google_ad_client = "pub-1583736293379547"; Real places in the physical world that you should avoid at all costs, lest you never come back alive. a pleasant riverside walk leads upstream through woods to the Strid, a notorious stretch of water where the River Wharfe is forced into a deep and narrow channel. A boat ride through utter darkness, lit only by headlamps, reveals an emerald green pool locals believe is sacred. By Victor Kiprop on August 15 2019 in Environment. Today there are signs up all around warning of the river’s hidden dangers. Le Bolton Strid est un cours d’eau étroit qui file dans une gorge rocheuse faite de deux parois recouvertes de mousse au cœur d’une forêt.

The Strid near Bolton Abbey. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020, Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports In The World, The Most Polluted River In The World: The Citarum River, The Causes And Effects Of Melting Glaciers, Countries Doing The Most To Combat Climate Change. //-->. “There was no lonelier spot in England,” she writes, “nor one which had the right to claim so many ghosts, if ghosts there were.”. ACCOMMODATION But just beneath the surface is a natural booby trap that has claimed a number of lives.

Offer subject to change without notice. River Wharfe flows for 65 miles from the confluence of Green Field Beck and Oughtershaw Beck at the Yorkshire Dales National Park to meet River Ouse near Cawood.

Nonetheless, the hiking trail that takes people near the Strid is still a popular place to stroll. The Strid is a segment of the River Wharfe, which runs past the tranquil ruins of Bolton Priory, an ancient monastery. The locals even believe that the name “strid” was derived from “stride.”. O Bolton Strit ou The Strid é considerado um dos lugares mais perigosos do mundo. Lá há um trecho do rio Wharfe que desce a montanha por meio de uma floresta. A visit to The Strid forms part of many peoples' days out at the lovely Bolton Abbey estate which also has the abbey ruins, large picnic areas and cafes. The Strid (Grid Reference: SE064565) is a series of waterfalls and rapids associated with a deep underwater channel caused by the dramatic narrowing of the River Wharfe from approximately 30 yd (27 m) wide, just to the north of the start of the Strid, to the width of … More than 200 species of birds have been sighted along the river valley including stonechat, common sandpiper, and golden plover.

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Indeed while there do not seem to be any hard numbers about exactly how many people have perished in the Strid, the local legend is that no one who has dared enter the waters has ever made it out alive. William Wordsworth wrote about the Strid in the early 1800s in his poem “The Force of Prayer,” describing a young boy who tries and fails to leap the stream. A dramatic sculpture high up in Yorkshire with vistas on an industrial scale. L’effet cumulé de la vitesse de l’eau, des roches immergées et de la profondeur du lit de la rivière, créé un courant très puissant qui aspire vers le bas. Bolton Abbey was my mother’s favourite haunt and, even as a child, I felt the past as I gazed up at the graceful gothic arches of the old Priory. The spot is also immortalized in the short story “The Striding Place” by the American author Gertrude Atherton in 1896. [...] The edge isn’t sharp, it just curves towards the water and it’s covered in slippery moss… Is it survivable? Et tout corps plongé dans le Strid est automatiquement happé vers les profondeurs. The Strid. The Bolton Strid has all the charm of a picturesque country creek, burbling along among moss-covered stones in a wooded stretch of Yorkshire, England. It also supports tourism that has opened up the otherwise rural economy of Wharfedale. The river provides a habitat for signal crayfish, but the few white-clawed crayfish are under threat from pollution and overfishing. The reason for the Strid's unknown (but presumably high) body count is that about 100 yards upstream flows the much larger River Wharfe, approximately 30 feet across. wide, and foolhardy visitors have been known to try to jump across the roaring chasm. google_ad_type = "text";

[Photo: My wife]. Every year, hundreds of tourists arrived from across the country to experience the natural environment and engage in social activities along the banks of the river. VIEWS This is the Bolton Strid. Consider supporting our work by becoming a member for as little as $5 a month. Bolton Abbey No purchase necessary. Park at the cafe nearby and walk upstream along the footpath until you reach the Strid. This large river is then funneled into the thin Strid in a twisting stream, creating a kind of bottleneck effect. The Bolton Strid is narrow and deep, a powerful wedge of water racing through a crevasse riddled with underwater caves and overhangs. From Bolton Abbey a pleasant riverside walk leads upstream through woods to the Strid, a notorious stretch of water where the River Wharfe is forced into a deep and narrow channel.