Our Offerings

Pre-Sign Up

Evaluation Visit (Virtual): Before initiating the project, we will do a virtual evaluation visit of the facility. This will help us in understanding the process better which will in turn result in a quicker turn-around time.

Post-Sign Up

Scope of Work:

  1. Creating a client’s login on the DSIR website (if the online system is functional which is currently not working) as also an operating email id (existing or new) to be used for correspondence with DSIR with access to SCPL till completion of DSIR certification project for sending the mails to DSIR as also monitoring any correspondence received from DSIR
  2. Selection of R&D projects for the short term, medium-term and long term (past, present, and future projects) with the help of the Client’s R&D Head.
  3. Identifying the specific area and R&D centre layout for getting maximum benefits.
  4. Filing of online application on DSIR site.
  5. Submission of soft copy online & hard copy to DSIR, New Delhi.
  6. Finalization of presentation to be made to DSIR.
  7. Walk-in video preparation needed for the DSIR meeting.
  8. Mock presentation prior to the client’s meeting with DSIR.
  9. Supporting the Client’s team on responding to queries raised by DSIR pre-recognition

Fixed Timeline for Submission of DSIR Recognition Application

# Timeline Penalty Clause Payment Terms
1 3 Week (+1 Week Buffer) Applicable Milestone Based

Flexible Timeline for Submission of DSIR Recognition Application

# Timeline Penalty Clause Payment Terms
1 No Time Limit Not-Applicable Milestone Based

Review of Your DSIR Recognition Application

# Timeline Penalty Clause Payment Terms
1 1 Week Not-Applicable Advance Payment

Submission of Renewal of DSIR Recognition Application

# Timeline Penalty Clause Payment Terms
1 2 Weeks (+1 Week Buffer) Applicable Milestone Based

Why penalty clause

SCPL has experience handling about 200 DSIR clients and the key to success is timely client support and having a solid Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to successful completion of the project and getting the DSIR certification.

The success rate is 23% for DSIR applicants but SCPL has an almost 100% track record because of the deep expertise, diverse client base, streamlined processes and use of AI in the back end to gather insights on an ongoing basis and deliver every time, on time. With the removal of the Income Tax benefits wef 1 st April 2020 we were ready for a drop in business but with the resurgence of India as a tech / R&D hub, we have more and more customers coming to us.

Also with the service getting popular, we have a lot of freelancers and unqualified consultants who have set up shop and offering this service under INR 1 lac to businesses whereby a lot of them fall prey to them.

At the same time, we are simultaneously getting affected if a portion of our clients delay the submission which would load our cost for efficient clients also and also affect our bandwidth. To democratize our DSIR service to a even larger group of clients, we have taken the bold step to offer a sharply reduced pricing based on the timeline for submission of the DSIR application.

The faster we submit, the more beneficial it is for you and us!!

The penalty is based on the fact that either party, i.e. the client or SCPL delays the submission of the application will be liable to the penalty keeping it fair and square.

In case the client has very local operations or has its headquarters outside India necessitating approval from offices outside India which can lead to delays in the application finalisation & submission we also have a pricing with no penalties factoring in the potential delays.