my vehicle stopped after a message “preasure oil off” then stopped and EPC light, saying EPC off.

Start the car. And its inside the abs unit. Yep. Pulled over, cut the car off then back on and light is gone. This is something that should be diagnosed by a certified mechanic, like one from YourMechanic, who would be able to [test why the EPS light is coming on]

I took it to the dealer again and now they are telling me that the injector is damaged and the battery is finished. You might require a special diagnostic kit which will perform a DPF regeneration and manually burn off the excess soot. HELP ! Your EPC light stands for electronic power control. Sometimes it goose with that EPC for certain kilos without loosing power. right before I noticed the light, my vehicle was shaking and not accelerating normally. This entry was posted Some times it starts ok other times it doesn’t. If that's the case you can manually turn the ESC light off. how much to fix this issue? Hyundai, Kia, Chevrolet, Dodge, Chrysler, Audi, Saturn, Mercedes-Benz, VW, Sprinter, Suzuki, BMW, Renault, Jeep, General Motors, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Holden, Opel, Vauxhall, GM, ELECTRONIC STABILITY CONTROL (ESC) | SYMPTOMS PROBLEMS. It is one type of indicator,which indicates a problem with throttle system in Volkswagen car,such as,equivalent with the throttle pedal, throttle body, traction control, or cruise control.But apart from that,the warning lights can indicate other problems with your Volkswagen. If system is normal, then the EPS unit is working, but may have a fault. Replaced the battery and the problem is gone. All you need to do is drive the car for a few minutes and make sure to make several left and right turns. 2004 Polo trendline 1400. Quick fix with minimal cost in time and money. I had this experience with a VW Polo Hopefully, this was helpful for you! You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. In this guide, we explore possible problems that may trigger the stability control warning on the dashboard. I have a 2016 jetta. HI GUYS I HAVE POLO PLAYA 2001 it shows epc what could be the problem? When topping up you should check for leaks under the car or coming out of the tubing leading to the expansion tank. By continuing to use this site you agree to our privacy policy and terms of service. 2. It’s the dumbest shit I’ve seen all day. You will need to check your coolant level and top up if required. All Rights Reserved. Don’t buy Volkswagens anymore would be my advice. For more details, see our. to continue your great job, have a nice weekend! VW New Beetle DPF diesel particulate filter warning light - the DPF warning light in your New Beetle indicates a build up of soot in the exhaust system which is not getting the chance to be burned off. It’s a throttle problem that controls the engine. No: The ESP light is not on. The EPC light can be as a result of many things.

waste of time to take car in! If then your ABS light stays on below are the guideline involved to know how to reset ABS light without scan tool. YOUCANIC is designed for educational purposes only and it is not intended as, nor should it be considered a substitute for in-person diagnostic and troubleshooting by an automotive expert.

It is a very common problem and relatively easy to fix. A bent ring or bad sensor will set both errors. This guide applies to cars equipped with any of the following systems: If the stability control light is on, one of the following components could be the culprit. So sprayed in where i put the key in,It started ok and i have not had anmy trouble with it.. phoe me if this works for you. VW New Beetle brake pads warning light - the brake pad warning symbol on your VW New Beetle looks like this. 2019,April whilst driving my car it showed the EPC light and I stopped as usual, switched off the car and when tried to restart it couldnt. How can I be helped? The ESP can be reactivated by switching off the ignition and then on again.

What can be the problem? Good day get your car diagnosed ,EPC Can be several causes , but easy to fix . >>Get a Quote on Volkswagen Parts and Installation in Lincoln, Nebraska<<. In this case, it’s best to schedule a service appointment sooner rather than later. So i was cruising on the highway, all was good. When you clear the EPC light, it’ll often clear the ESP light as well, since the ESP system relies on the EPC data. Sometimes when the car is cold you will get the EPC light but it will disappear shortly after starting.

Please assist, is it safe I take the drive to JHB? I cleared the codes and now just the “EPC” light comes on & off . Traction control light may be labeled as ESC / ESP / DSC depending on your car manufacturer. 3.Jerking of vehicle.

Your Volkswagen should have enough power to drive to a car dealership or repair shop, but it should not be driven anywhere else.

for everything Volkswagen. Now it has done it again.

This problem started after the new tires were put on # 1, 5, 18, 31, 32. warning light - the brake warning symbol will illuminate if your handbrake is in the on position. There shouldn't be a charge to fix stability problems if the vehicle has an existing warranty. You can use the. A mechanic asked to do maintenance on the automatic gearbox.

