Photo: via Pinterest. finally, there is mr. holmes who will be a year old next week and is a short legged russell terrier (jack) related to his aunt rugby and uncle quidd. No seriously she always has to have the last word and never listens. My boxers names are precious (female) and bruno ( male). We decided to change it since he was only a few months old. If one needs any further example, they need to look no farther than Ricochet, better known as Surf Dog Ricochet. I named my best bud knuckles ❤️ He is a Pom mix and all types of feisty! Toy American Eskimo surf dog Ziggy might be small but she can ride big waves with the best of them. Abbie is a rescue dog who was found on the roadside and later adopted by Michael Uy, who started bringing her to the beach to rehabilitate her. I also like Peaches and Archie, but my favourite has to be Mo.

He appeared on Animal Planet, ESPN, CNN and more, and Steve Jobs played a video clip of Buddy at the Apple event where he launched the iPad. If it wasn’t enough that this Golden Retriever from San Diego is an accomplished surfer and boasts a significant online following between her surfing videos and social media, she also teaches disabled kids how to surf. They’re names are Rascal, Sophie & Axel. In 2011, Buddy was the first inductee into the Surf Dog Hall of Fame.

Here you'll find all collections you've created before. A great way to find the coolest dog names is to think of a topic that’s universally considered to be cool. is 19 yrs. You’ll have to consider if you want to go with a common term or something more specific, like your favorite beach, surfer, or board. Kahuna - Hawaiian god of sun, sand, and surf Quasimodo - To surf forward in a hunched-over position; riding a wave on the nose of a surfboard in a crouched position with one arm forward and one arm back, named by surfer Mickey Muöoz. Brandy, you're a fine girl indeed. But I think that you can come pretty close, especially in your own social circles. Any topics that will make your friends enthusiastically give you a high five are perfect! Have you picked your dog’s name now? Dog names inspired by fictional characters usually become more popular as their shows do! If they tend to steal your lunch or sunscreen or any other useful items, Leech would be most appropriate. Featured Famous Dog with a Surfing Inspired Name, After Duke Kanahamoku, the father of modern surfing, An aggressive approach to surfing or an aggressive person, Something old-school surfers used to call out when they saw a good wave, An Australian term for an inexperienced surfer, A play off bogging, which is the act of putting too much weight on the back of a surfboard, turning the front up, Someone who is particularly agile or good at maneuvering, The process of diving into/through a wave so as not to be pushed towards shore with it, A unit of speed, one nautical mile per hour, A wave that is too powerful to break properly, To execute something or be taken out by a wave (axed), A fiberglass replacement in surfboard making, used for laminates, A surfboard designed in the 70s; considered the precursor to the modern board, A term used to describe the look of swells coming in on the horizon, After Kelly Slater, one of the most accomplished and talented surfers in history, After Doc Paskowitz, a pioneer of surf culture, After Laird Hamilton, a highly-influential surfing figure, After the brand O'Neill, a highly-respected maker of surf gear, After Laird Hamilton, a premiere big-wave surfer, After the brand Vans, popular in surf and skate culture, After Kathy Kohner, aka "Gidget", the small-statured surfer, A surfing move where the surfer hits the crest of a wave and catches air, A part of the surfboard used to help foot-steering and control, A Hawaiian hand gesture with somewhat universal usage to mean 'hello', 'cool', 'alright', An evasive maneuver used when a wipeout is imminent, After Bells Beach, a famous Australian surfing spot, A surf spot that breaks on a particularly far away reef, The spot in the water where the wave breaks for both sides, Energy produced by high winds that creates waves, Dealing with the ocean's ebb and flow, based on the moon, Flipping a surfboard over while paddling out to go under/through a wave in order to avoid being swept in, A lightweight, porous wood used to make early surfboards, Anchored markers that float and often transmit wave information, After Duke Kanahanamoku, early 20th century Olympian who helped popularize the sport early on, After Miki Dora, the king of Malibu in the 50s and 60s, After Miki Dora, who infused surfing with a rebel attitude, The movement of the water based on wind, temperature, and more, A needy surfer who doesn't bring their own gear/supplies. At only 8 weeks old, she hopped on a boogie board in a kiddie pool and was able to balance on her own. Sinbad - a dog serving aboard the cutter USCGC Campbell in WWII, She's been induction into the International Surf Dog Walk of Fame at the Huntington Beach Surf Museum and holds a Guinness World Record for longest wave surfed by a dog (open water). And when he's not catching waves, he can be spotted around Los Angeles riding his own doggy motorcycle. But, never fear. My gray and white cat weighs 12 lbs. I have a Chocolate Yorkie and her name is Yashi Bear.

I really want a dog.

Now a celebrity athlete, Abbie has her own custom surfboard and sponsors and was given the 2018 World Dog Surfing Championship (WDSC) Spirit of Surfing Award. Find the best pet name by browsing our list of surfing inspired dog names.

Then go through that topic picking out relevant words that are short, snappy and really stand out. Shaka.

They also won the tandem event at the 2018 Imperial Beach Surf Dog Competition and the 2017 Surf City Surf Dog contest. The coolest dog names are the ones that suits you and your pup the very best. Though Desvergnes was forced to give up traditional surfing because of his back, he and Al began stand-up paddleboarding together on a special board fitted with non-slip pads for Al's puppy paws. rugby is a 13 yr. old girl jack Luv her. Seven-year-old Westie Tristan placed in the top three in medium dog solo surfing at the 2017 and 2018 World Dog Surfing Championships. You will love these dog names for runners, About Us  -  Advertise with Us  -  Contact Us  -  Write for Us  -  Privacy policy. ... Upload your dog's photo to this page and watch them climb the ranks.