About Us

Scinnovation Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (also known as SCPL) is glad to share its expertise in helping a manufacturing company to extract R&D from its facilities and structure it to make it DSIR compliant. We then put together the application in a seamless manner to help you avail recognition and approval.

We understand IP originates from R&D and we have both of it covered for you. SCPL’s accomplished and experienced consulting the team will support and advise you on any intellectual property issue in India and globally.

Our Services


Get recognised as in-house R&D center

  • Articulation of the in-house R&D facility as per DSIR norms
  • DSIR recognition facilitation
  • Customs & Excise duty waivers
  • R&D Capital Expenditure fund management

Funding Support

  • FUNDING SUPPORT FOR R&D/Research funding
  • SCPL helps you Plan Well before Applications
  • Demonstrate your Project
  • Covid19 Govt. Funding

Extract R&D from Manufacturing

  • Identification of R&D activities with the organizations
  • DSIR compliant lab creation
  • Structuring R&D assets
  • Extraction of potential assets for application
  • Team hand-holding

We file, you smile!

  • Turnkey solution
  • R&D expenses management
  • Statutory compliance management
  • Reporting & metrics



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