There can be quite a few wolves, but shelters are nicely spaced out. This is how it all started. Imagine the lights go out, never to return. Learn how to enable Auto Walk in The Long Dark and start surviving with hands-free mode. It is a small, largely abandoned town nestled in the mountains of Great Bear Island.

Aerial view of Milton (Before the Redux update). Residential

If you’re trying to make sense of the custom settings in The Long Dark, this chart will help keep track of what each category means. Credit to Whiteberry, Stray Wolf, and stmSantana for their work on some of the detailed maps we’ve used in this guide. Mountain Town is a region in The Long Dark on Great Bear Island centered around the small, recently abandoned town of Milton. If you climb into the ravine there can be a Distress Pistol, and the zone is good for a few rabbits and likely a deer. Soon, Milton became a ghost town.[1]. Hushed River Valley might be the deadliest region in The Long Dark, featuring no indoor locations aside from caves.

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Cat tails can be found in the Milton Basin, behind St. Christopher's Church at the pond, near the Trailer at the pond, under the Spruce Falls Bridge, at the pond near town, and near the Radio Tower. Cache Map Red: Note is inside the house. Mountain Town is a pretty cool place to visit, but not somewhere many players would want to live. The Pleasant Valley region map is huge, as is the zone itself. This guide is a collection of region maps and transition zones to help you find your way in the quiet apocalypse. Milton was founded in 1911 to support the initially booming coal industry in the surrounding mountains.The town was originally built along a supply route from the coast to the interior of Great Bear Island, with the road replaced by a paved highway in 1960.

If you live, you’ll be one of the best out there, assuming you aren’t playing on Pilgrim or Voyageur. Surviving Over 200 Days.

Bring warm clothes and enjoy a peaceful camp out before going to Coastal Highway, Mystery Lake, or Bleak Inlet. Due to a high demand, players of The Long Dark have made their own over the years, making sure that those who want a little guidance have it at the ready. Bright aurora flare across the sky, and all humanity’s technological might is laid to waste, neutralized in a kind of quiet apocalypse.