Why Lab furniture companies shouldn’t design your lab?

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Laboratories are workplaces for the conduct of scientific research. Research and development (R&D) lab design require the right layout and furnishing solutions to ensure accuracy and efficiency in a safe and productive environment. Many researchers directly contact lab furniture companies for their R&D lab setup, their satisfaction level is subpar and they experience many falts from the laboratory and ultimately it reflects on the productivity of R&D staff.

Lab furniture companies have a limitation of R&D working experience and skills required to set up R&D lab instruments, chemicals, glassware, and fumehood. R&D lab requires the total R&D solutions which empower organisations to achieve competitive advantage through safe, efficient, and contemporary laboratories. The concept of a laboratory turnkey service is a must when you are setting up the lab in which a centralised approach to lab certification of pollution board, fire safety, and chemical storage license from the local authority, needs to be taken. A diverse team can set the strategic direction for the R&D lab and help everyone realise the organisation’s vision through execution. The motto while designing the lab should be “Safety first and quality must”. It reflects in the work culture, products, and research too. There should no compromises in building safe and high-quality products and in providing the services set to the highest standards. The process requires expertise in designing to build laboratories suited for specific industries. Having developed specialized laboratories practically across all industry segments, I believe each industry and sector needs a tailored solution, not a template.

Laboratory renovation or construction projects can throw many challenges. Thousands of variables affect design considerations, construction materials, MEP, and HVAC planning. Environmental & safety clearances, project management, testing & commissioning demands must carefully be orchestrated. Superior line of laboratory furniture and accessories which need less maintenance so R&D manager can work in hassle-free working condition. From original designs and layouts through complete installations, all require working experience to make your laboratory the best it can be. Turnkey services are a one-stop solution for all your laboratory construction projects. Services range should be from advisory to full-fledged managed operations, tailored to suit all budgets and needs. Your space, our expertise, and a combined vision are all that is required, to turn your dreams into reality.

In conclusion, a researcher needs comprehensive touch on the R&D lab in which R&D becomes an enjoyable journey to the path for novelty.

Dr. Gaurang Patel is a Ph.D. in Chemistry with 11 years experience in R&D operations and heads SCPL’s lab set up practice. He can be reached at lab@scinnovation.in

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