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Historic win from India and what we can learn from it- by Sherral Joseph

 Before I continue, I must tell you that I don’t watch cricket.  But like the rest of the world, I’ve learned something from the victory today.

I just watched Thangarasu Natrajan in an interview post his win. On being questioned about the bowling, he just laughed and said ‘I didn’t see it coming the first time’

First lesson – A) Humour is a great attitude to have in any situation. It definitely realigns the mind to a more broader and a more positive perspective

Incidentally post this series, T. Natrajan has become the first India cricketer to make his International debut across all three formats while playing the 20-21 tour of Australia. What a tour has been! History in the making for India and the world.

Some journalists have drawn a parallel to ‘Horatio on the bridge’ to the Indian team’s position throughout the test amidst continuous assault on ‘Gabbatoir’ soil.  The victory is amazing, for this test series had more challenges besides not having Virat Kohali on board.

Lesson 2 – The absence of a leader can be a strong motivator for team co-operation and outstanding performance. An opportunity for the team to prove themselves and new leaders to arise.

Do we see a new leader in Rishab Pant?

The whole nation was on edge as India played beyond expectations through the ‘intimidating’ balls and vicious bowling, all meant to throw the Indian players off the game.   As all the umpires were Australian, the Indian team did seem to be at quite a disadvantage.  A ‘deja-vu’ scenario for the cricket world, as something similar happened way back in 1970-71 in the series between Australia and England.

Players Cheteshwar Pujara, Rishabh Pant,Hanuma Vihari and Ravi Ashwin resisted all manner of physical and verbal abuse for more than 40 overs, as cited by certain articles.

Lesson 3 – There is an undeniable link between strong character and outstanding sportsmanship.

A victory under such circumstances could have been achieved only with a strong will to win,  determined focus and most importantly a passion for the sport.

So, it is not surprising when the BCCI announced a Rs. 5 crore bonus for the Indian cricket team after the Ajinkya Rahane –led side won the fourth and final test against Australia.

Ganguly tweeted ‘The value of this win is beyond any number..well done to every member of the touring party,’’

This whole series has been an incredible example of the grit and character of the Indian team.  The nation and the whole world has poured in accolades for their exemplary sportsmanship.  This game is definitely an iconic footprint in the history of cricket.

As reported by, an article written by a NZ writer, “But only one side has played with honor.  The other, with their scuffing of every moral crease line, has shamed cricket and shamed their country”.

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