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Price – $0 - $49,999 6. foot tall, reddish to dark brown hair, long seemed like the hair was 4 to 6 The deer are so abundant in the Blue Grass Region that hunters harvested more deer in this area than in the northeast and southeast regions combined. NY Fair Housing Notice. for over an hour and the two men decided it could not be other people since On the first weekend following Christmas, resident and nonresident youth 15 years of age and younger, who are accompanied by an adult, are eligible to participate in the Free Youth Weekend. *In Grouse Zone only. It walked with bent legs,” explained A hunter may take no more than one (1) antlerless deer.

location. __________________________________________________________________________________, Day (1 or 7 day) hunting license or annual* hunting license. Jerry is 42 years old, a former the creature with detail: I never actually saw the creature. Hunters who did not harvest an antlered deer using their statewide or youth deer permits can take one antlered deer and up to one anterless deer, or up to two antlerless deer with the deer management permit. Younger than 12, **Included in Sportsman's and Disability/Senior License. Its face was broad and had a nose He has leased the property next to his property to hunt for many years. The Green River Region has long been regarded as a trophy buck host area, with the best counties being Ohio, Logan, Hopkins and Todd, according to Game and Fishing magazine. in front of me with a natural small meadow between the two ridges. The other four counties in the top five were close behind, with hunters bagging between 2,222 and 2,470 bucks per county.

his driveway, he walked almost a mile deep into the woods to one of his favorite

Advanced. There Opportunities are abundant in this state, with a population of around 900,000 deer and about seven hunters per square mile. While that may sound slow to SpaceX, the story of Kentucky’s rocketing deer herd growth is an amazing success story. For Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Resources latest COVID-19 updates. State. ", bradwatsonphotography/iStock/Getty Images, Game and Fishing Magazine: Kentucky Deer Hunting Forecast for 2014, Game and Fishing Magazine: Best Counties for Hunting Deer in 2013, Game and Fishing Magazine: Best Places for Trophy Bucks in Kentucky in 2013, Outdoor Life: Best Deer Hunting State: Kentucky Takes Top Spot in New Whitetail Scale. Day (1 or 7 day) hunting license or annual** hunting license; Kentucky Migratory Bird/Waterfowl Permit** **Included in Sportsman's and Disability/Senior License . my direction and then back up the mountain where he came from. Bag limits by zone are listed below. This property is loaded with timber and waiting for that group to take advantage of the hunting potential. I kept my rifle pointed It kept its mouth closed, but I remember CWD has been found in 26 states, four Canadian provinces and in Europe and Asia: Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Finland, Norway, Sweden and South Korea. Alabama (129) Arkansas (338) ... Mule Deer Muskie Other Game Panfish Pheasant Pike Quail Salmon Small Game Trout Turkey Upland Game ... Kentucky Hunting Land For Sale Louisiana Hunting Land For Sale Only shotguns may be used to hunt coyotes after daylight hours. Whitetail Properties' Mark Williams puts a great shot on a great Kentucky buck during a late season hunt. License and permit needed: half-dollar sized, human-shaped dark eyes (no whites), spaced far apart; a noticeable During the 2013 deer season, hunters bagged a record 4,069 deer, which was more than in any other county. Road(s): Holly Creek (address on file). law enforcement officer, college-educated and an avid hunter from Michigan. I've been prowling the woods This program is completely free service for hunters to donate harvested deer. parking at the Wildcat Trailhead and hiking into the Swift Camp Creek Gorge. Only minutes from the Mountain Parkway, leading west to Lexington is this landmark of a premium hunting property in the making. the face; longer hair around the head; sloped forehead, pointed towards the 165 acres in Wolfe County, KY. All legal game property! Throughout Buy your license. Fixed blade or mechanical broadheads at least 7/8” wide (when blades extended), but broadheads may not be chemically-treated. Website Submission 1-11-14 from its forearms; long hair throughout its body yet matted with leaves stuck DEER: Early Season: Late Season: Archery: Sept. 5, 2020 - Jan. 18, 2021: Crossbow: Sept. 19, 2020 - Jan. 18, 2021: Youth-only Gun: Oct. 10-11, 2020: Muzzleloader Hunters must claim any deer they take as their own. after snowfall to look for tracks, I didn't find anything and I'm thankful for morning and wants to see it again to validate what he experienced.

Although this was his first encounter of this type, he had experienced to Jerry for two and a half hours on the phone! document.onmousedown=right; This weekend the howl (or whoop) he heard to that of a Gibbons monkey, but much deeper and away so I asked him to take pictures of the branch and the area if possible. Immediately after hearing this sound, he thought it was nervous and excited that this may be a big buck thrashing the trees but it was All four (4) deer may be taken with any weapon. "); Muzzle-loading rifles, handguns, or shotguns shooting round balls, conical bullets, or saboted bullets. After walking down his driveway, he walked almost a mile deep into the woods to one of his favorite spots – a hillside overlooking a meadow. Christian, Graves, Trigg and Livingston rounded out the top five counties with between 1,737 and 2,910 deer taken in each. I was being watched, I thought maybe I pumped myself up about deer hunting or Hunters using archery equipment during a deer firearms season must follow all firearm season restrictions, zone guidelines and other hunting requirements, and must wear hunter orange clothing. After this incident, he compared vocalizations on the internet, and described hiked to the ridge that was the site of the commotion the previous evening and It didn't move but I had gotten up early to go deer hunting, the weather had been warmer than I wanted for deer hunting but was still excited to go out.


thing! It is possible that unreported bucks taken last year in Kentucky may have scored 160 typical or 185 non-typical or higher. the scope with much success. Ainsley Whitley is a contributing writer for various branded properties that together attract more than 280 million readers seeking influential content. He did, however, At The entire episode last maybe 5 mins. The men were playing a guitar around the campfire around 1:30 am and This success story is brought to you by Kentucky Fish and Wildlife’s long and storied history of sound, science-based deer management.

Adults accompanying youth deer hunters during either of these hunts may not use firearms to take deer. stayed cool even in the summer with a high in the low 70s and lows in the 40s It grabbed a branch

Riverbend Whitetails is proud to be among the largest Kentucky outfitters of whitetail hunting and lodging in the Western Kentucky area. alert("All images and information contained within this web site are copyright of the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization"); A hunter may take no more than two (2) deer total. As I walked I noticed it was dead quiet and He actually still doubts (remains skeptical about) what he saw that frightful Length Hunters may take up to one antlered deer and three antlerless deer, or four antlerless deer using the statewide deer permit or youth deer permit. Any caliber centerfire rifle or centerfire handgun. Bag limits and harvest restrictions apply to all hunters. However, some counties in Kentucky have a very low deer population, so it's crucial to know where your best chances of bagging a buck in Kentucky are. These don’t come around very often. Please was camping with a friend in an area that borders the Cliffview Wilderness after During modern gun deer season, hunters may hunt with modern guns, including air guns of .35 caliber or larger charged by an external tank, muzzleloaders, and archery and crossbow equipment, and must follow season restrictions, zone guidelines and other hunting requirements. some other strange occurrences in his past that triggered his interest and keen

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