Ricky fears that he will be lost without Julian to guide him, while Lahey worries that Ricky will cause even more trouble without Julian to keep him in check. But can the gang handle success — and Randy? The boys cause a panic in the trailer park when a stunt they organize for Bubbles's birthday goes a bit haywire. Bubbles comes over and tries to get one of his kitties that Ricky borrowed to protect his weed plants back, but cannot get it back. They quarantine the 6 unharmed plants in Bubbles' shed and Ricky improperly wires the lighting. Trailer Park Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Only the finest ingredients make it into each batch, ensuring that when you stock your shelf and fill your glass, the legacy of the Liquormen is carried on. Wait A Second, Maybe I Am Gay (Episode), A Dope Trailer Is No Place For A Kitty (Episode), Fuck Community College, Let's Get Drunk And Eat Chicken Fingers (Episode), https://trailerpark.fandom.com/wiki/Timeline_of_the_Trailer_Park_Boys_series?oldid=11707. Ricky lets a dog devour a tray of hash brownies and takes the dog to the local veterinarian. Bubs loses it when Ricky "borrows" the truck to deal with a rat problem in the park, then lends it to Julian as part of another racket at the mall. [3] All episodes of season 9 were released on Netflix on March 27, 2015.[4]. Ricky and Julian lament that their last good plants burned in the fire. Yeah boys, try to look invisible so the fucking cops don't see you... How the fuck are the boys gonna blow up a 100-foot high silo with a gallon of gas? They wait for Bubbles to show up to hang out with them, but he doesn't show. Ricky, Julian and Bubbles come up with a scheme to steal large amounts of untraceable coins in a scheme they refer to as "The Big Dirty.". Bubbles is fixing shitty toasters, Julian is working on a money-making scheme... and Ricky is plotting to murder Jim Lahey! Why does the trailer park look different from season to season. As Bubbles operates a home brewery, Julian and Ricky try to go legit. At night, Ricky finds Lucy sneaking into Julian's house. Ricky has a meltdown trying to process information he learned from Lahey. Phil Collins and Randy are busy with the final preparations before the opening of "The Dirty Burger", highlighted by a bicycle stunt in which Randy jumps over a giant cheeseburger. But can they trust their crew? The ruse is successful... until Cyrus shows up and demands a cut of the profits. Mike Smith & JP Tremblay & Robb Wells & Jonathan Torrens. This page was last edited on 18 October 2020, at 00:26. In order to ruin their relationship and prevent Sam from taking over, Julian bribes J-Roc to cast Sam in another of his low-budget adult films. After that, Treena gives Ricky pepperoni and they become friends.

Jim calls the cops, but Randy deals with them in exchange for making Randy look like a good supervisor in front of Jim. To do that, Julian decides to set up a nightclub at J-Roc's trailer while his mom is in Moncton. Business and chaos boom as Julian revs up a sexy car wash, Ricky opens a trailer pool, and Bubbles builds his dream shed on a TV show. Lahey warns Ricky that the cops are out to get them. Bubbles's attempts to clear up a crab infestation in his sheds and on his kitties cause him embarrassment, and he's arrested for indecent exposure.

12:01 a.m. - After failing to steal Christmas trees from a salesman and destroying a door off of the, Jamie and Tyrone become more urbanized from smoking weed and use the monikers "J-Roc" and "T", 4:20 p.m. - Lucy resolves to never see Julian or Ricky ever again. Lucy tells him Levi changed his mind and hired him as the trailer park's garbageman, and Ricky proposes to her, which she accepts. True connoisseurs of liquor, the Trailer Park Boys carry on the tradition of these ruthless bandits with Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky. Season 1-7, Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys, Countdown to Liquor Day, Don't Legalize It, Season 8-11. Julian reveals a new plan to the boys that involves committing various small crimes so they can't go to jail, and saving the money for a cruise trip. Sam Losco is the opposition to Lahey, running to spite Ricky and Julian after they made him lose his veterinarian practice for stitching Ricky up, which a vet cannot do to people. Lahey warns Ricky that the cops are out to get him. Unfortunately, while the Boys were incarcerated, Trevor and Cory have lost the money from the previous season's grow-op, and Mr. Lahey and Randy have bought Julian's trailer after Mr. Lahey's release from a mental institution. Julian and Sebastian Bach hatch a scheme to smuggle Ricky's marijuana into the United States using Patrick Swayze's oversized model train. Bubs loses it when Ricky "borrows" the truck to deal with a rat problem in the park, then lends it to Julian as part of another racket at the mall. What in the Fuck Happened to Our Trailer Park? It's morning in Sunnyvale as Julian carries out the final stage of his big reverse psychology plan to get his beloved trailer park back. They see Jim Lahey with his police car and decide to push the car, but accidentally crash it. Ricky conspires to get rich by using kids to help him steal barbecues, as minors are protected under the Youth Justice Act. Blaming Randy for getting him fired, Sam Losco takes him captive and holds him for ransom. Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian mockumentary television series created and directed by Mike Clattenburg and a continuation of Clattenburg's 1999 film of the same name. Written by When the cops arrive, Ricky must fake his own death. He shoots Patrick and takes Ceasar, aims a gun at him, but is overcome with emotion and cannot bring himself to shoot him. In a visit to Finland the boys meet the real Santa Claus, sing karaoke in a taxi, deliver a weather report, and try their hands at ice sculpture. The Big Dirty is the characters making a movie about themselves. Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay and John Dunsworth appeared together for the very first time in this short film. Ricky barbecues for his family, with devastating results. According to Sarah, Julian and Lucy have a brief relationship in Junior High. However, it's Bubbles who gets the blame. After handing over Trinity's wedding money, Ricky swears off crime, but Julian talks him into one last job at the Denture King offices. Ricky takes drastic action when the power gets shut off at the rink. They discover that Ricky has become the new supervisor of Sunnyvale Trailer Park. Producer Barrie Dunn who also plays Ray, co-wrote all episodes during the first two seasons, as well as co-writing one season three episode. But are the boys ready to play dirty? Released from jail again, Ricky and Julian hatch more get-rich quick schemes, including selling weed to prison guards and opening an illegal disco. Who the Hell Invited These Idiots to My Wedding? Ricky fails grade 6 three times due to being constantly intoxicated. While Julian celebrates the bar's success and Ricky and Lucy try for a baby, a familiar face returns from jail to shake things up at the park. The boys wrap up the trip in LA as they finally shoot the music video with the help of famous friends Sebastian Bach, Tom Green and Verne Troyer. Bubbles and Ricky are doing well with their new pizza sauce company, but a new opportunity arises when they get a tip on where Julian's been living. Ray and Bubbles star in another of J-Roc's pornographic films. Things take a turn for the worse when J-Roc is caught masturbating.

At age 5, Julian's father comes home drunk one night and slips on dog pee. Blaming Randy after getting fired from East Coast Paving, Sam Losco vengefully kidnaps him and holds him for ransom. During filming, Ricky fails to "perform", and filming is postponed. But Ricky gets greedy and incurs the wrath of a rampaging biker gang. I would skip the black and white 1999 pilot until you already like the characters, it doesn't show them in the same light.