Technology without R&D

You are wondering how can you generate world class technologies and products without having your R&D facility?

In today’s day and age, when everyone is moving towards asset light model it is also possible to outsource Research and find Technology Providers who will give you a solution without you having to invest in the same.

That’s exactly what Technology without R&D is all about specially tailored for start ups and SMEs who need access to cutting edge solutions but don’t have the time and resources to really invest in the same.

How would Technology without R&D really work?

  1. If you are looking at a specific technology or product, SCPL will scout the technology or product from the globe for you either from Research Labs, Academia or Serial Innovators and it can be a onetime activity or ongoing engagement
  2. If you are looking at developing platform technology or need long term R&D support, SCPL will identify a technology expert or partner which will suit your need and you can create your own long term Intellectual Property without having to set up your own R&D lab
  3. If you are looking at a hybrid model where you have a small R&D lab for day to day support with strategic long term technology development, SCPL will provide a turnkey solution which is cost effective and asset light in your books improving your Return on Investment (RoI)
  4. So if you have been thinking of setting up your R&D lab or frustrated that you don’t have a robust technology / product pipeline, get in touch with us.


Scinnovation Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (SCPL) is glad to share its expertise in helping a manufacturing company to extract R&D from its facilities and structure it to make it DSIR compliant and then put together the application in a seamless manner to help you avail recognition and approval.

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