Why US?

  • Our Lead Consultant will evaluate your facility and only after that we will take up the assignment
  • SCPL has 100% success record and we deliver on our promise
  • We take 50-50 risk with the client; 50% of our payment is linked to getting recognition for client
  • Single pricing and no out of pocket expenses
  • Turnkey solution which includes video shoot, presentation, mock interview etc. so that you have complete peace of mind
  • Quick turnaround time whereby applications are submitted in only 4 weeks from start date because time is literally money in this case
  • Transparency at every step because we believe in sharing and putting facts on the table

SCPL Vs Everyone Else

Sr. Features SCPL Competitors
1 No. of clients handled 200+ 25 to 40
2 Track Record (Recognition granted to % of companies) 99.20% 40% (Rounded)
3 Pricing Transparent Single Pricing (Success Based) Confusing pricing with upfront fees
4 Turnaround for submission 14 Days Guaranteed Undecided Timelines
5 Dedicated Relationship Manager Yes Yes (At extra cost)
6 International Partners Zabala, Europe and R&D Group, USA Not Known
7 Clientele Start-ups, SMEs, large corporates, academia & not for profits Mostly Pharma SMEs
8 Review of Application SCPL provides "Review Service" wherein if you have already filled the application, our expert will help you in finalising the application. None such service available
9 Add On Service: Non-Compliant Client (New Lab Setup, Non-eligible Companies) If your lab doesn't meet the DSIR guidelines, SCPL will help you to make your lab compliant as per DSIR guidelines None such service available

Client Assignments Handled

  • SCPL worked with a Mumbai based food start-up which is into ‘ready to eat meals’. We helped them structure their R&D, set up a lab, established their manufacturing facility and got them recognition instantly which bolstered the confidence of the management and their investors
  • We were given the task of managing the compliance related to R&D downsizing of a large public listed pharmaceutical company in India. This assignment also involved sale of R&D assets and shifting of facility which was successfully completed. We managed to achieve the renewal of recognition without any hiccup.
  • SCPL established contact with a midsized pharmaceutical company which was not aware of the income tax benefits u/s 35 (2AB). We explained the benefits of the same to them in detail, availed recognition, gained approval along with availing tax benefits. This association was a very rewarding experience for us and for the client.
  • Generally multinational companies (MNCs) are reluctant to pursue any kind of tax benefits from Government due to negative perception of how such schemes work. We had the challenge of working with our Spanish consultant partner, Zabala Consulting to convince a Spanish auto component company based in Pune to avail of the same. When the company went to DSIR for a personal interview they were pleasantly surprised with the whole experience. The company’s technology was highly approved and the clients were even encouraged to become brand ambassadors for the ‘Make in India Campaign’
  • When a midsized pharmaceutical company which had earlier got rejected by DSIR approached us, they were convinced with our credentials, track record, approach, execution capabilities and hired us for the job