I'll be coming down from Boston, but I'm going to try to make it! Best of luck! Please note: Yale does not track event registrations or contact with our admissions staff for the purposes of evaluating applications. If you have not received a letter before January 3, 2007 it would be more than OK to call Student Affairs and ask them about your status. Consider short hand, so you are able to document important information but can also remain connected to the interviewee to ensure you hear all information the candidate says. In the interest of maximizing safety (due to the global pandemic) and equity, all MD and MD/PhD interviews will be virtual for the entire 2020-2021 admission cycle.

For those of you planning to apply in future rounds, hopefully this advice is helpful as you prepare your application. After applying, you may have the opportunity to interview with an alumnus/a in your area. First things first, if anyone has not received a letter please feel free to post any questions here. Congrats to those who got a letter for an interview this January! Describe your process, timeline and what the candidate can expect in terms of next steps

GEPN Class Visit Days during Fall have been cancelled, Spring dates forthcoming.

Specializes in Vents, Telemetry, Home Care, Home infusion. Will I also be able to interview with a Yale alumnus? I'm from out of state, though. Beacon: Here's the schedule that I followed from last year: 9-10 Orientation as a big group (there were around 70 of us), 10-11 Orientation broken down by specialty (ie:midwifery applicants went w/midwifery faculty), 12-1:00 Lunch with current students in our specialties, 1 pm MY INTERVIEW with one faculty member, You only go to one of the financial aid sessions...I went to the diversity seminar, but not the LBGTQ seminar, so I did have a few breaks, there was also a campus tour at some point which I skipped. Posted by 4 years ago. I'm going to USD right now and will graduate this coming May. If an ASC volunteer is available to interview you in your region, you will receive an invitation via phone or email to schedule an interview time. Inside the Yale Admissions Office Podcast. When thinking about the questions you might want to ask during an interview, begin by considering the following: Your recruiter can assist if you need assistance designing your interview questions. I live in San Diego and it is going to be a long expensive trip to Yale and I have another interview at Western two days before. Archived. No.

Our members represent more than 60 professional nursing specialties. Are you planning on attending one of the potluck dinners before/after the interview? Ask open-ended probing questions Interview with Laurene Petitjean, Ph.D. c. Do NOT give the candidate any indication of “how it went”. In a typical year many applicants cannot get to New Haven for their interviews or meet with our admissions team as we travel the globe for “hub” interviews, so we are already used to getting to know you in an online format. I know they're having seminars and allowing people to schedule one on one consultations for applications.

To register for an on-campus interview, you must be a high school student who plans to apply to Yale as a first-year applicant during the current admissions cycle.