Handheld radio scanners give users a whole new level of convenience.

I use the 436 when traveling however (unless I need the SDS100) if size is not a real issue. Both scanners can pick up SAME weather alerts from the NOAA. Joined Mar 24, 2017 Messages 36 Location Ohio. Concerned about legality? Both the SDS100 and the BCD436HP can offer up to 4 minutes of instant replay for the most recent transmissions. since it is small enough to be unobtrusive. This prevents other channels from disrupting whichever frequency you are currently using.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I find the SDS100's audio to be really unpleasant.

This makes it possible to use it at night without any issues. These settings are very easy to navigate through.

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I’ve had no issues with my 100. The Uniden SDS100 (see full review here) is fairly comparable to the Uniden BCD436HP, offering some of the same features.

It is, however, a bit bigger and bulkier, which can make carrying it around for long periods somewhat of a hassle.

About Us It can give you enough time to seek shelter so you don’t get caught in a really bad situation.

If you are looking for a new handheld police scanner, this Uniden BCD436HP review is definitely the right place to start. Longtime users might prefer a more advanced scanner.

I can tell you the 436 won’t do well in SW Ohio on MARCS, where there’s simulcast. There are a number of Quick Keys that you can use for calling or tagging the system/channel number.

It is designed for easy uncomplicated use. This makes it a better choice for those who need to find channels quickly. The 436 of course is a much more capable radio but is quite a bit larger than the 325.

Handheld radio scanners give users a whole new level of convenience. For storing all your profiles, settings, lists, etc., both devices are compatible with Micro SD cards to afford you more storage for those who need it. Improves digital performance in weaker areas (True I/Q). While the BCD436HP doesn’t have resistance to dust and water, it is still a well-built scanner and more suitable for those who don’t need to venture out into the rain.

One of the best things about this particular device is that it is very powerful but still incredibly easy to use. Address: 3298 Breezewood Court, Moundridge, KS 67107 Phone: +1 (203) 768-1089 Email: william@ratedradardetector.org, Home About Us Contact Us Affiliate Disclosure Privacy Policy.

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There is also a “Settings” option that you can navigate to using the backlit display.

Mar 14, 2020 #1 Hello All, I am studying to get my first HAM ticket. The BCD436HP scanner is by far the faster scanner in terms of scan and search speeds. At least in the old days you could still hear the sound even if the picture was fuzzy. Some of the other options include “Priority Scan”, “Close Call”, “WX Operation”, and “Display Options”.

It is capable of sifting through 85 channels per second!

I've owned both and I live in an area that is primarily analog trunking, conventional without much of a simulcast issue. Sometimes people underestimate the importance of being able to hear a sent transmission. The Uniden BCD436HP is a police scanner device that has a lot to offer overall.

1; 2; Next. There is nothing about this device that is overly conspicuous.

The speaker is small and a little tinny sounding (size limitations and waterproofing), but the audio amp feeding the speaker is good quality. It doesn’t make a difference on simulcast, unless you get a yagi and there is only one simulcast towers in the path of your antenna. This way the scanner constantly knows your location, which enables it to work a lot more effectively.

William Johnson is the owner and founder of RatedRadarDetector.org. Uniden BCD436HP, without a doubt, is one of the, S.A.M.E or Specific Area Message Encoding. You can start using this device right out of the box with the push of a button. The Uniden BCD436HP scanner is the first scanner that operates on the HomePatrol 1’s easy system, plus there is no programming involved. But if you are monitoring from within the service footprint of a well engineered simulcast system, then the stock antenna should perform satisfactorily.

The soft touch buttons on the front panel let you select the channel you want at any given moment. 1 of 2 Go to page.

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It makes using the device a lot more convenient and easy as a whole. For both scanners, you have the freedom to control what notifications you receive. You can even set the weather channel as a priority when scanning.

Uniden BCD436HP has a simple but good looking design that should appeal to most people. Measuring 3.8 by 2.4 by 9 inches with a weight of just 1 pound, this handheld police scanner has a fairly compact design.

It has a number of interesting and practical features that most other models do not.

Both scanners can also be programmed via your PC for firmware and software updates. The bright backlit display and keypad on this device gives you maximum visibility even when it is completely dark.

The SDS100 has a backlit display but not keypad, so using it in the dark can be a little frustrating.

If you are looking for a new handheld police scanner, this Uniden BCD436HP review is definitely the right place to start. Both scanners feature the RF capture, which allows your scanner to provide you with information about nearby radio transmissions through detection. Uniden Prospective Owners. You can have the freedom to program up to 100 quick keys to your favorites list, sites, departments, and more. On a 436?

This is one feature that you will be sure to really appreciate on a regular basis.

Premium Subscriber. It is definitely a feature that can be useful in a variety of situations. You will have the ability to link this handheld police scanner to your GPS. Uniden is a pioneer and trusted brand in handheld scanners and while all their products are amazing, we’re going to compare two of their most popular ones, the Uniden SDS100 vs BCD436HP.

Find out how this model fares against another top Uniden pick. So much so that I haven't used it in a while and instead went back to my old BR330 since I sold my 436 to fund the SD100.

This makes it easier to get your money’s worth on a consistent basis. Skip KD6JA

In instances where you are lost or don’t have access to this information, the scanner itself is capable of finding local channels with the auto-locate feature. The SDS100 is a handheld scanner with a multi-color LCD display.