But there’s another big reason why Hades is seeing such a massively positive response: Everyone is so friggin’ hot!

You have the option to complete a full relationship with that character, and you can choose to pursue one with all three of the characters without any consequences. However, he often reflects on this and is quick to apologize when he oversteps. We stan emotionally mature king. A lot of this new stuff won’t come up until the Hades late-game or epilogue though, as the new inspect point, prophecy, and Achilles conversation are all billed as endgame material.

She works as a maid in the House of Hades, constantly floating around and cleaning. Even Asterius, who is part-bull, has this attractive aura of noble suffering that makes me want to tuck him in and make sure he’s well taken care of.

Even Megaera, after being slain by Zagreus countless times, develops a fondness for him, and warns him to be careful whenever he ventures out to escape.

Turns out, Supergiant knew exactly what it was doing when designing Zag and his dysfunctional social network. When I asked game designer Greg Kasavin why everyone was so damned hot, he told me it was a deliberate choice. information The Olympian Gods were not aware of Zagreus' existence until they were contacted by Nyx, whom they believe to be Zagreus' mother. In a mythos wherein the gods are usually portrayed as hateful, backstabbing, narcissists, Supergiant made these gods beautiful—inside and out. Hades is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC. “Because Jen Zee.”, “Our portrayals of the gods owe greatly to classical tradition,” Kasavin continued. Dusa as she appears in Achilles' Codex. Dusa often becomes flustered whenever he talks to her. Dusa's favor involves the lounge renovations, which she has fallen behind on doing. Take main character Prince Zagreus, for example. Others outside the House of Hades, such as Sisyphus, Charon, and the Olympians sometimes offer their aid too. I would have expected him to be some grimdark, I’m-not-here-to-play-nice kind of guy. Gender Beyond being an utterly gorgeous disaster bisexual, Zagreus’ most attractive feature is how disarmingly tender he is. Some time after the final romance conversation, Dusa will offer to return all the Ambrosia she has been given; Zagreus may take them back or persuade her to keep them as the gift they were intended as, with no negative repercussions for either choice. Then there’s Megaera, who brings out the “please step on me” energy in a lot of us. Zagreus has the option to mend their relationship and rekindle their romanance. Having spent most of his immortal life baring the brunt of his father - Hades' repressed frustration and rage, he grew up feeling distant and out of place from the other denizens of gods of the underworld, partially due to his failing to meet the heavy expectations of his father, and partially his apparent inability to contribute to the running of the Underworld. And Thanatos—tall, dark, and death incarnate—sounds like a petulant ex-lover whenever Zagreus encounters him during an escape attempt. Upon Persephone's return and subsequent encouragement, the two eventually come to something of an understanding, with Hades making Zagreus' escape attempts an official job to stress-test the security of the Underworld. The secrecy around Dusa's former life and her claims that she was a very different person when she had a body imply that she might very well be the head of the infamous Medusa. Here are all of the available characters you can romance in the game. You may think she’s unromancable when you first meet her because she’ll disappear out of her shyness, but eventually she comes around.