By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Extreme climate swings in summer and winter (southern California). Continue Reading Nothing’s more important to us than the health and safety of our employees and guests, and we’ve made the decision to pause public fulfillment center tours as we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation in communities around the world. If my shoes are a bit too old, I'm slow. Thank you for the feedback! In the winter it's not so bad, but dear god in the summer you'd think your below the earth in our deepest dug coal mines where it's about 60 Celsius.

The number one issues I had when working with Amazon at the warehouse was the bathroom to performance issue. Then you still have to eat the food, and if the food is piping hot since it was just cooked, you'll likely have to wait for that to cool down. I'm in fulfillment - a picker at a facility with zero robotics to be real specific. Because I optimized. It's grueling work and I wouldn't recommend much of it for long term, but it pays the bills while I work towards something more fulfilling in my life. 37. You want this fixed Amazon?

I worked there a bit over 2 years ago. Let me start off by saying I'm no stranger to hard work, I've done plenty of truly hard working jobs, both physical and mentally. Offer PUBLIC Job Shadowing instead, and one that's not blatantly controlled by Amazon to make them look good in the spotlight. Now, Amazon likes to give the public the bullshit line of "Come take a tour of our facility" any time the terrible working conditions are mentioned and put on the news. One tip- Amazon warehouse does zero sitting jobs. ... 84 comments. He comes around to each person every so often to make sure we are all hydrated and that we are doing everything safely. One thing I would like to tell u/Kaynetal is to know this thing : Those pieces of shit in human form available in the higher ranks of Amazon don't want you to collect your benefits. Didn't bother eating, didn't bother cooking, didn't bother spending time with the wife, didn't bother getting out of the house, if it involved getting out of bed and moving my body, I wasn't doing it, so for the year that I survived at the warehouse my life was literally work, bed, work, bed. But consider work problems fixable or improve-able and you'll be ahead of the "that's impossible" people. Wondering how much different the culture is. When you leave or are let go (I haven't read the full thing) they will NEVER FUCKING EVER tell you that you can collect your benefits. I have coworkers that are too cold to work in anything less than a hoodie but if i wear jeans or a long sleeve shirt while it's snowing outside I'm gonna be nauseated by the heat as I'm working. 137. So hard work doesn't scare me, but this is by far the worst I have ever had the misfortune of doing as a job.

I used to work for Amazon, both in the warehouse, and at home. But... working in the warehouse for Amazon... where I'm literally busting my ass physically and mentally, I get a 30 minute break for working a 10-12 hour shift? I would love to hear about your experience. The back pain that came with this job was grueling, not to mention the number it does on your feet? Amazon is "nice enough" to send food trucks for lunch, but unless you're one of the first people outside, it's a waste, because if you're not and you decide to get food from a food truck, you could wait in line for 5 mins, then have to wait for the food, I'll be generous and give this about 2 minutes for the food to come out, however in some cases it can take longer so keep that in mind. I note you said part time - right off the bat i know you aren't eligible for some of the compensation/benefits. Within 3 weeks 8 out of the 10 people in my training group had quit.

It was more than worth it to me. Also working at the Amazon fulfillment center I worked it, it wasn't back breaking or heavy lifting. I started thinking that anything over 45 items an hour was a bit much. Why was I being given an hour break for doing a job that's not hard at all? Hopefully it wouldn't be too tough for me.

You literally can't stop moving until break time. Top. Everyone should be treated with dignity and some modicum of respect. But let us know. Have a weeks worth of points? r/Jobs is not for job listings. And then these items can be spread across both ends of the facility, so you have to be even faster at moving to make the quotas. It's mostly just calculated by your entire team. It’s in such a bad spot. So all in all, in reality, your lunch break at an Amazon warehouse, is truthfully about 20 minutes, if you're lucky. I know how Amazon employees are treated so I don't even have to read the post. I run about 50 miles per week and have logged 6 marathons, so I think I can handle it. Crossposted by 1 month ago. The ONLY cool thing about the job is as long as you had points you could come and go as you please from work and didn't need to call anyone to say you were coming in late or couldn't make it that day, it was fine just not to show up and come in when you felt like it. I love my Brooks shoes- but they aren't right for a standing job. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. So I know that I like the pay i get for the work i do - but I don't recall what parts you are getting so I dunno if it's a reasonable deal. At the warehouse with Amazon you get a 30 minute break, whereas working from home with Amazon, in the luxury of your own bedroom, doing nothing but taking calls all day, and no physical work what so ever, you get an hour break. It is constant walking on a hard concrete floor for 10-12 hours, your feet start killing you after about 2-3 hours I would be limping for half the day it was so bad. It is so large that lanes in the warehouse are named & mapped after area freeways. Holla! For what you have to do, its easy money. How long did it take for them to get back to you after applying? A tour doesn't show how employee's are treated, it doesn't show the ridiculous rates and quotas that employee's are expected to meet on an hourly basis, it doesn't show how a lunch break session begins and ends, it doesn't show any of the important things that could get the warehouses shut down or at the very least force them to make changes. 39hours/week.November I made about 1400€ after taxes. Third issue is the physical stress this puts on your body. It pains me to even say this publicly, but countless times I've thought about committing suicide at the Amazon warehouse facility, there's 3 floors to an Amazon warehouse, and when I was on the third floor, I would sometimes look over the rails and imagine the different ways I could end my life. ( could have made around 2k, if I would have put in 1 hour of OT every day but always was too late to apply for OT ), OT is where you make the money at amazon. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Hitting a sign in the parking lot.Pulled me into hr two weeks after this happened and said I hit a sign in a pedestrian area and fired me. Bed in this case doesn't always mean sleep, I'll admit, but it did mean that I was just laying in bed doing absolutely nothing else until I had to go back to work. This absolutely disgusted me. save. Never heard of anything like this. The rate numbers sound shocking but are not as impressive as all that. I had good pay, good benefits, recognition, training, safety, and there were paths for climbing the ladder. They are only soft when hustling and feel a bit like rocks if i stand still too many hours a week in them. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. r/FASCAmazon: Community for Amazon employees across the network. I work at a target warehouse and my experience is that my manager really cares about our health. If you don't mention what kind of facility (sortation, fresh, or a fulfillment with robotics) I can't even begin to think what parts of my day are or aren't applicable to you. Fulfillment Centers, Sort Centers, Delivery Stations, etc. December I made about 2100€ after taxes. This is modern day slavery, and the government allows it because of "Grey areas" that Amazon takes clear advantage of. take a week off. It requires zero education, skill, or experience and it pays (at least where I live) a more than living wage. Less than a year later and I'm annoying at myself if I'm under 90 an hour. They didn’t give me my write up or a check when they fired me.

Total bs. If it came down to it, I would honestly go homeless first than to go back to working at an Amazon Warehouse. This was a little bit before Target's "Modernization" and basically the elimination of our job titles. Eventually I didn't give a shit and just started taking 25 minute breaks. how was it/is it for you? This job will suck the very life out of you, it's time to step up and quit allowing this to happen. Funny thing is they fixed the sign and the next day someone else also hit it. To figure out the right shoes for you for that distance, ignore the speed.