a faked excuse. At the prison, while Sarada posed as a reporter, Boruto and Mitsuki posed as thieves. In the anime, when Jūgo abruptly left the base to deal with an outbreak of cursed seals infecting wildlife, Orochimaru tasked Suigetsu and Karin with retrieving him. Same thing happened to my uncle. Frustrated on the fact that his movie series was going to be canceled because of his increased weight and poor dieting, Kagemasa continued his assault on the students. On their way they were intercepted by Tobi who informed them that Konoha had already been destroyed. That night, the majority of the village's shinobi left the village in an attempt to corner Urashiki.