“Connie,” her husband began in a raspy voice, “What no welcome home hug, huh?”. Today is an important day for the Clarks; after 10 months, Mrs. Clark is finally going to give birth to her child. He stopped suddenly, and his gaze slowly centered on something standing under the street light. This kind of thinking is what ultimately led to the stabbings in Wisconsin: Two girls WHO CLEARLY KNEW NOTHING ABOUT THE MYTHOS glamorized Slender Man, even making up their own bullcrap about him, and proceeded to try and make him happy by murdering an innocent.

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The fire caught on the trees and bushes around him and before he knew it, he was surrounded by fire. They may be made up but you can only get so far into someones mind. “No, I’m sixteen. That was it. His father recoiled and pulled his arms away to cuff his face, but Toby got back up and drove the knife straight into his shoulder. Toby isolated himself so much that he grew to hate being around others. “Yes, right this way,” the lady stood and led them down a long hallway. He heard the rustling and coughing of his father outside the doorway. “Good night,” she said as she closed the door. It towered over Toby’s small frame as it looked down on him.

You should not want to relate to him. Ticci-Toby has a large popularity. Anybody who idolizes serial killers is unhealthy, and needs psychiatric help, and I refuse to budge on this notion. He reached out to his father’s arm, but his hand ended up getting slapped. He stood up and padded over to his window. Get off of me, you little fucker!” he yelled and with his other hand he threw an off-center punch towards Toby’s shoulder, but he didn’t stop. The look in Toby’s eyes was not sane.

He gasped and fell back. He poured the last bit of gasoline out before he reached into his pocket and pulled out a match. Every bump that the car tires hit would make his stomach turn. The only sound was the sound of the car’s engine as it traveled down the path. He isn't a pasta anymore, said his creator in a podcast. After a few hours, the nurse delivering the child walks out from the room with an awkward expression on her face, and goes to Mr. Clark’s office to see him. His mother caught on to his staring and elbowed him slightly. And the last time Toby … Most fanbases are trash, I understand why you left this one. He screamed out and sat up as fast as he could, completely short of breath.

He would begin talking nonsense about things completely unrelated to the conversations he would have. He's canonly a proxy, i guess? His father turned around abruptly before he felt a brute force shove him to the floor. The right side of his face bared a few cuts along with a split eyebrow. However, he can occasionally be a very sarcastic person, and he will occasionally be uncontrollable due to his bipolar disorder. I can't see how anyone can disagree with the fact that this is fan fiction. “We have breaking news! His eyes widened and he froze in place. Since then she moved in with her sister. The police were keeping her busy, they had just finished cleaning up the case, and the story had been released two weeks ago. Before he ran out, he noticed his father’s hatchets, which had been hanging on the tool rack above a table full of jars filled to the brim with old rusted nails and screws. 1 like. Bro he fake as hell like 90 or 95% of the creepypasta webside??? I can't believe they actually owner had to come on here and said Toby is not real like what the duck?? I mean then Jeff and Jane should be terminated then as well. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.