Hopefully, this was helpful for you! If the Anti Skid Control light comes on with the Abs Light, u need to check your Abs pump. It drives okay some days then others its really tough, what helps is if I keep the AC on I have less problems. JavaScript is disabled. mine just show up the EPC sign and after a short while it goes of. Is the EPC service included in the warranty? Read More>>>How to protect your used vehicle’s engine. The engine was also flushed with flushing oil. Do not assume that the battery needs to be replaced. i’m really concerned about this issue of the EPC issue. I like the car but I want new one, same trim. (In perspective – that 1/4 the total value of the car when you purchase it brand-new) Car lagged while driving. Hi there - your problem may be a weak fuel pump, and a bad starter solenoid (relay). I truly enjoyed reading it, you will Thanks, Peter. If the EPC warning light is on in your vehicle, or if you are experiencing any other issues, our team of professionals can diagnose and fix the problem quickly and get you back out on the road. I might suggest that your ABS and traction control pick up their information from the tone rings on the front wheels. Use a diagnostic scanner such as Launch Creader to scan the multiple systems on your car via the OBD-II port. When I shut off the ac, or just don’t use it, everything is fine!

Hi Epc light just appear on the N12 to soweto advice please. This will only be seen in diesel vehicles. The fastest way to find out why your stability control light is on is to use a diagnostic scanner to read codes from the stability and ABS modules.

hi ,i have a polo vivo 2011 model,for some reason the engine starts shaking once my heat Gage is at half and the vechle losses power which then cause the epc light to come on ,any advise on how to resolve this issues not sure what is causing it ,the plugs have been changed in the year and there is no air leakage ,seems like something small as it just happened suddenly ,im not too good with this kind of stuff just looking for advise on what to do to resolve. If the ESP light goes off, the system is fully functional. I am experiencing EPC light on my car when is raining, cold or when the car is idling.

My Jetta has 700 miles on it. Approx. What on earth????? How do I change the battery in my dead Volkswagen key fob? If the EPC light comes on with following issues: Is this proposal really worthwhile or should I discuss with you to reassure me of the operation of this car? Just bought a 2014 with 40l miles on it. These sensors can fail over time, get dirty, the wires or connectors can get damaged. They look like hieroglyphics on your dashboard. Can’t a ford to spend fortune on guessing. The light turns off under normal driving conditions. My vehicle displays EPC & ABS , brake lights are not working, all bulbs are in good working condition, please assist Comment, My vehicle displays EPC & ABS , brake lights are not working, all bulbs are in good working condition, please assist , I’ve also checked fuse box to see if there are no blown fuse .Comment, Hi my car display epc on a cluster and has no power golf v 2007 dsg. Indeed, the EPC alarm on the dashboard of my car VW Polo 2004 worried me. I’m in Wisconsin and we are having extreme heat and humidity so I turned on the ac, unlike Mike’s comment on #50, mine is the opposite. My friend warned me not to buy a VW.. owners, Our mechanics make house calls in over 2,000 cities, Fleet Maintenance with certified mobile mechanics, The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. EPC light coming on when you start the 2002 Volkswagen Beetle and beeping sound, [EPC Electronic power control]. If you have any other problems or questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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You can skip to the end and leave a response. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Car symbols, or dashboard lights, are a car service reminder. My Volkswagen polo2003 started giving epc signal but sometimes it goes off. I had to drive for close to 50 km and EPC light came and it lost Power. technicians, Trusted mechanics, rated by thousands of happy car En effet, l’alarme EPC sur le tableau de bord de ma voiture VW Polo de 2004 m’inquiète. Vw has a lot of problems. The gas pedal sensor? I have a polo playa 2001.. the EPC , engine oil pressure and the Emissions control lamb come on when the car is switched off.. but when I turn the lights on it goes away .. when the engine is running ,everything is perfectly normal. can the epc light also comes up to indicate the worn-out shocks? If the ESP light goes off, the system is fully functional. I have VW POLO 2005, when moving above 80kmphr then suddenly I break to 10km/h the Vehicle automatically engages to EPIC and rolls in that slow state till I stop then start the engine again it will move fast normal. YOUCANIC is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program. Blown ABS Fuse. Basically, it seems like this may be a pure luck situation. Red: The most severe of the three signals, it’s important that you seek service immediately. Thanks:). If there is a problem with this system then the light will come on. Hi, I have a 2013 Golf VI GTI and for the past 3 days I’ve noticed that each time I start it, in the mornings, the EPC light comes on. at first I thought I had a flat or a tire was coming off – the jerking and shaking was that bad. When the computer detects a failure in the system then this light will come on because the powertrain control system can no longer properly control the vehicle and the vehicles traction control system. Copyright © 2016-2020 YOUCANIC. hi .in my golf 4 the epc and esp in the dash and the car cant get higher than 70 or80 km in hour and iam sik and tierd and some times turned off even …. As this is a very important safety system within the car it should be diagnosed & repaired as soon as possible. yesterday I struggled with the EPC lights on my car, my car is moving on – 20 speed and I can’t do anything… Please assist my fellow VW Users. There is no rring as the previous models but this ring is on the surface of the bearing and part of it. Called 911 to have a police car help. I have a POLO TSI, and the EPC warning light illuminated and engine would not start. 2009 Tiguan with EPC light on. After which I saw EPC warning light, Doesn’t start in the mornings when it’s cold just had a tune-up EPC light is on with engine light. Our service team would be more than happy to help you with any Volkswagen problems, big or small. How to Fix EPC Light on a VW. I will update after I have changed them..